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poltergrease  asked:

How about a threeway Chuck/Julie/Mike fusion? A fusion of all five burners?? Or is it even possible in your fusion verse for more that two people to fuse?

AH YES.  Burnerx5 fusion!  

Desperately tricky to pull off but devastatingly effective. >:D They spend most of their time arguing with themself, but when they have a single focused goal they’re marvelously effective!

Plus they’re really big.  Like, really big.  A giant enby!

Also loud.  They have pieces of Mike’s enthusiasm, Dutch’s passion, Chuck’s hysteria and Texas’s…Texas.  They get pretty noisy sometimes.

But they’re cool!  And everybody involved has a lot of fun, while it lasts.  It’s just so tricky to stay balanced it’s way easier to fight seperately or fuse in smaller combinations, haha. 

Why did Pearl throw butter out the window? To see a butterfly! Jokes aside, I’ve never drawn her before so I wanted to make this drawing special, but it kinda ended up looking like a scene from a Disney movie

Also today someone in the SU Reddit was talking about how after reuniting with Pink!Lars, Ronaldo is probably gonna try and endanger his life so Steven will resurrect him in a similar Weird fashion!! I hope this ain’t gonna be the case but it did remind me of this from the KBCW book:

Tbh it’s one of my fave pics in the book. I mean, wtf he’s fire spinning?! (Also it matches his shirt lmao) And from that panicked expression I’d assume he has had very little training… so does that mean he skipped the whole spinning hacky sacks on ropes and glowy baubles stage and just went directly to fire?! Who let him do this?! Take it away before he burns the rest of the warehouse down haha XD 

Being on set with Dan Stevens and the two Davids in the coffin...

By: Eric Goldman x

Legion’s first season was produced inside a single, massive, converted warehouse in Vancouver (Season 2 will move production to Los Angeles), meaning as you walked around, all sorts of work was simultaneously being done for various parts of the production. So while Dan Stevens lay filming in a confined space representing David’s mental coffin, Amber Midthunder was doing fight rehearsal nearby for the sequence where Kerry imagines she’s fighting deranged mental patients. Meanwhile, Aubrey Plaza was stopping by set to practice being in a harness for moments as the Shadow King (in his Lenny guise), while I also walked past the Clockwork mental hospital set in shambles from Syd’s journey though it, and the replica ice structure used to film scenes between Oliver and Cary the day before. Later in the day, as I was getting ready to leave, I’d see Rachel Keller and Bill Irwin begin to film the scene where Syd and Cary go into that stark white room, with the red chamber in the center.

All of which is to say that everywhere you turned on the Legion set, there was something cool and imaginative to see.

Stevens’ work on this busy day involved him playing both David and David’s “rational mind” (sporting a British accent, as Stevens does in real life) and on set, Stevens shot the British side first. Then, when he acted out the other half, the earlier footage was being played back at the same time, so Stevens was hearing himself say the lines to respond to.

Legion: Exploring the Mutants on the X-Men-Based TV Show6 IMAGES    

“Today’s kind of fun,” Stevens told me with a laugh, noting the really tricky sequence for him was one that he’d already shot the day before (but follows the coffin moments onscreen), where the two Davids go into a classroom and the Shadow King/Xavier history is explained.

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“Yesterday was very challenging,” Stevens remarked. “It was a whole day of blackboards - it was literally a whole day of two Davids. It’s essentially a very smart series recap, but it’s David kind of figuring out his s**t – “What do we know?” – and going through and plotting everything. This [in the coffin] is sort of the introduction of those two characters, which is kind of fun and it’s more contained. But yes, I’ve had this script for a couple of weeks now, just over two weeks probably, and it’s been weighing pretty heavily on me. All of these words, all of these ideas. I mean, what an amazing challenge! And every episode has been something that I’ve never done before, never even attempted before, and I know a lot of people have done these sort of double scenes with themselves, and they’ve always looked like fun. I’ve always wanted to try one. So yeah, it’s been nice to try that.”

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While Legion has certainly taken its own path in regards to what the comic book set up, Stevens said he felt this storyline – and seeing David speak with his own alternate personality – had notable nods to the source material. As he put it, “In the comics, this is sort of the extent of what is inside David. We could do a hundred seasons of this show and not get to some of the really freaky stuff, like creatures - it’s not just humans that are in there, it’s all sorts of weird stuff going on. This is, I guess, relatively mildly!”

As for the idea of using a British accent, Stevens revealed, “I checked in with Noah [Hawley] when he sent me that scene, and I was thinking of different ways of distinguishing [the two Davids], and I was like, ‘Well, it’s kind of a little nod to the Professor X thing,’ which we’ve kind of laced again through the series without getting too explicit. There are definitely rewards for people who know the comics. I don’t think at any point we’re directly adapting any story, or even any frame of a comic, but the paradigm exists. So this idea of characters being locked in there, of a battle for control over David and his powers, of this ongoing throughout history kind of thing… We use that and borrow that. 

But the British thing, I said to Noah, ‘Well, what about if we make him British?’ And he immediately was like, ‘Yeah, I guess deep down all of our rational selves are probably British.’ I was like, ‘Oh, good. That sounds like an endorsement, so I’ll go with that.’ I’m not sure how true that is, but anyway, it seemed funny to me!”


“now, that’s takin’ it a step too far, bro.”
“guess you could say i’m taking my jokes to the next level.”

Has this been done yet?

‏@MrStevieWebb So.. Forget the Oscar selfie.. This is me and some mates stuck in an 8 person lift. For an hour. 

I spent most of last night making the Gems in Sims 3 and starting up a house for them. I really have no idea what I’m doing and trying to manage 4 people at once is, like, a lot but its been fun so far


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