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Wait the staff cleared up some of the context of Maximum Capacity? Like what? I remember seeing a post somewhere that Amethyst liked Rose as was only mad at Greg for taking Rose away from her to clear some of the nonsense, but was there more?

Yes. There was that one post but also a few follow-up replies. Here’s a few of



Honestly, I feel these are pretty clear that there was no romantic or sexual relationship between the two. He also tweeted that there will be an episode soon (most likely “Story for Steven” I think) that will clarify the events even further

Before you watch Steven Universe, you need to know some things...

At first, it’s a really cute show with a lot of potential

You’ll think it’s just a kids’ show for a while

But it starts to get a little more real… almost scary

(Frybo gave me nightmares)

Some really cool plans start coming to the surface that make you want to know more

And there are some adult themes in this “kids’ show”

You will cry a lot

But you don’t have to worry! You’ll love the characters more than anything in the world

It’s both adorable and deep and I know anyone would love this show


Okay, this has probably been pointed out before but… You see when the TV cuts to static when Steven tells them to stop? I wonder how that’s related. Is this maybe a new power, or are all gems able to interfere with signals?

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The "I bet you'd stay for her" line really says... something about how Amethyst thinks, or maybe a way she doesn't think. Dunno what, but I know this: Greg WOULD stay with Rose to watch Li'l B, but ROSE would go with Greg to watch the fireworks. It's still time together, and Li'l B would still be there after. The INSISTENCE that they do nothing besides the show feels... selfish? Childish? Not trying to value-judge; Ame's life is hers and not mine. But much as I want to, I don't quite understand.

It’s definitely very childish and, imo, its meant to be. Amethyst’s behavior in “Maximum Capacity” is very much like a child acting out, wanting attention (even for a good reason), and throwing a fit when they don’t get it

A lot of people do this, it can be difficult to see things from another person’s perspective, so we often see other people’s actions in how it affects us and sometimes we’re blind to the other motivations. We’re closer to our own feelings so when we feel hurt we tend to not think about how other people are feeling or how our actions affect other people.

Amethyst feels hurt, she feels lonely, she wants attention and having difficulty empathizing and acknowledge the emotions of others (a problem I think all the Gems have), all she can think about is how hurt she is. Which is very childish, yes.