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“Those gems made such a fuss about this “lunch” concept.” Holly Blue griped, the incessant ticking of her watch only seeming to ferment the anger brewing inside of her. “You would think at the very least the gem responsible for this outing and this gemling would be punctual!”

Again, she looked at the time–as if somehow this time of all times would make a tremendous difference–and groaned yet again, though this time, a hint of nervousness permeating her tone. Surely this was a ridiculous endeavour for more ways than one; it wasn’t like any member of those Earth gems to do anything in a timely and orderly fashion, and gems such as herself had no need for such trifle human engagements. This “eating” and “lunch” that the gaggle of gems had rambled on about—especially so, the donor gem to this gemling—didn’t make much if any sense to the Agate, who again, this time with a bit more anxiousness, checked the time. If anything, to provide sustenance to this growing being, rest and relaxation would probably had been far more conducive. 

But it wasn’t just the fact that this outing was, in all honesty, grossly unneeded and essentially a waste of time. 

It was the fact that Holly wanted this too.

Of course, an esteemed Agate such as herself wouldn’t say such a thing to those beneath her. No, off-colored gems such as themselves didn’t get the privilege of knowing of her business. And yet, the reason why she even stood here—outfitted in clothing that those same gems had helped her choose and dolled up in cosmetics they had put on for her—was because of these same insufferable creatures. She was housing one—

Well, was it really one? The amount of times we…

Holly Blue blushed at the thought, eyes of blue widening in indignance. Who for? Well, she didn’t know but she felt it. With a huff, she found a nearby bench and took a seat. Even if heels weren’t typically a bother, with all this added mass that quickly changed. But now sitting only reminded her of the soreness elsewhere, and so the blushing intensified, a soft squawk of frustration fleeing her lips. It didn’t matter if the Agate had thoroughly enjoyed her time spent last night, she didn’t need to rehash it. At least, she didn’t want to. As if to stifle herself, she sat back and crossed her legs, opting to watch the scenery before her. Sure, it had its idiosyncrasies but Earth truly was a beautiful planet and with it constantly being in motion in more ways than one, spectating was never a dull moment. 

She hadn’t even noticed, but a small and warm smile had graced her lips as her usually cold, but now gentle, cerulean eyes watched some humans, two women and a smaller looking human with them, strolled by, the little one giddy and eager as she skipped down the way, a beautiful smile overtaking her face. Subconsciously, Holly placed a hand on her abdomen, rubbing it slowly while she wondered innocently to herself.

Will you be just like that, small one?

“Hey, Holls! Sorry I’m late!” The familiar voice jolted Holly Blue out from her dreamy state and back into reality. She quickly jumped up to her feet, angrily pointing to her watch, as if the gem approaching could its face from such a distance.

“Sorry doesn’t begin to cover this level of tardiness! I have been here for more than an hour, you Earth gems are just so—”

The fuming Agate wasn’t allowed to utter another word of displeasure as her lips were already captured in an apologetic but sweet kiss. Or perhaps it was simply to shut her up, but honestly, she couldn’t seem to care as she lost herself in the moment—even if it was just a little bit. 

Insufferable~? I know, Holly.” The gem chuckled, running her finger across Holly’s bottom lip. “You might want to reapply that lipstick now.” The Agate’s face flushed a deep blue as she tried her damnedest to wrangle herself out of the other’s grasp, heaving as she straightened herself up, dusting off her dress. Words seemed to fail her as she rummaged through her purse for the mirror and lipstick the others had given to her. “I’m sure you know this already but, you do look amazing Holly.”

“Y-You would be correct in that belief.” She huffed, finishing up applying the lipstick. “Come on, you’ve already had me waiting long enough, let’s just get this over with.” Reluctantly, she took the hand of the other gem, looking her over a few times. As the pair began to walk to their destination, Holly managed to pipe up one last time, as she looked away a wry pout on her lips. “Y-You look acceptable enough… T-Thank you for your invitation.

Maybe. Just maybe, these gems weren’t so insufferable after all. Now, all she needed to hope was that the memories of the night didn’t spur her on today.

So um, the drawing was intentional. The drabble following was not. But, I am so persuaded I might continue it. I’m sure it’s already clear where it’s going to go~ Holly Blue just needs a little lovin’ is all~

Also, there’s a reason why I didn’t state the name of the other gem. Take a look at Holly’s dress and see if you can guess which member of the Famethyst she might be~ But yeah, I’m still on a pregnant/gemling Holly Blue kick and I just had to do this. Enjoy~!