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I’ve been talking with some friends around here and I thought about a little thing, but really important. If you started being a fan of the Avengers because of the MCU and wanna start reading the comics, I have the solution:

You can read online here: readcomiconline and readcomics.

Where exactly should you start reading? Well, marvel wikia has an awesome reading order guide, but right now what reaaaally matters it’s the Millenium age*.  Each link has a launch order (so there’ll be comics from the avengers, x-men, ‘solos’…). And in the comic universe, everyone knows everyone and sometimes the story involves a lot of characters from differents groups. So, have fun and I hope that you don’t give up reading if you get a little confused.

Eleventh Year/circa 2000
Marvel Comics 2000 (January-March)
Marvel Comics 2001 (April-June)
Marvel Comics 2002 (July-September)
Marvel Comics 2003 (October-December)
Twelfth Year/circa 2001
Marvel Comics 2004 (January-March)
Marvel Comics 2005 (April-June)
Marvel Comics 2006 (July-September)
Marvel Comics 2007 (October-December)
Thirteenth Year/circa 2002
Marvel Comics 2008 (January-March)
Marvel Comics 2009 (April-June)
Marvel Comics 2010 (July-September)
Marvel Comics 2011 (October-December)
Fourteenth Year/circa 2003
Marvel Comics 2012 (January-March)
Marvel Comics 2013 (April-June)
Marvel Comics 2014 (July-September)
Marvel Comics 2015 (October-December)
Fifteenth Year/circa 2004
Marvel Comics 2016 (January-March)

* As the site says: historical events in the Marvel Universe aren’t quite the same as they are in our real universe from about 1962 onwards. Therefore from 1990 onwards topical references need to be ignored because stories were written on a sliding timescale known as Marvel Time.

I thought on writing here just the order of the avengers comics, but damn, why not try to read everything and go crazy? 

They Find Out They’re The Reason You Can’t Get Pregnant (Avengers Preference)

Wow guys. SO much sadness….This wasn’t requested, but I’m always reading stories where the reader becomes pregnant on accident and I just wondered what it’d be like if the reader couldn’t get pregnant at all sooo.. Here you go!


Tony Stark:

Tony would give you the moon if he could (and he’s tried… twice), so when he finds out he’s the reason you can’t have a baby like you’ve always dreamed he’s crushed. You’re the center of his universe and the only thing you’ve truly ever asked of him he can’t give you. He tries to bury himself in his work and drown himself in alcohol a few times, but he can’t escape reality every time he sees your face and thinks of the beautiful life you would have created. He eventually breaks one night after you get back from visiting Clint’s little family. You hold him for hours as he just sobs endlessly repeating over and over “I’m so sorry. I can give you the world and anything in it .. just not this.”

Steve Rogers:

He tried so long and so hard to convince everyone (and himself) that he didn’t want a family. But from the moment he laid eyes on you he knew that was all going to change. So when he finds out that after a year of trying he’s the reason you can’t have a baby he’s devastated. The life he had pushed away for so long had swirled inside his imagination and just when he allowed his hopes to rise they were crushed once again. And though you reassured him it wasn’t his fault and that you weren’t mad at him he couldn’t shake the thought that it was his fault and that maybe if he hadn’t pushed it away for so long it would still be in his reach.

Bucky Barnes:

Bucky feels so guilty it hurts. He clings to you as he sobs and whispers an endless stream of apologies because it’s all his fault and he knew he wasn’t good enough for you. You tell him over and over that you still love him and always will, but he barely listens as he knows the truth. He’s a monster and he knew God wouldn’t let him be happy, and when he had the chance to be with you he was selfish and he let you love him. And now it was all his fault because while he got to choose to be with you you had never known that choosing to be with him would cause you so much pain. 

Bruce Banner:

As much as he hated to admit it he wasn’t surprised. He knows you wanted to start a family more than anything in the world, but he had warned you when you first started dating that the chances of him being able to start a family was practically nonexistent. Of course that hadn’t stopped you, and your enthusiasm had even formed a little seed of hope to grow in Bruce’s heart, but he should have known. He had let himself hope before and he had already gotten his miracle in life- you. Asking for anything more would  have been selfish. He tries to act like it doesn’t bother him, like he already knew the answer, but you hear him cry at night as he holds you close and whispers a small “i’m so sorry” for the life he knows he can never give you. 

Clint Barton:

He felt sick to his stomach. Betrayed by the universe. His life had always been a balance of shitty things happening and then good things making up for it. His bad childhood was redeemed by SHIELD. Him having to do questionable activity was redeemed by finding a best friend to do it with him. And his redemption for being brainwashed and kidnapped by a crazed alien was supposed to be getting to start a family with you, the love of his life. So now that he knew he was the only thing standing between you and happiness he felt like the universe had done the one thing it could never redeem itself from. 

Pietro Maximoff:

Pietro had wanted a family for so long. Having grown up with just him and Wanda he always imagined a lot of kids running around with him and you to support them in whatever they did. So now that the fantasy he had built his life on was crushed he felt lost. He had fought and saved and died all so he could one day be the father he always dreamed of. And now that that idea was gone Pietro felt like you were the only thing left to live for. The last ray of light to a life he’ll never get to live. So he clung to you close and prayed you wouldn’t leave him in the dark. 

