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Complete Spring Awakening / Deaf West Final Broadway Closing Night Curtain Call Speeches.

The cast and creative team’s final Broadway curtain call of Deaf West Theatre’s production of Spring Awakening’s closing night performance.
The Brooks Atkinson Theater / Broadway NYC January 24, 2016 Sunday Evening.
The complete closing speeches of director Michael Arden and lyricist Steven Sater.

Steven Universe- Reformed (episode recap)

Another week comes and goes and still no Peridot.

The episode kicks off with Steven’s doing a ‘which character are you?’ quiz for his favourite cartoon, “Crying Breakfast Friends”. Pearl and Greg are fixing up Greg’s van and Steven wants them to take part. Unfortunately as cool as they are, they can’t grasp the appeal of the quiz. I understand your struggle Steven.

Pearl: “Do you understand that cartoon show?”

Greg: “I don’t understand anything anymore.”

I get yours too Dad Universe.

Steven runs to the temple in hopes that he’ll have better luck with his other moms. Amethyst is making a sandwich and but she can’t find any engine oil for it. Why is that always the first thing in the fridge to run out?

He asks her to do the quiz but she also isn’t too keen on the show.

Amethyst: “Who wants to watch a cartoon about people crying?”

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New sampler

Steven Atkinson

-Matter over Mind


it’s been five months since my last sampler.

Life’s been pretty strange lately.

But who gives a shit about that, here’s some tricking to the tune of alt-j