steven hill

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Hello there! I am Vina and I am in desperate need of commissions! So please, I implore you, commission me please ;v;

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have you guys seen this?

Amber Benson’s scenes from King of the Hill (1993) – her first movie and one she raves about to this day


mercury sulfide (cinnabar) and gold.

gold was meant to be culled shortly after her “birth” due to her unpredictable behavior, but mercury persuaded the higher-ups to allow her to keep gold as her personal pet project. at a later date, in an unrelated incident, mercury became partially corrupted herself and self-exiled to escape persecution. despite this, gold remains unshakably loyal to her once-savior and does her best to keep her safe and well out of the sight of gem authorities. likewise, mercury is fiercely protective of gold and outright hostile towards other gems, attacking on sight in almost all cases.

mercury is no longer able to summon a weapon from her gem. instead, the mercury deposits in her gem have manifested as a mass of malleable, self-regenerating toxic mercury in place of ordinary hair. she is able to control the length, shape, and direction of travel. exposure to the substance tends to confuse and disorient other gems. prolonged exposure can cause degeneration.

gold’s gem is a small ring manifesting in the center of her chest. the attached decoration is not a part of the gem, but a gift, given by mercury before her corruption. gold places a great deal of sentimental value on the object and fashioned her weapon after it. gold is body-oriented and prefers not to use her weapon in battle, but won’t hesitate to summon it if necessary.

for two such kindred spirits, these two would have an awfully messy fusion fyi.