steven feng

Here’s some fanfart for the super amazing and talented goddess, Vii! It’s of her OC, Steamboy aka Steven Feng.

I’ve been meaning to draw him for a while but kept scrapping each illustration because I’m not worthy.

I made his expression angry which I’M PRETTY SURE IS AGAINST HIS PERSONALITY BUT I LACK THE ABILITY TO DRAW HAPPY CHARACTERS, sorry bout that. I’m also sorry I couldn’t make the steam look like steam.

Hope I did him justice and that you like it, Wander!


New and improved ref sheet for Steven Feng AKA Steamboy! Do enjoy his steamed dumplings, and watch out for his steaming punches!!

I’m awful at depicting functionality that actually makes sense, and I’m still a little unsure on the bottom half of his casual wear, but for now this will do.. Just wanted to make revisions/tighten up his design a bit so I can feel more grounded as I finally develop his story and setting :-)b