A Very Capsicoul Contest Update!

Currently, anyone could win this thing. Or rather, since there are no entries yet, it might be more accurate to say that currently, no one could win this thing. I’ll think on the semantics and get back to you.

Remember: there are three of the prize packs picture above to reward you with, and all you have to do is come up with something (anything) that expresses your Capsicoul shipping feels. Submit the post here, wait for me to drop you an ask confirming your entry, and then sit back and bask in the warm satisfaction of a task well done.

Full contest details are here.

Capsicoul Prompts

Just an idea: I wanted to create a post on this blog where anyone can come and prompt any kind of Capsicoul themed plot/story/whatever your heart wants so that any fandom writers might be able to look at for inspiration when they get stuck or bored or need an extra push.

So, prompt us, maybe?