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Axl Rose has one of the widest vocal ranges in popular music. It’s wider than Mariah Carey’s. He can reach higher notes than Tina Turner or Beyonce and lower notes than Barry White. This fact is not appreciated enough, he’s mostly known as a douchey ginger with a screechy voice. He’s a douchey ginger with an amazing screechy voice, goddammit!

fluff4days  asked:

How about Ilima, Steven Stone, and Barry's reactions to their s/o spoon feeding them when they're sick? Thanks!


* At first he’d think you’re joking with the whole spoon-feeding, saying he’s well enough to handle it himself. When you start doing it anyways though, he doesn’t really protest and actually likes it a bit.

Steven Stone

* He’ll try to convince you that there’s no need for that, trying to take the food so that he can feed himself. If you keep insisting though he’ll eventually give in, looking a bit embarrassed as it happens.


* As soon as you bring up the spoon-feeding, he’ll try to show you that he’s not even sick anymore and that he’s feeling all better. You sit him back down, telling him that he’ll start to feel better when he relaxes and lets them feed them. He’ll listen after that, looking a bit grumpy but actually not minding it.

Flashvibe Week Day 6: Crossover Day

The Flash X Steven Universe

“I’m telling you we totally need to fuse, its an emergency!”

“Cisco, doing a Gravity Falls marathon is not an emergency.”

“Sure it is! Being Carnelian will make it so much better!”

Coral and Agate, or as they like to call each other, Barry and Cisco, are two Crystal Gem Warriors. The two are sworn to protect the Earth from any harm that might befall it, like rogue gems or natural disaster that would harm any humans. Cisco loves to fuse with Barry, which Barry, while embarrassed due to the intimacy, would never say no to his partner. Carnelian, their fusion, is a strong and stable fusion, that loves to do science and watch movies. 


You’ll get through this”, that’s what people say. Don’t they? They said it to me and it really pissed me off. What exactly does it mean to get through this? Through what? What’s on the other side? I didn’t wanna get through it. I wanted to die in it. And then my mom, she said that grief is like a suitcase that’s at the bottom of your bed. And no matter what, without failure, you have to pick it up everyday, take it with you. Some days it will be filled with rocks and you won’t think you can carry it. And then other days, the light is a feather. That she said is getting through it. It made sense to me.


“  Every day I think about what you said to me that day on the bridge. I tried to live my life the best that I could. I hope that was enough. I hope that, at least in your eyes, I’ve earned what all of you have done for me.  “

Saving Private Ryan ( 1998 )



Hey folks! I’ve finished all my do-wops and shenanigans for the summer like short film projects and trips to Disneyland, so I’ve finally got enough free time to open commissions!! 

All the info you’ll need is posted above. You can choose between:

-Busts: usually waist up drawing of a character(s).
-Full Body: … a full body drawing of a character(s).
and -Action Panel: one flat rate drawing for 4 (and additional $4 for any additional). Flat rate for Flat Color and Fancy Color for ALL characters as well. Action Panel is just a dynamic scene of 4 characters of your choice with a roughed in to completed background. 

In the style of:

-Line Art: drawing with clean lines, no color.
-Flat Color: quick and simple color pass under line drawing.
and -Fancy Color: colorized line with more detailed coloring and gradients/overlays/textures etc.

All the prices are as listed above (*Edit* I forgot to include that any additional character for busts is $4, such as in the Full Body package). 

You can choose any character(s) and any pose. I do fandom art, OCs, portraits of yourselves for avatars/profile pics or other people for gifts, etc. 

Payments are through PayPal and upfront! Once the payment is processed, expect your commission within 2 weeks. Commissions will be completed in the order received!

For commissions and inquiries, message me through here or my email ( Please provide the package and type you want, the character(s), pose/action, mood you’re going for, and any additional notes you feel are necessary to satisfying your commission desires. Thanks guys!

**EDIT** Commissions are currently closed. 


                                           I won’t let anything happen to our kids.