you know what marvel can try & limit the steve/bucky screen times in movies all they want but nothinnnnnnng will ever undo the damage done in captain america first avenger dir. joe johnston (2011) bc man……………. they made that shit so laden with subtext that no amount of effort on marvel’s part will ever convince me they are not in Love

I just saw infinity war

I’m so mad and so sad, there are feelings everywhere.

I’m not gonna spoil anything but if you need someone to talk to, I’m here!

it’s has been six years and I still can’t stop laughing at this

man do I love steve rogers but I also feel bad for t’challa and shuri and basically all of wakanda… this white dude moping around/visiting off and on for months… imagine the sad keanu meme, but w steve. whenever someone asks if he’s ok he smiles and says he’s fine but he looks like he’s about to burst out crying. hanging around the lab and asking over and over if ‘buckys done yet’. whenever he’s not in wakanda texting t’challa on the hour for updates. t’challa calling sam for advice ‘I definitely have more important things to be dealing with rn but the captain has been staring at a bag of chips for an hour now” “he does that”