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“Ah, Sterling? Does this count as stroking my own ego if I compliment you? Never the less, there are plenty of wonderful things I could say about you. Firstly, I like your passion. Not just for battles or gemstones, but for helping others and your zest for life itself. I suppose this links into my second point… You are very approachable. Anyone who does come to know you knows how kind you are. And finally? You always seem to know what to say. You’re level-headed and a strong leader, and you don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Your self-control is impressive; though this can work both positively and negatively.”

Wander pauses for a moment and smiles, before reaching over and ruffling his duplicate’s hair.

“Also I simply must add this as an extra point, your hair is fantastic~”

Can we Just Talk About Heart Gold Soul Silver Steven for a Second?

Because this dude is an adorkable goofball ONLY in this generation. RSE Steven wouldn’t ruffle your hair, and CERTAINLY not ORAS Steven. But HGSS Steven? He would cause a rift in the space-time continuum ruffling your hair. 

So like… this dude can FEEL how much love you put into your Steel types. HE just KNOWS OKAY? If it turns out the Forrtress you’re trading with him has max happiness he’ll give a speak about hugging steel types and how majestic they are because he’s an affectionate dweeb. 

When he offers you a Hoenn starter he plays a cute little game with the player and is all like “hey if there were stones in front of you which color would you choose?” like he’s trying to make it a surprise for the player. Goddamn he’s good-bad with kids in this game, like he never acts too mature, although he assumes children are interested in… rocks… as with in RSE and ORAS when he gives the kid outside his house a fucking rock as a gift. Like he’s trying his best to be in touch with children, he’s got the energy and stuff but he’s a victim to his love of rocks. 

He’s super playful in this game for no reason and I love it. In every other game he  isn’t like this and that’s disappointing. Like I bet if he was like this in ORAS he’d be a living meme. HE RADIATES positivity. 

I’d rate him a 10/10 in this game warmest happiest champion ever. What happened in his life to make him so happy? What happened to the mainly neutral, distant, insecure Steven? I’m glad he’s like this but it’s so out of character. 

‏@MrStevieWebb So.. Forget the Oscar selfie.. This is me and some mates stuck in an 8 person lift. For an hour. 

Star Ruby

(Bad head canon incoming)

Star Rubies are homeworld gems and commanding leaders of each Ruby group. They are created by fusing 6 promising Ruby gems and the essence of a star (which creates the star like marking on their gem). Each Star Ruby is assigned a squad of Rubies to command under Blue Diamonds order.

Her personality is similar to other Rubies, hence that are fused together. Standard emotions can sometimes run hot. Anger, selflessness, and cockiness to name a few.  

fic: Steven’s Universe

Steven’s Universe
Rating: PG
Summary: That’s why the people of this world believe in – Ruby, Sapphire, and Opal. And Steven!

Note: My only regret is that I wasn’t able to post this until well after April 1. Also, this takes place after “Jailbreak”, and I really. freaking. love. this AU.

The brilliant rays of pink, orange, and yellow filtered down from the massive loft window nearby, and with the sun rising ever higher, young Steven Universe just could not force himself to go back to sleep, try as he may. Ordinarily, he was quite the early riser, eager to greet the day with his usual boundless enthusiasm, but today he felt like sleeping in just a little bit more. Even shielding his eyes with Sir Bearington to try and block the late-morning sunshine did nothing to help his situation, and with a resigned sigh, he lowered his arm back down at his side. He made a mental note to himself to remember to get to bed much earlier tonight.

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 The Crystal Gems and Steven Universe, Chapter 1 (Momswap AU)

“Gem Glow”

So I started writing this and my browser crashed *cries* but a lot of this episode is basically exactly the same so I won’t be writing much of it. Also I have no motivation. 

But I changed the title cause it’s AU :D 

[Starts right after Steven eats the Cookie Cat and his gem starts glowing]

* * * 

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