Thor Odinson:

Shocked. That’s all Thor could feel when he was given the news. For goodness sake he’s the god of fertility! He wants to say he’s sorry but he can’t process a single thought as he begins to realize he’ll never procure an heir to the throne. He’ll never have a child to love and protect. He knew he wanted a family, but it wasn’t until now that he couldn’t have one that he realized how badly that want was. He’s still in shock as you wipe away the tears but when you mutter a soft “I’m so sorry” he pulls you into his grasp and lets it all go, the sky’s outside flashing with lightening and roaring with thunder as he mourns you’re lost.

Loki Laufeyson: 

At first he throws a fit. There’s screaming and throwing things. And then there’s the tears. He collapses onto his knees and holds you around your middle as he sobs into you stomach and tells you how much this hurts. How all he wanted was to love his child with a ferocity he never felt like he was given. To stand up for his son or daughter and protect them from all the things he had been subjected to growing up. He felt like the one thing that could have redeemed him in the eyes of everyone else was taken away and he was to be labelled a monster for the rest of his life, even by you. And even as you tell him he’ll never be a monster in your eyes he can’t stop the growing hole in his heart at the thought that he could have been such a hero in the eyes of his child. 

Sam Wilson:

Out of all the turbulent emotions that have rattled his soul and threatened to drown him this one has to be the worse. He feels like he can’t breath and he feels like his soul would just float into oblivion if your hand wasn’t holding his with all the strength you can find. He cries freely into you neck as you hold him tightly and let your own tears fall down your cheeks. Sam always thought he would have a little family to love and care for. A piece of himself he could shelter from all the bad things that happened in the world. But now there was just one more scar to haunt him at night as he struggled to sleep, and now he can’t even make it go away by picturing a better future because this is it now This is his life, just you and him which wouldn’t be bad if he didn’t know this hurt you just as much as it hurt him. 

Scott Lang:

Scott feels so horrible. He already knows the joy of being a parent and now he’s the entire reason you never will. From the very beginning Scott knew you wanted kids and seeing how great you were with Cassie he couldn’t wait to have them with you. But now he’s the reason you will never feel the joy of holding your baby for the first time, seeing their first steps, or cheering at their first words. You tell him it’s fine and that you still have Cassie whom you love with all your heart, but he can’t help but feel his heart break as he sees the tears slip down your cheeks and wonders if you wouldn’t be better off without him. 


H’s so confused when he’s first given the news. He was a mighty warrior, a fearsome and just King. Why wasn’t he being granted this simple privilege? All he wanted was to raise a healthy and loved child with you. To teach them all the things his parents had taught him and see them grow into the person they were called to be. He doesn’t cry, at least not in the day time where anyone can see his pain, but he does mourn. He sits in the room you had already dedicated as a nursery and he tries to keep his heart from breaking as he looks over the books he remembers being read as a child. And when you come in and rest your head on his shoulder he thanks the world he still has you as he feels the tears finally escape from his eyes. 


I’m sorry but this has been haunting me for a while and I just had to let it out.Not going to lie I cried a little. But other than the overwhelming saness I hope you enjoyed it!

FIC and PREFERENCE requests are OPEN! SHIP requests are CLOSED!Thanks guys!

Scooby Doo Mystery

Author’s Note: shoutout to one of my fave blogs, @avengerschatroom for creating the most funny yet amazing chatroom fanfics on here. here’s my own take for one. 

Pairings: Avengers x Reader, some Peter!x Reader but nothing romantic going on. 

Group Chat: Scooby Doo Mystery

Tony has created a chat. 

Tony has added, Y/N, Wanda, Natasha, Bruce, Clint, Steve, Thor, Vision, Bucky, Sam.

Tony: Which one of you thought it was a smart idea to bring a freaking DOG into the tower? 

Sam: Really? I could’ve swore I kicked Bucky out the other day. 

Bucky: Jerk. 

Y/N: oh my gosh! A puppy, where? 

Tony: It’s been everywhere in the tower, it even peed all over my files in the lab. 

Natasha: What a good doggie. 

Vision: Mr. Stark, why have you not closed the door to your lab to prevent this little creature going in there?

Y/N: It’s a dog, Vis. Not an alien. 

Thor: A dog?! This is fantastic! I must go look around for it. 

Wanda: Um, not a good idea…

Thor has left the chat. 

Clint: Better go make sure he doesn’t tear the place down to look for it. 

Clint has left the chat. 

Steve has left the chat.

Bucky: Did I just hear a loud bang across my room? 

Y/N: I think Thor found the dog…

Vision: Oh how nice, this shall be much more worst than the last time Sam ate the last slice of pizza instead of Y/N. 

Sam: please don’t bring that up.

Sam: i still get nightmares from that.




Natasha: guys, that’s enough! 

Tony: What? Come on, Nat. I was enjoying this. 

Wanda: Ditto. 

Bucky: are we going to continue discussing about who brought the dog inside or?

Vision: right, right

Tony: there’s someone we still haven’t witnessed about this. 

Natasha: who? 

Y/N: oh no. 

Vision has named the group chat: Scooby Doo Mystery.

Tony has added Peter to the chat. 

Wanda: Vis, scooby doo mystery? 

Vision: Y/N has introduced me to a lot of great cartoons lately. 

Sam: I don’t blame him for that

Peter: Hey everyone.

Peter: what’s with all the noise in the tower? I can’t even hear myself think. 

Tony: yeah, yeah. I just wanted to ask you a few questions, kid.

Peter: oh…..

Sam: This is gonna be good.

Y/N: Shut up, Sam.

