steven hill

cartoon network leaked internal memo

[7:53:10 PM] jordn: i just cant tell who to make dale and who to make boomhauer… damn…

[7:55:11 PM] jordn: i mean dale has the specs so youd imagine hed be a good fit for garnet in looks but i mean. his PERSONALITY is way more pearl! and boomhauer looks more like pearl but he’s the most quiet… or in this case least comprehensible one

[7:55:23 PM] jordn: phew! at least bill is an obvious fit for amethyst. i don’t have to worry about that


When I finished drooling over these gorgeous Steven Hill pieces, I was absolutely floored to find out that he fires in Cone 6 Oxidation.  

No, no, I promise I didn’t stutter.  All those gorgeous “atmospheric” effects and luscious glaze variations? Cone 6 Oxidation.  No shit.  

I aspire to his level of glaze-alicious bad assery.