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FT girls as Gems from Steven Universe? I thought Lucy would be a moonstone, Erza is a red diamond, Juvia is aquamarine, and Mirajane is a black star sapphire! I have no idea what a fusion would look like for them. I really like this art style, though deciding how to make their outfits took forever and I’m still not 100% happy with them. Oh well!

Wild Mountain Thyme
Penelope Houston
Wild Mountain Thyme

Penelope Houston - Wild Mountain Thyme (1987)

After leaving the Avengers and hanging out with Howard Devoto, Penelope Houston reinvented herself as an acoustic “folk-rock” artist.  This traditional Scottish song (I first heard it as a Byrds song) is interpreted in a jazzy folk style similar to Pentangle.  I used to go see Penelope and her band perform in Oakland and Berkeley frequently - quiet, yes but they could swing.