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Every Fandoms OTP (Valentines Day)

In most fandoms, everyone ships and most of their OTPs are two characters that has chemistry together. Two characters that shown many hints that they love each other. An example of this is…

1. Best friends 

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2. A cute moment that two characters only do for each other

3. Totally opposite from each other 

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and yet, their perfect 

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4. They know you damn well than any other 

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5. Acting goofy towards each other 

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5. Childhood crush 

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6. Go through conflicts with each other 

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7. Perfect team 

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8. Development 

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and lastly #9

The sign that they’re made for each other 

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So yeah, that what makes people (including myself) ship two characters that have history with each other. 


Alternative Nuis! Before I drew Lola Loud as Nui Harime, I did a couple of doodles with possible ideas. Isabella was my first option, but I didn’t finish it (I don’t know why, because she looks incredibly adorable!). The other one is more a joke than an actual entry: Connie’s mother from Steven Universe (I wanted to draw something out of character XD)

Maybe one day I will finish Isa ;P

Or, as Whitehead likes to put it, I am less the subject of this event than I am its superject, the remnant it leaves behind. I am an entity that “emerges from the world” (1929/1978, 88), rather than one that projects towards
the world, or that phenomenologically
“intends” it.
—  Steven Shaviro, “Deleuze’s Encounter With Whitehead” (4)