steven gold

‘Warrior Stance’ - Model: Ajak Deng | Photography: Steven Klein | Styling: Edward Enninful | Hair: Orlando Pita | Make-up: Kabuki | Designer: Vera Wang

Steven Moffat (1:59:23 of source vid): “Okay, I’m going to tell you the God’s honest truth. Here it is: Benedict’s fairly handsome. But if you want every woman, and quite a lot of men, flopping around the place, breathless, forget Benedict. Benedict will disappear. He will fade into the wallpaper if Rupert Graves walks past. Lestrade is, in person, the Sex God of Sherlock, no question. And we all stand there, including Benedict, saying, how can he do that just by smiling?”


Gold Model Sheets 

(also that GoldPearl doodle because it’s nice)

Made these because I needed the practice but also if you ever wanted to draw your gem/rock/metal with Gold, here are some good refs! 

“Weapon” is her cloth

She was a peacekeeper for Yellow Diamond with the power of attraction but after losing her Gold Pearl, she escaped to Earth to find the Crystal Gems with the help of some other gems who served her