steven clouse


While we were in Austin last our good friends Jeremy and Michelle Ward invited us up to their family caban in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Since me and Hattie started traveling 3 ½ months ago we’ve become fond of camping and like to do so any chance we get. So, we didn’t miss out on the chance to hit the Black Hills on the we to the Mid-West. We decided to stop and camp in Colorado Springs on the way up to South Dakota. Originally, we planned to drive up pikes peak but we were turned off by the $24 dollar price tag. So we settled for a nice camp ground at the base of the mountain with plenty of rain, 34 degree temps, and regular bear activity. The next 3 days we spent wandering around the black hills taking photos during the day and and drinking cheap beer at the Ward family cabin at night. There were plenty of buffalo and other wild life freely roaming the black hills. Unfortunately, I lacked a proper zoom to get close enough to the buffalo to get a decent shot. We decided that we might try to make it a yearly event. Hopefully next year i’ll be better prepared. 

From the road

-Clouse and Hattie    


So here we are. This is our going away party with friends in Austin. Too bad I was already hungover from the party the night before with my friends. This was our last goodbye to people that, since I started dating Clouse, have become pretty close to. They are a great group of friends and he’s lucky to have them all. 

If this is your first time hearing about us, well, recently Clouse decided to give up his job to traveling the country in search of a new home with me, Hattie Watson. We will travel the west coast first during the summer and then follow up with the midwest-east coast during the fall. Maybe even head to Europe. It should be a different experience for both him and I. He’s not traveled much and I have not traveled with anyone other than my sister. I am sure there will be many ups and downs due to the fact that we might as well be the same person. We will try to update daily with a new adventure. Seems that we are all ready behind. 

From the road

- Hattie & Clouse