steven spalding

Think about it though…

1. Madonna IS the Supreme and Queen Bey IS the Voodoo Queen. Done.

2. Gaga is the next Supreme, duh. Ya’ll doubted her at first but look at her now.

3. Nan and Tay Swift both have hot tamale boo thangs. 

4. Jesse J is the underdog that has the brightest future out of everyone.

5. Ariana is a baby thot who believes she is the next Supreme.

6. Nicki started out in “Bang Bang”, but then ditched them to work with the Voodoo Queen.

7. Iggy is trash and belongs exactly where we found her…down under.

8. The Biebz is the fuck-up husband that lacks self control.

9. Cher just IS Myrtle Snow.

10. Jay-Z has ties between the Supreme and the Voodoo Queen.

11. Both Misty Day and Ellie Goulding frolic in the woods.

12. Kyle and Ed Sheeran have fucking baggage. 

13. Steven Tyler and Spalding desperately need shampoo.

14. Eminem is always angry.

15. Starring Patti LuPone as Patti LuPone.