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Lapis 2B

Yeah @anjus-fungus and I are really attempting to kill this pun dead, more where this came from. 

God help me I’m not doing anything to stop this at all hahahahaha

This collaboration idea came from @gemmin8  [THIIISS] so yeah you can blame them for it hahahaha

“rose and pearl’s relationship needs to be more defined for rose to be obvious and good bisexual representation”

“rose is just straight and rebecca’s word doesn’t mean anything because we haven’t seen their relationship explored enough”

“I’m not a pirate. It so happens I am a lawyer.”

Growing up this was probably my favorite movie, Robin Williams was so diverse with so many great characters! When I recently saw this came on Netflix, I was instantly thrown back to my childhood and wanted to draw some of the characters from Hook!

“They lawyered up” is such an awful phrase, though. It implies corruption on the part of someone simply because, well, they wanted a defense.

Seriously, if faced with the authorities, the first thing you should do is insist on your rights and demand a lawyer.

Watch Making a Murderer and the horrific scene where they coax the kid into confessing to a crime he clearly had no clue about.

If he had had a competent lawyer present, that wouldn’t have been allowed to happen. No way.