steven schardt

Treatment (directed by Steven Schardt and Sean Nelson) | 2011 | 83m | Viewpoints | World Premiere

A vaguely entertaining but unsuccessful satire on the life of a mega movie star and the independent screenwriter who wants to recruit him for a timely piece on the financial crisis, Steven Schardt and Sean Nelson’s Treatment is always winking at the viewer, maintaining a selfconsciousness in regards to comedic moments that becomes overbearing by the end. Joshua Leonard tries his hardest to save the film but he is given such slight material to work with that it becomes futile, especially at the end when everything takes a turn towards the self-serious and easy moralizing. The energy is high, but there’s just nowhere to go with this one - Robyn Hitchcock’s soundtrack is excellent standalone work, and his cameo is entertaining, but it cannot lift this film up beyond bland mediocrity.