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Not the Biggest Yet Still Biggest Gay Male Problem

on regular days I want the classic gay male

yet then I also want that take-me-away angel boy


then other days I want rough…

or an even rougher guy…

or still an even rougher, rougher guy.

And then I want like the next day…I want some wisdom..a daddy..

hell, I can go older…

Some days I have that sexy professor though..


Yet, damn, I have those days like “fuck this. I need/want a bad ass”

Later, mostly they’ll show how much of a prick they are so I want a really sweet guy..


I love sexy artists though, too.

or mysterious..mystery is like a whole ‘nother sex field..

In high school, there was that jock I always dreamed of, so maybe a fairytale..?


I easily fall for the nutty, funny boys, though..

Surely, they can be involved in social justice, too…

Shit, of course, everyday I need a spiritual guy..

Funny you thought there was an end to this particular monotony..

Man, you know every generation thinks they had it great, and I’m not gonna pretend we didn’t have terrible things (I mean, look at any yearbook photo) and we didn’t have awesome things (all I have to say is “Zoom, zoom, zoom”), but something we most definitely had, was representation. We were major characters on shows and in movies, not regulated to an entertainment ghetto or completely ignored. Growing up, you could see yourself on “Ghostwriter,” “All That,” and “California Dreams.” We were saving the world from aliens, dancing in Mickey Mouse ears, telling horror stories around campfires, you name it!

So this image I commissioned from the always fantastic autumn-sacura, in tribute not just to the phenomenal actors pictured here (the late Thuy Trang, the charming Mario Lopez, the vocal bible Brandy Norwood, and the guy-who-probably-starred-in-something-you-love Mr. Dante Basco), nor the army of unsung performers who showed up on our screens repping us, our cousins, our friends, our crushes. This image is a tribute to US, for being varied, for being awesome, for representing OURSELVES just by leaving our house in the morning, proud of our skin, our background, our hair, and the things that make us US.

Just a reminder…#REPRESENTATIONMATTERS because the world needs to see all of the beauty we bring. So if you are a creator, remember how it felt when you saw someone had hair like you, lips like you, a story like you, and pass that on to someone else. Bring that beauty to those who will read your words, watch your vision, and step into your world. It makes the world we eventually step back into that much more vibrant.


favorite 80’s movies » Gleaming The Cube (dir. by Graeme Clifford, 1989)

”Adults are predictable. Yeah, they’re living under this illusion that life, as we know it, is going to continue forever. So they expect us to act like what we do today will have an effect on what we do in 30 years. I mean it’s rediculous to think there’s going to be anything in 30 years. I don’t know what’s worse, ya know. Being blown up in a nuclear war or having a 7-11 on every corner.”

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Teaser de ‘Los Amantes Pasajeros’ [I’m So Excited]

Oh Pedro, you are you.