When Bucky’s sentence appeared on his wrist, his aunt washed his mouth out with soap and the fourteen year old grumbled for ages about how it wasn’t his fault. His ma found him makeup that fit his skin and checked his forearm every morning to make sure that the offensive word was cleaned up before he left for school. Buck thought it was cool, though. Would show the last word of the sentence his soulmate would say, and it always impressed his friends.

…he thought it was less cool when he got older and ended up perking up every time he was challenged to a fight. Which was more often than he wanted, especially after he joined up. They never used quite the right expletive, though, at the end, and he’d loosen up and punch their lights out, glad that this asshole wasn’t his soulmate.

When he got back he didn’t go out too much, didn’t get challenged to fights. Wasn’t worth it, not when he didn’t want to be around people and when it just didn’t seem fair anymore. The other guy would end up on the floor and he’d be flexing his metal hand as he sprinted away, running the words over in his mind. He hadn’t just broken the nose of his soulmate, thank god. 

“Fight me, ass-spelunking fuckboy.”

Bucky hadn’t planned to do more than glance at the guy who was limping out of the alley, clearly not the winner of whatever fight had happened by the bar. But he froze on the spot, his gloved hand going to grab at his forearm, covered by the hoodie. He waited a breath to go over the words in his mind, make sure he’d heard them right.

“Come on,  I was just trying to get a beer..” he muttered, turning a little more. The small blond was glaring up at him, daring him to make a move, but at the words he froze as well and his expression managed to harden.

“This a fucking joke?” He spat, rushing forwards and grabbing Bucky his hoodie. The man was a decent amount shorter than him, already hurting from his last fight, but Bucky couldn’t help but be impressed. “Who put you up to this, huh? Brock? Tony?” Bucky couldn’t tell if he was shaking with fear or rage or just shivering, but he pushed the man off, stepping back to give him enough space to push his sleeve up and show the messy script that had been with him nearly two decades. 

“No joke,” he said, his eyes locked on the tattoo and not the other man. He didn’t want to see the guy’s reaction when he realized that his soulmate was… well, him. “But I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

The man’s laughter made him want to bolt, but after a second he realized it didn’t sound malicious, just amused. “I bet your parents were happy to see my foul mouth on their boy,” he teased. “You gonna look at me?” Bucky glanced up as the other man pulled his shirt up to show his own phrase inked on his ribs in Bucky’s scrawled cursive. “You gonna let me buy you that beer, uh… what’s your name?” The little smirk on the blond’s face was gorgeous, Bucky realized, and smiled back tentatively.

“Bucky. And sure, you can get the first round. And you are?”

“First round? Sounds like you expect more. Smart. I’m Steve.”

The Age of the GIF

The new digital age of actually watching a film or television show has drastically changed. Remember when you used to watch a movie or a television show and just spoke to those around you who watched it but there was never really a platform where fans were able to interact and discuss last nights episode or the movie they watched over the weekend. Everything was very remote and closed off. Now comes the Internet which has opened a whole new world of possibilities and spectatorship has changed and added new levels of interactivity within the film and television industry. 

We live in a world where people have become apart of online fandoms, extending the film they love into other aspects of their lives. This is what made this very site Tumblr useful, where fans came together and created worlds within worlds for their beloved film series or television series. Even Twitter is a great platform to discuss the episode live with others across the globe, it has become an international phenomena to be apart of tv or film fandoms. From a closed off environment of loving a series that you might have thought you were the only one, now comes platforms that audiences are able to express their opinions in an open forum by using hashtags. 

Remember when you had to watch the movie over and over again in order to catch your favourite lines or scenes? Remember that one episode of your favourite tv show that you absolutely loved and there was no way to watch it over again unless you bought the dvd? Well all that has changed due to the wonderful creation of the Graphic Interchange Format otherwise abbreviated to GIF. I can’t even remember a time where the GIF didn’t exist, now everyone makes them and it’s everywhere. We live in a world where when we live tweet our shows or watch an award show or even a football game, reaction gifs like this one: 

or even this one 

are now used as staples in the Tumblr and Twitterverse in reaction to whatever happens on their shows or in the live feed. When GIFS are used, the context of the show or even fandom is understood worldwide. 

We live in an age where it’s cool to be apart of the Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock and even Reality TV Show fandoms. There are so many fandoms that we don’t even know about but we may stumble across it and learn from them. I remember when Kingsman: The Secret Service and Mad Max: Fury Road came out, Tumblr broke because it was something new that everyone loved and we all came together and made GIFS and wrote reviews of the films and created funny posts based on what other things the characters could have said or done in other situations. We are all very creative and imaginative on Tumblr and Twitter, we create worlds within worlds by creating fanfictions and fan arts that add another layer to the universe that the filmmakers have created. 

We have developed a new form of spectatorship in this new media age, we allow for everyone to be apart of something larger than it already is. A huge example is the Harry Potter fandom, where it’s been 5 years since the final film has come out and we are all still here stronger than ever, keeping the magic alive by creating fan arts and writing fanfictions with our characters in other universes and in other domestic situations or even a continuation of Harry Potter itself. The Harry Potter fandom was the very first one that I was apart of and it’s been growing ever since! We all come together and appreciate what those in the fandom do in order to keep it alive. 

Films, Television Shows and Books are something we all hold very dear to us and to be able to share our love for it over the Internet with total strangers who then become our friends instantly because of the mutual respect for the content. People always have a place in whatever fandom they are apart of whether it be Star Wars, Star Trek, The Hunger Games or even an beloved actor or actress and even bands. People come together and feel like they can discuss everything and anything and create a safe atmosphere to express opinions that others would appreciate. 

So here’s a salute to New Media and the way Digital Culture has enhanced spectatorship to a new level of intimacy and globalization. Thanks to Tumblr and Twitter who have allowed these platforms in order for people to share their love. 


I never realized before that Steve also falls. When he reaches out to Bucky he’s almost taken down with him. For some reason, no matter how many times I have seen it, I always thought of Steve as a rock, an anchor in the scene. Because that’s who Steve Rogers is as a character, and who he is up until this moment as Captain America. But in reaching out to Bucky he loses his footing and needs to grab on to save himself. And his resentment is immediate.  Between the rush of almost being pulled down and the realization Bucky is gone, it’s the moment Captain America stops being Steve Rogers.

  • Steve:I'm sorry, Tony. But he's my friend.
  • Tony:So was I.
  • Bucky:*angrily slams metal fist on the table*
  • Bucky:Did you rescue his skinny ass from alleys when he decided to stand up against another bully?
  • Tony:...
  • Bucky:Did you work two shifts at the docks just to buy him some fancy art supplies?
  • Tony:
  • Bucky:Did you gladly kill like an animal during the war just to prevent him from doing the dirty work and being corrupted?
  • Bucky:Did you cuddle with him at night for body heat when he got pneumonia?
  • Tony:
  • Bucky:Did you showered naked together hundreds of times without a hint of awkwardness?
  • Tony:Wait
  • Bucky:Did you ever suck his dick so good he got weak at the knees and you had to support 220lbs of super soldier on your shoulders?
  • Tony:What???
  • Steve:Buck!