Steven and his moms travel on a vacation trip to NY 

I imagine that Blue and Steven are the super Extra™ kind of tourists and Yellow has to put up with it all



Five squads! You definitely know these dudes. Well, except for bunny and deer - these two are mine ^_~

And I found all the authors of all amazing bases! You should check them out, authors deserve more love:

The first base by @ichneumonidaem

The secound one by @kit-katsuki

The third base by @illogicalvoid

The fourth one by @croxovergoddess

And last but not least by @coulsart

Commission FINISHED!!! Steven surrounded by all the colorful gems in his universe, well some of them. ENJOY!

[I currently have 2 commission slots open! Commission post with details coming soon]



We reach a total of 500 Followers, so, it’s a double party because today it’s one year of this tumblr
And what an year, a lot of stuff have happen, in only one year!

So, let’s party with my first drawings, an AU where the Crystal Gems are the Homeworld gems and viceversa
I know, it’s not an original idea, but when I saw this AU on Google I decide to try it, and look at what came out

Drawing after drawing, follower after follower, money after… FUN after fun, we still here
For some reason XD

Get ready for another year of drawings (I hope) and fun (I hope)
I’ll see you guys later, peace out (cit. Just2Good)

Inverted Crystal Gems - Inverted Crystal Temps - Stevonnie’s nightmare