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Beyond the Stars

Pairing: Pearlmethyst

Word: 1,626

Summary: After the events of Space Race, Amethyst tries to comfort Pearl about the disastrous event. 

(Note: Spare me. This is my first pearlmethyst fic but I hope you like it. Also made this for pearlmethyst-rupphire-garbage because she was sad and I wanted to make her feel better.)

She didn’t hear it at first. She had to drag her body to the waterfall. Over the rushing waters, she heard the faint noise. Was it from Pearl’s room?

She sighed. She could go and see what’s wrong. There was a chance Pearl wouldn’t get all pissy at her for going into her room. Amethyst crossed her arms, or she’ll just yell at me.

Then a sob drifted to her ears. She’s crying…

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