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You're always going on about how great Michelle is but you've totally overlooked the interview in which she blatantly engages in erasure of NB people

do you mean the interview where she blatantly catches herself and Pearl and goes onto be like “actually, well, grey areas” in regards to their discussion about gender? that interview? 

(you know that a lot of people still haven’t heard of non-binary gender at all, right? which isn’t necessarily their fault, simply a lack of education?)

she was as supportive of non-binary genders in that interview as I could hope anyone her age who isn’t involved with LGBT politics to be, stop looking for reasons to write off celebrities man, she’s got more to learn but she means well and she’s making an effort

(it’s like how Moffat has been super vocal about canonical non-binary Doctor recently, but still doesn’t seem to understand that singular ‘they’ pronouns are a thing. it’s not any kind of malice on his part, simply a lack of education, I bet if someone sat down and explained it to him, he’d be like “oh my god thank you this helps my brain so much I’ve been in pronoun hell”) 

you have to make accommodations for the older generation and what they know about these kind of things, and look more at intent, I’m not going to participate in Tumblr’s fucked up “this person did one bad/not-perfect/ideal thing and they’re Toxic Forever” culture

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Hey so is it like pretty much for sure that Alex Kingston won't re turn for her role as River with the 13th doctor? Like... because we saw her death, and he go to the Songs, does that mean there's no way to see them both?

Quite honestly, no one really knows with Doctor Who, so I can’t say for certain whether we will or will not see a return of Alex Kingston (as River Song). What we do know about the series and the Whoniverse is that “dying” on the series doesn’t always mean that the character is actually dead and won’t be seen again (e.g., The Master, Bill Potts, etc.); characters can regenerate and they can also travel in time, so River Song could definitely be involved in some of the Thirteenth Doctor’s future episodes…involving her past?

But what one must keep in mind is that Steven Moffat is no longer the showrunner for Doctor Who once Peter Capaldi leaves, so until we get a sense of how Chris Chibnall (new showrunner) will write the series and what his ideas are about concerning the new Doctor and her wife (River), we will have to wait and see.

Obviously, many of us who love the character of River Song would love to see her back, because her timeline is so timey-wimey, so anything is possible, right? And that River was repeatedly hinted at throughout series 10 - Steven doesn’t do something like that for nothing. Which begs the question, what does he mean to do with all the character references throughout series 10 - if anything - before he leaves the series this Christmas?

This is all a long-ish way of saying…spoilers


look at me i’m just here CRYING

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tbh i think moffat hasn't realized the singular they solution because as a former english teacher he kinda has a mental block from thinking of it that way or something. the weird thing is that as ever lots of lgbt people work on dw & steven's friends w/ rebecca root who has joked about badgering him to be the 1st trans doctor who so you'd think someone would have talked to him about it. i mean mark's a patron of the lgbt+ charity switchboard & steven's helped him raise $$ for them more than once

yeah, that’s what I think too, frankly, but while Mark might be involved in LGBT+ charities I don’t necessary tend to assume that white cis gay guys are gonna be progressive about gender shit either even if they should be

someone teach Moffat they/them pronouns and save him some Stress honestly lmao

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I find it very suspicious that the night on Darillium is 24 years...It's a veeery specific number. (And also most of the companions' age). Which means we'll definitely see the Doctor and River's kid :) What do you think on that matter? I am also curious about River's destiny with the new show runner, but I am sure Moffat shared his ideas with him. River is a popular character and the link between most of the Doctors. She will make an appearance. - pondwithducks

I’m not sure where 24 years came from - except for the fact that when The Husbands of River Song was written, Peter Capaldi was already married 24 years to his real-life wife, Elaine Collins. So the number 24 could have been an homage to such a lengthy marriage, and most every Capaldi fan knows how committed Peter is to his relationship, going so far as not removing his actual wedding band while in character as the Doctor. But if that’s not the reason why Steven picked the number 24…then, you’re right - perhaps it’s too specific a number to be meaningless?

As for time-babies, that is not at all an area I feel connected to whatsoever (sorry) so I don’t have opinions on it.

Will River make an appearance at some point in the near future? Remains to be seen. Lately, I have this lingering desire thought of Steven Moffat guest-writing a couple of episodes during Chris Chibnall’s run. I hope it’ll happen, because surely he can’t just fully walk away (I know RTD did), or leave his best character (IMHO) behind so easily, when she’s so popular? Only time will tell, I’m afraid.

Let’s get this straight for all the people spouting inaccuracies. I wanted to just celebrate Jodie, but I can’t stomach the misinformation.

1. Steven Moffat was not fired from Doctor Who. He is stepping down from the show if his own volition.
2. Steven Moffat has been paving the way for a woman Doctor for ages, writing passages in support of it in official Who content as early as the 90s. He has since cast the first woman Master and shown a white man regenerate into a black woman, as well as has written Doctor-like women leads like River Song and Clara Oswald, the latter of whom even got her own TARDIS.
3. His writing of this has had a tangible impact on increasing support for a woman Doctor. In the aftermath of the reveal if Michelle Gomez as the Master in 2014, for example, fan site DoctorWhoTV found support for a woman as the Doctor increase from 13% to 46.47%. Subsequent use of Missy and other characters fitting that subtext has further increased support over the past few years.

Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor is an absolute triumph. Seriously, huge kudos to Chris Chibnall for that. But don’t act like Moffat has been getting in the way of this. No matter how you feel about him as a writer, he played an important role in getting us to this point.