Finally I’ve got to do my first follow forever. I thought the end of the year is a good time to post it. I’ve also hit 3k followers yesterday. I haven’t expected that I will gain this many through a year. The fact that people enjoy my blog makes me really happy.


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steveholtvstheuniverse  asked:

Serious question here since I'm honestly curious; Do you think MLP's downfall was due in part to the writers having seen/met the older fandom of the show? It's pretty obvious that it's completely due to fandom influence that we have that 100th episode but do you think it's influence has spread further than that? Or do you think that more than anything it was Hasbro pulling the strings that made the show become so stagnant?

i think it’s hard to tell whether it was the writers’ decision or hasbro’s, and it was definitely a mix of factors, but i think an attempt to appeal more to the fandom is definitely part of it

and not just the fandom shoutouts. sure, it’s annoying to see derpy hooves shoehorned in yet again or to see the show reference memes or whatever, but that’s just minor annoyances. we could live with that if the writing was more consistently good. so i think it’s a matter of tone

the show has drifted away from the simpler friendship episodes a bit and more towards forced zany humor, weird adventure episodes, and trite pop culture references (how many times do we need to hear the wilhelm scream on this show?). and i think that’s to appeal to bronies. the show also seems to be getting a little less girly over time. i’m not the only one who’s noticed that, right? aside from, like, rarity episodes and stuff, the show’s more overtly feminine side has been less and less of a focus for years now

and discord. fucking discord. they brought him back just for the fandom and they’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with him for years. they had fluttershy “reform” him, but he was still a dick, so they reformed him AGAIN in the season four finale, and now he’s STILL a dick. he’s a petty child who can’t handle not being the center of attention. and they could work with that, they could teach some valuable lessons through discord, but he’s very rarely ever called out for the way he treats his “friends”

and i think that’s reflective of the biggest problem: the current group of writers are just, like. really fucking bad at writing about friendship

some of the morals these days like the one from that wonderbolts episode or all the episodes about discord are so bad. they’re just bad ideas to be building episodes around and to be teaching kids. the show doesn’t have the same warmth and sincerity that it used to, or that other shows like CN’s current lineup or gravity falls have. i mean, it’s there sometimes. i was really touched by the episode in season 5 in which rainbow dash was depressed about tank having to hibernate for the winter. but it’s not often enough. pinkie’s antics have turned into straight up bullying several times now, potentially powerful character moments are frequently sidelined by weird jokey shit, and in the season 6 finale twilight had to tell starlight not to prevent fluttershy’s childhood bullying because it would alter the timeline

in a show that’s literally all about friendship, being able to portray friendships well is the most important factor. but the new writers seem to have other priorities

also, while i have a lot of issues with lauren faust and i think she’s pretty overrated, i think that the show lacking a strong showrunner these days is a huge problem too. i’ve never seen a show with characterization this inconsistent before

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