steven kay


Made some gemsonas based canonly-existing gems!

  • Blue was put in charge of a mission to help terraform a planet, using Lali.
  • Star accompanies them to help prevent disasters.
  • Cora was originally intended to be Sun Stone’s pearl, but SS was unsatisfied with her so she was ordered to be shattered. Cora kept her limb enhancers escaped.
  • Kai is a runt-Jasper who was to be shattered, until Cora saved her. Kai is now her loyal guard.
  • Cora and Kai hid out on a planet where they planned on living, until gems came along to colonize and terraform it…

I found this section really interesting because it talks about how it feels when you’ve got all these ideas and only have one season green lit! We all already know that the reason season 1 is so drastically different plot wise from the other seasons is due to that, but hearing them talk about it and their decision making is so cool to me. I really love the pre production pipeline