Sam: Make me

Tony: Did you happen to bring a dog along into the tower?

Peter: um…

Peter: maybe?

Tony: WHY?! 

Peter: Y/N and I found it. 

Y/N: WHAT? no no no, do NOT bring me into this Peter. 

Tony: You helped him?!

Y/N: technically yes and no. 

Y/N: we both found the dog but he was the one who brought it in! 

Peter: that was your idea too! 

Y/N: was not!

Peter: was too! 

Natasha: Okay can someone just tell the truth here? 

Wanda: Please, I’m tired of all this arguing going on. 

Sam: well, Y/N starts it all 

Wanda: Sam, dont start

Peter: fine, it was my idea to bring in the dog. 

Tony: You’re in big trouble kid. 

Peter: What’s the damage? 

Tony: cleaning my lab 

Bruce: um, you mean our lab? 

Tony: yeah, yeah. whatever. 

Peter: Y/N, you’re helping me with this.

Y/N: it’s a no from me. 

Peter: Nope, you were in this too. 

Sam: I’d be careful if I were you, kid…

Peter: I’m not scared of her. 

Peter has been disconnected. 

Y/N has left the chat. 

Natasha: Oh no, did I just hear screaming?

Wanda: just looked out of my door, Y/N is strangling Peter to the ground.

Sam: I wanna see! 

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky: wait for me! 

Bucky has left the chat. 

Natasha: better go tell Clint about this. 

Wanda: Vis, let’s go with her. 

Vision: Of course. 

Natasha has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat. 

Tony: i feel like we just solved a scooby doo case. 

Bruce: shut up. 

Bruce: can we at least give the dog a name? 

Tony: no. 

Bruce: you’re no fun

Tony: I’m the king of fun, banner.

Bruce: whatever. 

Tony: duty calls, stomach is hungry. 

Tony has left the chat. 

Bruce: but I wanted to call him Sparky.

Bruce has left the chat.

Alternate “You”niverse (9/14)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers.
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Anything to do with Bruce x Nat is not mentioned, as if it never happened, because I kinda wanna imply Clintasha throughout the rest of this; let me know what you think. Plus, filming for Civil War has finished but they are preparing for Infinity War, hence why everyone was together, so they aren’t filming but reading the first copies of the scripts. Just wanted to clear some things up for this part - Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part One |Alternate “You”niverse Part Two  |Alternate “You”niverse Part Three  | Alternate “You”niverse Part Four
Alternate “You”niverse Part Five
 |Alternate “You”niverse Part Six
Alternate “You”niverse Part Seven | Alternate “You”niverse Part Eight

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“(Y/N), it’s Paul, not Scott” Paul chuckled at you, nudging you lightly as you rolled your eyes gently, these past few days have really taken a toll on you, mostly cause you had trouble telling everyone apart, especially; Paul and Scott, Robert and Tony, Mark and Bruce and then Jeremy and Clint. You’d yell for once but it would end up being the other, you didn’t understand how no one else had a problem with this!

“Ugh, this is so difficult, at least with Chris and Steve one has a beard” you sigh out, Paul and Scott chuckled at you “Sebastian has short hair and Mackie yells cut the check every time he enters a room.” Scott nodded in agreement, looking at himself in the toaster, you giggled slightly at him, and he was pondering a beard.

“We look great with a beard, by the way” Paul added, you raised an eyebrow at him “I’ve rocked the homeless look, gotta say, I look better than Barnes and Stan” he tells you, cockily and you snort with laughter slightly, causing both to laugh along with you. As you three are laughing, either Clint or Jeremy walks in and you don’t want to be the first one to greet him in case you get the wrong one, again “go on, (Y/N)” Paul nudged.

“Hey, Clint?” you wince slightly, he shakes his head lightly and you sigh loudly “fuck, sorry, Jeremy!” you plead and he chuckles, grabbing a glass of water and sitting at the breakfast bar “where is the other you?… and everyone else for that matter?” you ask, leaning your elbows on the counter and looking at Jeremy, who sips his water lazily.

“Clint is with Natasha, who is with Scarlett, Nat is teaching her how to protect herself.” You raise your eyebrows and he nods lightly “Hayley is with Steve, although, Chris is looking for him and the others are annoying Tony with questions on the portal; although other Paul and Hemsworth are actually… outside” you chuckled “they’ve gone to get stuff for Tony” he shrugs lightly.

“Hayley and Steve are getting pretty… close, aren’t they?” you ask, frowning slightly and the others nod with you “I don’t want him to get attached, he already lost one Peggy, I don’t want to see him go through it again” Scott nods, frowning also “you okay, Scotty?” you asked and he nods still frowning, not really convincing you or the other two.

“He may not have to lose her” your frown deepens “Steve is a big boy, he can make his own decisions, he may… go through the portal” he shrugged gently, you chuckled but stopped as the others look at one another “it’s a possibility, (Y/N). Actually, myself and Robert have discussed this already, the more time Steve spends with Hayley, the more we think he actually might go with them” you couldn’t believe this, there’s no way Steve would, he’s only just got Bucky back… he wouldn’t leave his friend, plus, everything is settled between him and Tony, finally.

“Steve has only just got Bucky back, no way, would he just up and leave; Bucky needs him more than ever right now” you scoff gently at them all, Scott and Paul didn’t seem convinced, Jeremy nodded in agreement with you “don’t go spreading this around, we don’t need Bucky getting worried or angry, got it?” you point sternly at both Paul and Scott, they nod and cross their hearts, you chuckled “I’m going to go see Nat and Scarlett” you leave the kitchen, the unsettling butterflies in your stomach about Steve actually leaving, he wouldn’t, would he?


