steven barry

Gemstone: Blue Baryte
Alignment: Pink Diamond None
Name: Baryte “Barry”
ID Gender: Female
Gem Location: Lower Back
Weapon: None
Voice Actor: Rita Ora
Theme Song:…

  • Empathy: Barry can feel what the other gems feel. It includes sadness, happiness, rage, love, hurt, desires, guilt, jealousy, confusion, etc.
  • Healing powers: She can heal the body and the gem of the others gems, and they can heal corruption.
  • Photokinesis: She can control light for a short period. Use for defense.
  • She has energy reserved inside her gem that she can pass for another gem, she usually uses it when another gem needs the energy to fight. She can’t use the energy by herself.

Instrument: Glockenspiel/Xylophone

Propose: Barytes were made for the Pink Diamond’s court to heal injured warriors and be the “nurses” of the court. Her job is to take care or help Quartzes or any other gem that needs her help. Barytes are almost as common as Pearls at Pink Diamond’s Court. She cannot summon a weapon but she can use her powers to defense.

Personality/Fun Facts:

  • Barry is very sweet, she can’t hurt another gems but she doesn’t feel like it’s wrong.
  • She knew Rose Quartz on a mission and she almost became a Crystal Gem.
  • She is very, very heavy.
  • She loves to sing

Axl Rose has one of the widest vocal ranges in popular music. It’s wider than Mariah Carey’s. He can reach higher notes than Tina Turner or Beyonce and lower notes than Barry White. This fact is not appreciated enough, he’s mostly known as a douchey ginger with a screechy voice. He’s a douchey ginger with an amazing screechy voice, goddammit!


On this day in music history: March 13, 1999 - “Believe” by Cher hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 weeks, also topping the Club Play chart for 4 weeks on December 12, 1998. Written by Brian Higgins, Stuart McLennen, Paul Barry, Steven Torch, Matthew Gray and Timothy Powell, it is the fourth solo chart topping single (fifth overall) for the pop music icon and Academy Award winning actress. After focusing on her film career for much of the 90’s, Cher turns her attention back music when she signs to the UK division of Warner Bros Records in 1998. Working with dance music producers including Junior Vasquez, Todd Terry, Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling, it will be the singer’s first dance oriented album in nearly twenty years since the release of her Casablanca albums “Take Me Home” and “Prisoner”. Rather than going for the retro-disco sounds of those works, the new material is cutting edge and in step with the current techno dance phenomenon dominating the club music scene. British songwriter and producers Taylor and Rawling (Gina G, Danni Minogue), presents Cher with the song “Believe”. She asks them to re-write the lyrics a number of times before agreeing to record the song. After recording Cher’s vocals, the producers hit upon the idea of processing some of the vocals with a Digitech Talker (aka “Autotune” processor). At first, they are nervous to play the track with the altered vocals, but once Cher hears what they’ve done, she immediately loves it. Warner Bros initially does not like the autotuned vocals and wants the effect removed, but the singer insists they remain as they are. “Believe” is an immediate smash in the UK, spending seven weeks at number one. Warner Bros in the US picks up the record for release on the back of its UK chart success. Entering the Hot 100 at #99 on December 20, 1998, it climbs to the top of the chart twelve weeks later. Cher makes history by having the longest time span between her first number one single (“I Got You Babe”) and “Believe”, which is thirty three years, seven months and three weeks. She also becomes the second oldest artist in Billboard chart history to top the Hot 100 (Louis Armstrong is the record holder at sixty two years, ten months and one week old at the time “Hello Dolly” is at number one), as she is fifty three years, nine months and three weeks old at the time “Believe” tops the chart. The single is also a massive worldwide hit, topping the charts in twenty three countries. “Believe”  wins Cher her first Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in 2000, also receiving a nomination for Record Of The Year. “Believe” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

The Signs as Male Pokemon trainers!

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Aries: N - Enthusiastic, confident, dynamic, and quick witted

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Taurus: Steven - Persistent, determined, placid, and security loving

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Gemini: Cheren - Adaptable, versatile, communicative, and intellectual

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Cancer: Alain - Shrewd, cautious, protective, and sympathetic

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Leo: Silver - Broad minded, expansive, faithful, and loving

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Virgo: Barry - Practical, diligent, intelligent, and analytical

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Libra: Gladion - Diplomatic, Urbane, charming, and Romantic

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Scoprio: Hugh - Magnetic, exciting, forceful, and intuitive

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Capricorn: Nate - Patient, careful, humorous, and reserved

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Aquarius: Riley - Original, loyal, friendly, and honest

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Pisces: Ash - Intuitive, compassionate, sympathetic, and kind


You’ll get through this”, that’s what people say. Don’t they? They said it to me and it really pissed me off. What exactly does it mean to get through this? Through what? What’s on the other side? I didn’t wanna get through it. I wanted to die in it. And then my mom, she said that grief is like a suitcase that’s at the bottom of your bed. And no matter what, without failure, you have to pick it up everyday, take it with you. Some days it will be filled with rocks and you won’t think you can carry it. And then other days, the light is a feather. That she said is getting through it. It made sense to me.


“  Every day I think about what you said to me that day on the bridge. I tried to live my life the best that I could. I hope that was enough. I hope that, at least in your eyes, I’ve earned what all of you have done for me.  “

Saving Private Ryan ( 1998 )