steven and the stevens spoilers

God bless Steven Universe.

We have the character Greg, who works his ass off at a crappy job to provide for his kid. He lives in a van. He has nothing. But he always makes sure Steven has everything he needs. He never begrudges the fact that he had to give up on his dreams to stay in Beach City. He’s never resentful about his lot in life. He’s just a fantastic guy in general.

So an episode comes up where he, after years of being very poor, ends up with a lot of money. A TON of money.

 Everything in cartoon history tells me that he’s supposed to go nuts spending all the money or he’ll be scammed or tricked or some crazy event will happen that costs a ton of money, or it will turn out it was all fake, and just somehow, by the end of the episode, he ends up back to being dirt poor and learns some cheap message about humility and money not buying happiness. I spent the whole episode “Mr.Greg” waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under him.

But it wasn’t.

He spends money somewhat frivolously, but it’s all to have a good time with his son, which he does, and he still has the vast majority of the money left at the end. It probably only cost a few thousand out of his 10 million at most.

He doesn’t become obsessed with being wealthy. It doesn’t change him at all. He stays in his van instead of buying a big fancy house because it’s where he feels comfortable. He keeps working the car wash because it’s something to do. When he buys a tablet, he decides it isn’t for him and lets Steven give it to someone who would like it more. He buys a car he always wanted, but he buys it used. It’s not showy or extravagant, it’s just a car that he’d always wanted and can now have. 

The only difference now is that, when something happens like someone stiffing him at the car wash, or the gems destroying another diner booth, Greg doesn’t have to worry about it. He can just live his life comfortably and without stressing about money.

It also makes me happy that Greg earned the money through his music. It’s not the way he’d originally envisioned it, perhaps, but he is now an incredibly successful musician. 

There was no lesson about not “selling out”. There was no moral about how money won’t fix your problems. There was no joke about a poor man being totally clueless about money or overwhelmed with greed.

It’s just a great, humble, hard-working guy who becomes monetarily successful and remains a great, humble, hard-working guy who just now doesn’t have to worry about money and can afford to treat himself right after years of neglecting himself to make sure that his son was always provided for.

I don’t know, maybe they will still pull it all out from under him yet. Maybe it will still all go away and he’ll be back to being dirt poor. But for now, I’m loving the direction they’ve been taking with this story line. I’m so sick of seeing shows be so afraid to change anything about the status quo of the show that they have to undo all progress anyone makes by the end of every episode. It’s refreshing to see a show where things change.

Can I just point this scene out? Jenny doesn’t even knows Stevonnie (Besides probably having seen them at the rave) but as soon as she sees there is something wrong up there she’s 100% concerned for them. Doesn’t cares about the race, just wants to see if this person is doing alright.

I think it’s sweet and while barely just a glimpse of her character, it’s there.

I bet she and Stevonnie would be great friends.


Jenny is constantly concerned for Steven and is willing to stand up to anyone to protect him.

In the last episode she was concerned over Stevonnie and was about to drive up to check on them.

She and the cool kids crew were about to bust Lars.

She was about ready to die stepping in FRONT OF GARNET MID PUNCH!  

She is a precious, brave, good person and I need an episode about her please.

Oh man, that was a great episode! I loved how very openly they talked about consent and how awful it feels when that is violated. Steven is an open and loving little guy but he was so shaken by Kevin’s behavior towards Stevonnie in “Alone Together” he couldn’t get past it

I dunno, I feel like its such a good thing to cover, ‘cause its something a lot of kids go through. There’s a really gross feeling that lingers when someone is very pushy and violates your consent, and I feel that they were faithful to this in how uncomfortable and angry Steven and Connie still were about the incident

Another thing I liked is that even though Greg told them they shouldn’t dwell too much on Kevin or give him the time of day, its still a conclusion they needed to come to on their own. ‘cause yea, the best thing to do is not let that person continue to effect you negatively, but its hard when you’re hurt and angry. You can’t just turn it off because someone tells you its what you should do, you need to get to that place yourself, however you do that. That’s what Steven and Connie (and Stevonnie) did, they had to be angry and want revenge before they could realize it, but they came to the conclusion on their own to move on and, I dunno, its really important to me to see that

Interested in seeing they ever expand on that vision Stevonnie had, too. They had one when they were having the panic attack in “Alone Together”, which was easy to read as a metaphor, but now it definitely seems to be utilizing Steven’s gem powers (likely linked to his astral projection/possession/dream hopping abilities)

Also, the cars and the driving in this episode looked really neat (how does Stevonnie know how to drive a car though, especially a stick shift)

Also also - Jenny called Stevonnie “they”! I’m so happy about that!

Also also also, Ronaldo with his little razor scooter cracked me up

This is parenting done well.

1. Greg is stern. What’s inappropriate is in appropriate.

2. Greg gives Steven space to lash out, because he knows his son is angry.

3. But when the lashing out goes to far, he steps in again. Consistency is important.

4. Greg lets them explain their case, treating them with respect, even if they’d done something wrong.

5. Moral lesson time.

Summary of the Summer of Steven, Week One
  • Steven Floats:The title says it all. Steven floats.
  • Drop Beat Dad:Marty is a dick
  • Mr. Greg:Its's over isn't it... Isn't it...
  • Too Short to Ride:Magneto Dorito
  • The New Lars:Lars is a dick
  • Beach City Drift:Kevin is a dick