“Steve” the tall blonde turns away from Hayley, almost rolling his eyes at his alternate self, Chris Evans walking to him “Can I speak with you for an hour?” he asked, Steve sighed but Hayley nudged him encouragingly, Chris gave a small welcoming smile to his friend, before looking back at Steve, who just nodded.

“Sure, let’s go for a walk, haven’t left the tower since you all showed up” Steve stands up and Chris nods gently, gesturing for Steve to lead the way, he glances back at Hayley who gives an encouraging thumbs up to Chris, since it was her idea to make amends with Steve. It’s silent as Steve grabs a jacket, handing Chris a coat since New York was windy today, and they exit the base in the same awkward silence.

“I know you have better things to do than talk to me, so I’ll try to make this quick, for us both” Chris begins as they walk the grounds of where the avengers live, Steve nods once, remaining silent “I didn’t expect to ever meet you, honestly, this whole thing is weird and kind of awkward… cause, dude, you really look like me” Chris coughs out a laugh, Steve chuckles “I’m very different from most of the characters I play, although, Steve Rogers is one I always try to live up to; not just for my fans but for myself and family, his values and morals, I respect it and him a lot” it’s silent as they walk for a few seconds.

“I feel like we got off on the wrong foot” Steve points out the obvious “I apologise for acting the way I did, I’d blame it on the stress and being tired but it was really me just being an idiot, you’re pretty cool and (Y/N) seems to trust you and everyone else here” he chuckled and Chris nodded gently, chuckling lightly.

“Yeah, your (Y/N), isn’t much different from mine” Chris states, Steve raises his eyebrows “same personality, same everything, it’s very… weird being around her here” he sighed lightly.

“Why is that?” Chris shrugs lightly at Steve’s words and sighs, looking over the base for a few minutes, the tension in the air thickening as Steve’s curiosity grows by the second.

“We’re getting married next year, it’s just being around her and her not having a clue, that’s all” Steve choked on the air he was breathing, stopping and coughing lightly, banging the front of his chest with his fist and looking at Chris with minor shock; Chris frowned and shrugged gently, as if he didn’t just drop the biggest bomb on Steve.  (Like in the gif is Chris at Steve)

“You and other (Y/N) are getting married? When? How? Why?” Steve asked in flurry of emotions, Chris chuckled and began walking again, Steve walking beside him, still looking at Evans with minor disbelief.

“Yeah, next year in May and I’ve known her for nearly as long as I’ve known Scarlett, roughly over five years but it wasn’t till recently that we got together and it’s kind of been a whirlwind from there” Chris smiled and chuckled “we only realised that we liked each other whilst filming a movie together, we had to spend A LOT of time together, also Comic Con we spend a great deal annoying one another” Steve nodded lightly, smiling slightly.

“That’s so… weird” Steve frowned slightly “alternate me and (Y/N) together, it’s cute… but weird” he confirmed and Chris chuckled “well if you’re both happy, I take it all of the Avengers are invited?” Steve nudged slightly and Chris nodded.

“It wouldn’t be a wedding without family” Chris shrugged “we’ve planned the date for when everyone can be there, it took some rearranging but finally got a date everyone is happy with, Robert helped pull strings for everyone” he chuckled with Steve.

“Starks gotta love their influence on the world” Steve commented, earning a laugh from Chris, who also nodded in agreement “still cannot believe it, I mean, my (Y/N)… she has a thing for Bucky and he does for her, yet, they won’t say a god damn thing to one another” Steve sighed gently, Chris nodded in agreement.

“Should definitely sort that out before we all have to leave” Chris commented, Steve nodded in agreement “what about you and Hayley, you’ve both being getting close for comfort, not that anyone minds but… it’s worrying, considering our situation” Steve sighed and shrugged.

“I have… to think on some stuff” Chris frowned

“Don’t do something you won’t be able to take back, Steve” Chris warns “Vision is saying once the portal is closed it may not open on our universe anymore, it may open to a completely different one, you gotta be careful with what you pick” Steve looks at Chris “cause once we all go through, that’s it” he sighs out.


Scarlett flipped Clint over her body, he landed on the mat with a loud thudding sound, and you clapped from the sidelines as you entered the training room. Natasha and you chuckled as Clint groaned, sitting up and clicking his shoulders back into place, he glares up at you both.

“Why did I have to be the attacker?” he grumbled and stands up, Scarlett snickers from behind her hand as Nat shrugged gently “I’m going to need so many bags of ice after this” he sighed out, Natasha rolled her emerald eyes at her best friend, looking at Scarlett.

“Wanna call it a day?” she asked casually “we can pick up some other moves tomorrow” Scarlett nodded, rolling her own shoulders, patting Clint on the back for thanks as he just grumbled and walked in front of you three.

“Chris and Steve made amends” Hayley joined as you walked back towards the kitchen, Clint falling back into step with you all, walking through the hallway as Hayley explained everything she knew currently and you were half tempted to ask her if Steve was thinking about leaving through the portal but thought better than that, asking Steve directly would put your mind at ease.

