steven pearl

The Other Side

Jasper has somehow escaped, using a mysterious portal to go back to Homeworld and alert Yellow Diamond. But when the Gems enter the portal to try to stop Jasper, they instead find themselves on a very different Earth. Amethyst asks a local where they are, only to be strangely complimented for the quality of her “cosplay.” Pearl and Garnet deduce that they’ve landed in some sort of alternate reality and they’ll need to work fast to stop Jasper. They go inside a building to look for help, only to stumble upon a convention of people dressed like the Crystal Gems. Is there any way out of this world of costumes, merch and Q&A panels?



The talkative gem being, Mimetite, is the fusion between Sardonyx and Topaz! (Or Garnet, Pearl and Topaz by extension). She, is the most charismatic gem in the world! Is always at your disposition to make feel good all guys around! She uses a black and white bodysuit, with a big nright yellow hair and some mime’s characteristics, except she loves to have a conversation!

Topaz Loves you!


💜💙💛💜💙💛💜💙💛😄😄😄The Crystal Gems 😄😄😄💛💙💜💛💙💜💛💙💜💛💙💜💛💙

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More Steven Universe episodes have been revealed AFTER the bomb!!