steven stone


Chibi art with the villains, some other characters and pokemon! Art by Straw -he says it’s for an upcoming charm giveaway. (Archie, Maxie and Kukui might be double-sided; he’s still trying to figure it out)

Sorry Golisopod but you can’t fly and don’t have wings so that’s why you didn’t make the cut (what) (that makes no sense)

what it is like being in the pokemon fandom:

if 👏🏽there 👏🏽is 👏🏽not 👏🏽at 👏🏽least 👏🏽one 👏🏽guy 👏🏽from 👏🏽each 👏🏽generation 👏🏽you 👏🏽wanna 👏🏽fuck 👏🏽you 👏🏽are 👏🏽doing👏🏽 it 👏🏽wrong 👏🏽bitch👏🏽