“Vision has said that once you go through the portal we won’t be able to see you guys anymore” Clint states, you frown and look at him “if his calculations are correct, and Bruce thinks they are, that once the portal shuts between our universes that will be it! He thinks that the reason the portal is malfunctioning is because it knows the universes are torn at the moment, once things are set right, the portal between that universe will close… forever” you gulped and nodded lightly.

“That’s a shame” Scarlett sighed “I hoped that we would be able to open it at least one other time, for you all to see Rose, my daughter” she smiled lightly and Natasha nodded in agreement “still it makes sense, kind of, our realities combining is maybe too much and it will just shut down in order for it not to happen again, maybe?” she asked slightly.

“That sounds right” Hayley nodded in agreement “let’s hope Tony can fix the portal, despite loving it here, I have people back at home” she sighs gently and Scarlett nods gently.

“I just need the portal fixed cause I am having a terrible time at telling people apart, right now” you sigh and the others laugh lightly, Scarlett nudging you gently and nodding in agreement “finally, someone understands” she laughs.

“Robert and Tony are the worst; they are the same person, if I am lucky… I can kinda get the others right but those two, I am screwed for life” you nodded in agreement and walked into the kitchen to see Steve and Chris talking at the breakfast bar, waving at you all as you walked in together.

“It’s nice to see you two talking” you grin at them both, walking over with Scarlett, they both chuckled as you stand in the middle of their chairs and look between them “So, what are you two ladies talking about?” you asked, Hayley and Scarlett laugh, Clint makes himself some coffee, you receive playful glares from both Chris and Steve but smile at them both.

“I was just telling Steve about his character arch till the recent movie” Chris shrugs “Paul Bettany is right, being here is great for our character development” Scarlett nudges Chris slightly as he chuckled, you snickered at them both.

“Yeah, think of this as work, you are learning about your characters “ you joke, Chris rolls his eyes but nods slightly “from what I’ve seen you could use this time” you smile, Steve bursts out laughing with Clint, Scarlett high fives you and Chris fakes hurt, you simply shrug and laugh slightly. You hear a faint coughing from the kitchen door, your laughter dies out as you look at Steve’s shocked face to the doorway, a frown etching upon your face,


(AND I left it on a cliff hanger, sorry! I apologise for this part taking so long, also, it’s shorter than the rest… ANYWAY, yes, Alternate (Y/N) is with Chris Evans, whilst Seb loves her… scandal! Don’t hate me, I have said that the ending for some of the characters isn’t a happy one, part 10 should be up some time next week. If you want to be part of the tagged list, let me know - Rosalee)

Avengers (and Loki) Preferences: Joking Around

Steve Rogers

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You and Steve were more than a perfect fit; while he wasn’t one for messing around, you could always pull a laugh from him with one of your jokes or stunts. Occasionally, he would indulge in a dance contest with you when one of your favorite songs came on; and every time he would win, since you couldn’t help but stop to laugh at his over-exaggerated moves. Other times, when the two of you would watch Disney movies, he would sing along to every song in the most nasally voice he could produce, making you double over in laughter.

Bucky Barnes

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Your relationship with Bucky was a slow one: it had taken months of trust and patience before he realized how much he needed you to be happy. In the early days of dating him, he was uneasy around you, since it was his first relationship in 70 years. However, once you two had become official, you couldn’t have enjoyed being his girlfriend more. He would try to make you laugh in any way possible, either by tickling your sides, or making faces from across the table in a conference. You would always end up snickering at his Snapchats to you, which were usually just him trying to figure out how the app works.

Tony Stark

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Tony’s way of messing around with you didn’t call for him to drop his prideful mindset. He would tease you lightly about your short stature, the way you mumble to yourself, and even the little things, such as bedhead or stuttering. Sometimes, when the two of you were surrounded by the other Avengers, he would whisper things in your ear that would make you turn bright red (his “secret” way of ensuring everyone else that you were his). And more often that you would like, he would mess with you during interviews with the paparazzi - the one you most remember was when he bit the shoulder pad of your dress out of boredom.

Bruce Banner

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In all honesty, Bruce never tried to make you laugh. It just so happened that he was a tad bit anxious around you, which led to him being a tad bit clumsy as well. You didn’t want to laugh every time he would stutter or trip over his own feet, but it was just too cute. And Bruce didn’t mind; seeing your eyes twinkle and hearing your melodic laughter would bring a smile to his face anytime.


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One of the things you loved about Thor (and teased him the most about) was his muscular build. You would tell him that he should try professional wrestling or football. Thor had no problem with your teasing, and was more than happy to demonstrate his strength to you and everyone else; he would toss you around with your arms wrapped around his neck, he would do push ups with you on his back - sometimes, he would let you hold his feet as he did sits ups, and give you a quick peck on the lips each time he pulled himself forwards.


Originally posted by cassywinchestertheangel

Loki didn’t take “messing around” lightly. He would pull all sorts of tricks and cast all sorts of spells on you to either scare you or make you laugh. Though he never caused any physical harm, since you were human, you had no problem casting the spells you knew that ended up bruising him a bit - and neither did he. It was a constant battle of mischief between the two of you; though, from time to time, you both made truces to pull pranks on Thor, laughing at his frustration when his cape would get glued to the ground.

Sam Wilson

Originally posted by sorrelrum

Sam was overall a flirty guy - and when it came to his pick-up lines, you would always erupt into a fit of giggles. While he could be passionate and caring at times, he enjoyed it most when you were laughing with him. Even some of your witty comebacks would make him laugh. And if it wasn’t a cheezy way with words that had the two of you bent over in laughter, it was one of his entertaining stories of his adventures with Steve.

