steven hill

when merchandise comes out and suddenly your wallets is empty…

my cousin sent this to me. bless

My King of the Universe prints are available for purchase only at Planet Fun! 

So please stop by Planet Fun in Savannah, GA, and get yourself a copy of my alcohol + marijuana infused print idea. 

P.S.: If you see them for sale anywhere else, especially conventions, report if you can. I do not personally do conventions, because that’s not my field of work. So my Prints should never be there at conventions. 

Seeing a lot of Ruby X Sapphire and Marceline X Princess Bubblegum images today. But lets not forget about another influential gay couple in american animation that predates them. Gus and Wally from Mission Hill were not only the first positive gay characters in american animation to air on TV, but they were also one of the first gay couples to share a kiss on TV as well (animation or live action).