In addition to the basics of the basics and the drawing tools, I have added the Color section (ahahaha I thought was going to be short) and prepping linework that will be used in Photoshop. Wooo!

These images are HUGE, so they’re on dA only for now. Links below!

Basics of Basics Part 1: [link]
Basics of Basics Part 2: [link]
Pen, Pencil, Brush Part 1: [link]
Pen, Pencil, Brush Part 2: [link]
Color Part 1: [link]
Color Part 2: [link]
Color Part 3: [link]
Prepping Linework for Photoshop: [link]

Previous Tutorials-
Basic Flat Coloring: [link]
Tiled Lighting: [link]

If there are any misspellings, I apologize. I only did a cursory edit, as I really wanted to get them done.

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