Clint Barton

Originally posted by gifs-for-the-masses

You and Clint had a very chill relationship. If you started speaking jibberish, he would answer back in jibberish. If he started dancing next to you, you would join him. The two of you could be completely random, but nonetheless in sync with your randomness. Sometimes, he would just stare at you constantly just to make you blush, even if he was sitting right next to you. Other times, the two of you would imitate each Avenger as best as you could. It made you feel happy that you could be yourself around him, and he could be himself around you.

Scott Lang

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

With Scott, he made it nearly impossible not to burst out laughing around him. He always had some corny pun up his sleeve, making you and Cassie snicker. Occasionally, he would shrink himself down to ant-size, and then move things from their place when you weren’t looking. He enjoyed seeing you flustered and confused, until you threatened to bring out the vacuum. To get your revenge, you and Cassie would plant flowers in the pathways he had created in your backyard to reach the ants. 

Pietro Maximoff

Originally posted by yavolmuo

Pietro was most likely the biggest prankster you had ever met (and that includes Loki). He dedicated his life to messing with you, whether it be putting your favorite snack on the highest kitchen surface, or rubbing the floor in the doorway to your bedroom with butter. Most of the time it frustrated you, but you always came around and admitted that it was funny. And when he wasn’t pulling your leg, he was pulling everyone else’s. You laugh every single time you think of the day you put a charcoal bathbomb in Steve’s tub.

Cross (1/?) - Avengers x (f)Reader

Originally posted by doseofsuperhusbands

Words: 1189
Pairing: Avengers x (f)Reader
Featuring: DC characters
Warnings: none? I think, I can’t remember.
Requested: nope #moving and no internet so
Authors Note: I had this idea a while ago and wrote a few parts for it but never got around to finishing it but now I have a chance to do everything is hype. Also, I used the reader as fem because it’s really hard to do a long series with so many characters using ‘they’. Sorry. Once I have Internet back, things will be linked on Masterlist, etc.

Part Two Three


“This is worthless.” You groaned as you fell back onto the floor.

“Come on, kid, get up.” Steve urged you.

“But, nothing is working.” You complained.

“I can feel that we’re getting close to something. Plus, you’re still too unstable, we need to keep working.” Tony told you.

You wanted to continue whining, but it would be easier just to follow what Steve and Tony were asking. “Alright, take out the targets.” Steve instructed.

You sighed and started to shoot the targets, but on the last one, a larger shot came out of your hand, and caused the three of you to fall to the ground.

“(Y/N)’s waking up.” Was the next thing you heard.

Your head was pounding and your whole body hurt like hell. “What’s, what’s going on?” You asked, holding the side of your head.

“A new power emerged.” Tony told you, he had an ice pack up to his head.

“What did it do?” You asked, trying to sit up.

“We aren’t really sure.” Steve said. “You shot that target, and all three of us were knocked out. A few others said that they felt the facility move, though.”

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Tony: haha Bruce i can’t believe you dared me to kiss Steve

Bruce: Tony i didn’t dar-

Tony: that’s so stupid haha, i gotta do it because I’m Tony Stark and i can’t back out of a challenge

Bruce: Tony i didn’t-

Tony: bye I gotta find Steve haha I can’t believe you sometimes

Bruce: Tony i literally didn’t-

Tony: *leaves room*

Bruce: wtf just happened?

Cooking (Avengers Preferences)

I need sleep


Warnings; none 

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve can do a lot of things - he can fight, draw, dance, look like a model and play ultimate frisbee. But he can’t cook to save his damn life. Meals with you two would consist of microwaveable food and take out. Or, you’ll just go to the tower and get Tony’s fancy ass robots to make you a proper dinner.

Tony Stark/Ironman

As aforementioned, Tony has robots to do that for you. But do you use them? No, they’re noisy, clunky and chip his darling marble worktops (in the kitchen that he never sets foot in, unless to brag about his said worktops). So, most the time you’ll cook for the both of you, simply because he’s even worse than Steve at cooking and can mess up microwave meals.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Surprisingly, Bucky is actually a very good cook. No one is sure if he picked it up at Hydra or taught himself, but you’ll come home to all kinds of food from salads to lasagna. Natasha originally said that  it’s because of his arm, and just to test it out, you got Tony to hack into it somehow and make it mess up, He still made really great chocolate chip pancakes, despite his dead arm. Bucky, 1, Tony, 0.

Thor Odinson

He can toast Pop Tarts and pour milk on cereal. So, you’re covered for breakfast. But how about lunch and dinner? You do that, because last time he tried to make a sandwich, your neighbour ended up in the emergency room. Something to do with Thor getting mad and chucking a knife. Long story.

Loki Laufeyson

Either Loki read a crap ton of cooking books whilst doing time in Asgardian prison, or he’s just a natural. Somehow, he can cook up literally any food from any continent, and get it perfect every time. But he still can’t work out how to use a toaster - The amount of time you’ve had to stop him putting a fork in one of the slots in an attempt to get the bread out is unbelievable. 

