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Here’s some fanfart for the super amazing and talented goddess, Vii! It’s of her OC, Steamboy aka Steven Feng.

I’ve been meaning to draw him for a while but kept scrapping each illustration because I’m not worthy.

I made his expression angry which I’M PRETTY SURE IS AGAINST HIS PERSONALITY BUT I LACK THE ABILITY TO DRAW HAPPY CHARACTERS, sorry bout that. I’m also sorry I couldn’t make the steam look like steam.

Hope I did him justice and that you like it, Wander!


[141028] Wu Yifan Shares Bookworm Knowledge in BAZAAR November Issue

In between love calls from numerous offers, the young, newly-transformed actor Wu Yifan sits down once again with Harper’s Bazaarto share his innermost thoughts about filming inPrague, Czech Republic, where his big-screen debut, ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ is mostly shot. The editorial team once again says ‘hello’ to the idol-turned-actor, all the while the said young man says ‘hello’ once again as well, to the world, and to his ever-loyal fans.

This time for the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Wu Yifan talks about his true feelings towards the country that witnessed his blooming as an actor. The enchanted castles of Prague in Czech Republic paid audience to his first crying scenes, romantic scenes; his first baby steps in front the camera as a character, his struggles to adjust to his new world, and the new relationships he formed. Asked about what he thinks of the artistic place, aside from the fact that it serves as the perfect setting of a love story, Wu Yifan impresses the editorial team with his knowledge of Prague’s rich history, and invites everyone else to trace his steps.

Asked about his role, not only as the young man Ze Yang, but himself among the cast, Wu shares he is known as the ‘delight’ and the ‘maturege(brother)’of the team. He also recounted that whenever he was not filming, he felt like he was time-travelling within the ancient areas of interest in the city. A fan of literature and art himself, Wu was more than happy to film his first movie in a place such as Prague – which he describes as a ‘literary’ kind of place by nature. He enumerated that strolling and listening to the buskers’ music – all the while enjoying the breeze made his time-travelling perfect. As Wu found it hard to stop talking about his amazement of the city, he, himself, amazed everyone with his bookworm knowledge of the place’s rich history. Wu gushed about the Prague people who played music all-year long, loved arts for all of their life, and accepted the genius Mozart who suffered in his own country because of his jealous countrymen. He went on about buildings, architectures, and the likes; proving his genuine passion for the place that first welcomed his acting skills.

Towards the end, Wu writes to his fans his apology for not updating about his whereabouts and wellness recently. He assured them about using his time well learning a lot of things such as acting, music, and fashion; and that things that are hard to reach give him motivation. He ended by saying he misses everyone, and sends an encouragement to everyone, and to himself, that the road is still long for him, and he intends to take things step by step.

Wu Yifan is currently preparing for the extended promotions of his first movie, ‘有一個地方只有我們知道 Somewhere Only We Know,’ as well as the initial promotions of ‘夏有乔木雅望天堂 Passion Heaven’ (where he co-stars with Han Geng and Joo Won), and preparing himself for ‘Lao Pao Er,’ the recently-confirmed movie where he will work with the so-called Steven Spielberg of China, Feng Xiaogang.

Written by: wingsofeternity @901106/net/home

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