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When they were born...

Just gonna leave this here…

Chris Redfield: 1973

Jill Valentine: 1974

Barry Burton: 1960

Rebecca Chamberas: 1980

Albert Wesker: 1960

Billy Coen: 1972

Leon Kennedy: 1977

Carlos Oliveira: 1977

Claire Redfield: 1979

Steve Burnside: 1981

Sheva Almoar: 1986

Excella Gionne: 1983

Piers Nivans: 1987

Jake Muller: 1992

Sherry Birkin: 1986

Ada Wong: 1974

Helena Harper: 1989

Moira Burton: 1991

Ashley Graham: 1984

Manuela Hidalgo: 1986

Ingrid Hunnigan: 1980

Luis Sera: 1976

~darlingpetao3′s reader-insert masterlist~

* = Flash Season 4 Drabble

~Barry Allen~

Bitchin’ *

The Descendant Materialization

Great Scott, Barry!

Jinxed *

Make Room *

“Risky” Rituals *

Return of Metallo

Troubled Waters

~Harrison Wells~


An Accidental Seduction

The Assignment

Double Header (mature content; threesome w/ Harry)

High Stakes

H.R.’s Birthday Treasure Hunt

The One One One For Me *


Thunderstorm Run (mature content)


Across the Universes

Double Header (mature content; threesome w/ H.R.)

Drink Up (mature content; threesome w/ EoWells)

Game Over (mature content)

Good Vibrations (mature content)

Great Wells Think Alike *

Guys Night Out *

More Than Meets Those Eyes

Matchmaking *

Movie Homework *

Piece of You, Piece of Me

Property of Harrison Wells (mature content)

See Right Through Me



Drink Up (mature content; threesome w/ Harry)

Irresistible (mature content)

Me + You = Three

Take the Lead (mature content)

You’re Too Good To Me (mature content)

The Christmas Wells Series

The Best Christmas Gift (EoWells)

Have a Very Harry Christmas (Harry)

Blame It On the Nog (H.R.)

~Eobard Thawne~

Darling & the Speedster


Out of this (Doom)World

~Oliver Queen~

The Attack


But First…

For Asgard (WIP; mature content in Ch. 12)

God of Dance

The Infiltration

Little Teasing Games (mature content)

Regaining Power (mature content)

Say It

~Peter Parker~

Test Drive

~Ed Stevens~

I Never Do This (mature content)

Right Here

~Tom Hiddleston~

The Night’s Not Over Yet (mature content)

Do You Believe?

Original Imagine: hi! I love your writing! it’s absolutely amazing! I was wondering if I could have a one shot request where the reader gets critically injured bc Barry wasn’t fast enough to save her. super angsty and sad? thank you! @zbvbble (Sorry it took so long Sweetie! hope you enjoy, cuz it almost killed me!)

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 2,000


Author: Contrygal7

Originally posted by angelwings4barryallen

                                                     * * * * *

If I didn’t believe in you.

The words cut deep into your head, the first thought of the day and recalling fights hurt. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard those words, though. Of course the first time wasn’t nearly as depressing.


The first time it was warm. A fuzzy kinda warm that slowly seeps its way into your bones almost as if its igniting your entire body in a tantalizingly slow burn. The early morning sunshine, the whole world cascaded in a pink tint, as it fell lazily over the small bedroom in your even smaller studio apartment that you currently shared with your full time boyfriend part time superhero, Barry Allen.

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Padparadscha but it's the bee movie script

according to all known laws of aviation there is no way a padparadscha should be able to fly its wings are too small to get its small sapphire body off the ground the padparadscha of course flies anyway because gems dont care what humans think is impossible


Barry tag: Which are you?

Barry with the eyes

Barry with the 2 left hands

Barry with 8 thumbs

Barry with 2 faces

Barry with 9 shoulders

Barry with the ice eyes

Barry from Isis

Barry from 876th st

Barry from At&t

Barry that farts twice a year

Barry that wear socks on his eyes

Barry that wears 9 pairs of glasses on his legs

Barry that was on the titanic

Barry who invented Facebook

Barry that dropped the pearl off the titanic

Barry who was responsible for pearl harbor

Barry that stared in Hiroshima

Barry with 9 ears

Barry with eyes on his testicles

Barry who works for TMZ


Gemstone: Blue Baryte
Alignment: Pink Diamond None
Name: Baryte “Barry”
ID Gender: Female
Gem Location: Lower Back
Weapon: None
Voice Actor: Rita Ora
Theme Song:…

  • Empathy: Barry can feel what the other gems feel. It includes sadness, happiness, rage, love, hurt, desires, guilt, jealousy, confusion, etc.
  • Healing powers: She can heal the body and the gem of the others gems, and they can heal corruption.
  • Photokinesis: She can control light for a short period. Use for defense.
  • She has energy reserved inside her gem that she can pass for another gem, she usually uses it when another gem needs the energy to fight. She can’t use the energy by herself.

Instrument: Glockenspiel/Xylophone

Propose: Barytes were made for the Pink Diamond’s court to heal injured warriors and be the “nurses” of the court. Her job is to take care or help Quartzes or any other gem that needs her help. Barytes are almost as common as Pearls at Pink Diamond’s Court. She cannot summon a weapon but she can use her powers to defense.

Personality/Fun Facts:

  • Barry is very sweet, she can’t hurt another gems but she doesn’t feel like it’s wrong.
  • She knew Rose Quartz on a mission and she almost became a Crystal Gem.
  • She is very, very heavy.
  • She loves to sing