Bruce Banner/Hulk 

Bruce knows the basics of cooking things like pasta and pizza, but anything past the difficulty of fairy cakes is enough to freak him out. So, you are generally the cook in the relationship, but he’s allocated food orderer  and payer (I made a word) whenever you get take out.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Let’s not go there. You have banned him from the oven, micowave and toaster for safety reasons - But not just for you, for the entire city. If he were to cook, the Great Fire of London would have to step aside and make room for the Great Fire of Manhattan.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Natasha is annoyingly good at cooking. She’s not exactly Gordon Ramsay (but if you piss her off, they do become chillingly alike) but she can easily make fancy ass food without difficulty, which could easily beat out your pro-microwaving skills, much to your dismay.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Wanda can cook all kinds of stuff from her home country. You couldn’t pronounce the names of it, even if you tried, but it tastes good. The irony is, she can’t do simple meals. One time, she left the chicken nuggets in the oven for like two hours and they become more coal nuggets than food. You nearly cried.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Pietro has never slowed down long enough to learn how to use an oven. He occasionally helps you with measurements and stuff when you’re cooking something, but he quickly gets fed up and is infamous for starting food fights literally every time he tries to ‘help’ you cook.

Sam Wilson/Falcon

You live above a Chinese takeout place, so do you ever really need to cook? You get a discount and they have a sizable and pretty healthy menu, so you just live off of there. Sometimes you’ll go over to the tower if an actual skilled chef like Natasha is cooking, but usually your evenings are chinese takeout and Netflix.

Hold On - Steve x Reader

Plot: Steve is severely injured during a mission. The reader helps him and must deal with the possibility that he may not make it, all while memories are revealed of the intricate past she shares with Steve.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Words: 5684
Warnings: LOTS of angst. I am so sorry in advance.
Author’s Note: HUGE shoutout to my wonderful friend and beta, @lowercasedorito. She’s amazing, was super helpful especially with the ending, and this wouldn’t have been possible without her. 

Originally posted by suisidesquad

Present Day

“We got it, let’s get out of here!” you scream through the coms as you and Natasha sprint down the hall of the Hydra base. Your heart is beating as fast as it can, keeping you alert while debris flies around you. Explosions are going off, forcing you to take the longer route back to safety. You clasp the new intel you two managed to steal, guarding it with your life.

The team was trickling in and waiting by the open door of the quinjet. You had a half a mile at least before you were in the clear. You heard gunshots being fired left and right, but you gave it your all to make it back in one piece. The information in your hands concerns a new prototype for weapons of mass destruction, similar to the helicarriers back in DC, and you’ll be damned if you let anything happen to it before you let anything happen to yourself. Hydra needs to be stopped - and you’ll do anything it takes.

You and Nat are close, and you know the rest of the team will back you up to get you to safety. You reach the jet without any issue, finally allowing yourself to release the tension that’s been building up. Gunshots and blasts are one thing, but being stealthy is another. You have to constantly be on your toes and watch for what’s coming next.

The quinjet seems calm, which is unusual, given all the activity going on around you. Everyone makes their way inside once you assure them that you have everything you came for and are ready to go. You place the intel you managed to steal in a safe place before turning around and instructing Clint to get the jet out of here. Once the doors are shut and Clint is nearly ready to take off, you look back to the team and notice someone is missing.

“Guys, where the hell is Steve?”

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Summary: When things go wrong on a dangerous mission, your relationship with Bruce Banner toes a fine line between love and disaster.

Word Count: 8,383

Warnings: Some violence, swearing, angst

Based on a request: (anon)  Can you write something really fluffy and angsty with Bruce Banner? Maybe he tries to push the reader away but she pushed back just as hard.

A/N: Okay, so I started this thinking it would end up being two, maybe three thousand words. Eight thousand words later…Sometimes I really just don’t know when to shut up. The last act may or may not have been influenced by a certain Celine Dion song. High fives to anyone who guesses which one.

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(not my gif)

The alarm buzzed obnoxiously, and your hand flew out and slammed again the alarm clock wildly. The noise finally stopped, and you rolled over with a groan. A pair of arms pulled you into a warm chest, and you sighed as you nuzzled your face against his body.

“I don’t wanna get up,” you whined, your voice muffled.

“You think they’d miss us if we just didn’t show up today?” Bruce mumbled, pressing his face into your hair. You snorted.

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Mobile Masterlist

Here is my most recently updated Mobile Masterlist! I’m sorry that it took me so long to post this! I haven’t had much time with my computer lately. I will try to update it more frequently in the future!!! If you want to read the (Y/N) Barnes series in chronological order, or just see where everything fits in, this list should help you!!! If you have any feedback, please let me know!!!

  1. The Day Your Life Changed Forever
  2. Walking You Home
  3. Dancing the World Away
  4. The Belated Kiss Good Night
  5. Cursed
  6. Meeting Steve
  7. Borrowed Rage
  8. The First Time
  9. Reflection
  10. The Break In- Fear
  11. Moving In
  12. Self Defence
  13. Fog and Mirrors
  14. Treasure Hunt
  15. Your Fiance
  16. Asking a Question
  17. Get Well Soon
  18. The Best Man’s Toast
  19. Enlistment
  20. Buchanan the Bear
  21. Letters
  22. An Adventure of Your Own
  23. The 107th
  24. Lets Hear it For Captain America
  25. Could Have Gone Better
  26. Three Days
  27. Scared
  28. I Fell in Love With a Hero
  29. Waking Up
  30. Hands
  31. Unfair Fates
  32. Don’t Think of Him
  33. The Helicarrier
  34. Recovery
  35. Recovery- Letting Someone In
  36. Recovery- the Zoo
  37. Recover- Wish You Were Here
  38. Recovery- Grace
  39. Recovery- A Good Man
  40. Recovery- Tony Day
  41. ASMR
  42. Nightmares
  43. Impressing a Man Not Easily Impressed
  44. Be My Valentine
  45. Hijacked
  46. Wish I Could Stay Longer
  47. Strain
  48. The Lemurian Star
  49. The Lonely
  50. Flowers
  51. The Photo
  52. The Man on the Bridge
  53. You are James Buchanan Barnes
  54. Understatement
  55. Home
  56. Don’t Leave Me Again!
  57. Fear Not This Night
  58. Office
  59. Hostages and Files
  60. Help Him
  61. A New Leaf
  62. Happy Birthday (Captain) America
  63. Muscle Memory
  64. While Your Lips Are Still Red
  65. What Could Have Been
  66. V-Day
  67. Broken
  68. Falling Again
  69. Ice Cream and Tic Tacs
  70. In Her Sleep
Keeper - Steve Rogers x (f)Reader

