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Why do I and everyone else I love pick people who treat us like we’re nothing?“

"We accept the love we think we deserve.

—  Charlie and Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Steven Chbosky
  • Raven: You’re shaking the table...
  • Terra: Oh! Hah! I’m...kinda surprised you felt anything at all, to be honest!
  • Raven: I didn’t need to feel. I saw.
  • Terra: Eeeeeverything's just so CRYSTAL! CLEAR! TO YOU! ISN’T IT?!
  • Raven: This will pass...she’ll eventually just burn herself out.
  • Terra: That’s what you think! I am an eternal flame, baby!
  • [Terra uses her geokinesis to flip the table over in anger.]

I am the Locker Room Guy


  • [The girls find themselves where Terra once defeated Slade.]
  • Starfire: Terra!
  • Terra: Go away! I’m bad and you shouldn’t be around me.
  • Starfire: What? That is ridiculous! Look, I do not know what any of this really means, but, I –
  • Terra: Yeah. You don’t. ‘Cause if you did, you wouldn’t be talking to me.
  • Starfire: [backs away slightly from Terra, turning to Raven] Raven, get in here. You must help me.
  • Raven: But –
  • Starfire: You have to talk to her.
  • Raven: [edging closer towards Terra] ...Terra?
  • [Terra doesn’t say anything.]
  • Raven: Terra, I...I had no idea you’ve been...upset about this.
  • Terra: ...What?! [turns towards Raven] You had no idea?! Hoh! [hyperventilating] This is, like, my entire existence! You wanna pretend like none of this eeeever happened. You think I’m just a big mistake!
  • Raven: [gasps] No, no,’re not the mistake. You’re just a by-product of a...big mistake...
  • [Terra glares angrily at Raven.]
  • Raven: No – that’s not – I...I just never thought of this as you. None of this is your fault! You didn’t build this place! I...I’m sorry, Terra. I hope you can forgive’re the one good thing that came out of this mess...I always thought you were proud of that...
  • [Starfire sighs in relief as Raven offers Terra a hand. Terra brushes her hair out of her face, before leaping at Raven to hug her. Raven hugs her back.]

remember Alex Honnold’s ascent of “Too Big To Flail” (V10, Buttermilks, Bishop, CA) in Reel Rock 7: Honnold 3.0?

well my friends Steven Roth and Ethan Pringle just got the 3rd and 4th ascents of it today! SO proud of both of them. they inspire me to work harder and be a better climber every day. I’m lucky to have such strong people in my life.

Steven’s had an incredible season in Bishop, repeating “Too Big To Flail” (V10), Ambrosia (V11), and the FA of a new highball in the Pollen Grains (V9ish?). you’ll be hearing a lot about him in the near future!

Photo Credit: Wills Young (Honnold), Wes Miraglio (Roth), Georgie Abel (Pringle)

Steven Roth sending Ambrosia (V11 Highball) in the Buttermilks, Bishop, CA

Photo Credit: Unknown (Source: Facebook)

my friend and fellow Cal Climber Steven Roth just sent Ambrosia! this climb was made famous in the film Progression when Kevin Jorgeson sent this amazingly beautiful highball. Steven has always been one of the strongest climbers I know, and his level-headed and modest approach to our sport is refreshing and inspiring. I’m so stoked for him, and his incredible success definitely has me psyched to try hard and chase my dreams more than ever. congrats Steven!