Originally posted by thatplaidnerd

Words: 1605
Pairing: Steve Rogers x (f)Reader
Featuring: like everyone
Warnings: kidnapping kinda, fighting
Requested by @subject-a-9
Hi! I was hoping I could have a Steve Rogers request? The Reader would be Tony Stark’s niece who always hangs out at the Avengers tower and then after Tony’s party in the age of Ultron, Ultron would kidnap her like he did with Natasha? The Reader is also very shy and suffers from social anxiety disorder. Tony is very protective of his niece and always teases her for having a huge crush on Steve Rogers. Natasha tries to push the two together and then Steve makes it his mission to save her? fluff?
Authors Note: this was cute. also, only a fem. reader since i mention “niece.”


“Hey kiddo.” Tony looked up when you walked into the lab.

“Hi.” Bruce smiled.

“Hey guys.” You looked around to see them messing around with a bunch of, glowing stuff. “What are you working on?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Tony shrugged, looking back down.

“Oh come on Tony,” Bruce said. “You know you can’t hide anything from (Y/N) for long.”

You gave off an innocent smile, causing Tony rolled his eyes. “We’re making a friend for JARVIS.”

“Sir, I would advise you to tell your niece what you are doing before she goes to find out for herself.”

“Yeah, Tony.” You smirked. “See, if J. we’re a human, we would cost bump right now.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “We’re working on making another, more advanced, AI, alright?”

“See, that wasn’t so hard.” You crossed your arms as you sat down in a chair.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Bruce caught your attention. “Are you joining us at the party tonight?”

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Masterlist Constantly Updated


Steve Rogers

Worried Sick-Steve x Reader

Please Stay-Steve x Reader

Text au: Steve is a savage

Drown-Steve x Reader

Text au: Bucky jealously texting Steve about you

You’ll Leave Me-Steve x Reader

Pietro Maximoff

Avenge You-Pietro (ish) x Reader

Last Day-Pietro x Reader

Four Times Pietro Was Happy (And One Where He Was In Love)

Return-Pietro x Reader

After Hours-Pietro x Reader

Slow Dance-Pietro x Reader

Text au: Stupid Conversations with Pietro

Bucky Barnes

Text au: Sexting Bucky

Text au: Bucky jealously texting Steve about you

Guardian Angel-Bucky x Reader Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x)

Text au: You’re pregnant and Bucky’s worried

The Goodbye-Bucky x Reader

Green-Bucky x Reader

How to Love-Bucky x Reader

Text au: Texting Bucky about the 40s

Sex with Bucky (gentle)-Bucky x Reader

Little Princess-Bucky x Reader

Thor Odinson

idfc-Thor x Reader Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x)

Matt Murdock

Eyes-Matt Murdock x Reader

Wanda Maximoff

Text au: Wanda Misses Sokovia and Pietro


Text au: Texting ____ lyrics to ‘gotta go my own way’

Thor (x)

Wanda (x)

Clint (x)

Steve (x)

Natasha (x)

Pietro (x)

Tony (x)

Bruce (x)

Bucky (x)

Sam (x)

Fight and Fuck:



Multiple Characters

Avengers Chatroom-Avengers x Reader

Puns-Avengers x Reader

Patch Up-Steve x Reader x Bucky

Sam Wilson

Caffeine-Sam Wilson x Reader

Tony Stark

Drink-Tony x Reader


Chris Evans

Don’t Look at That!-Chris Evans x Reader

Forced Away-Chris Evans x Reader

100 and Counting Down Part 1 (x) Part 2 (x)

The Big Question-Chris Evans x Reader

No More-Chris Evans x Reader

Sebastian Stan

Tease-Sebastian Stan x Reader

Stressed-Sebastian Stan x Reader

Moan-Sebastian Stan x Reader

Fake? Really?-Sebastian Stan x Reader


Day Together-Oliver Queen x Reader


We Are Liars-Draco x Hermione

Updated Masterlist

If you do not see a character listed below and you would like an imagine for them, feel free to send in a request! 


Close Encounter


Imagine having a crush on Vision…


Steve Rogers

Jealousy Is A Pretty Color On You pt 1

Jealousy Is A Pretty Color On You pt 2

Jealously Is A Pretty Color On You pt 3 (smut)

That’s A No

Tony Stark

Imagine Tony always trying to kiss you…

Cold Suit

It’ll Be Okay

Bucky Barnes

Imagine turning Bucky into The Winter Soldier during sex…

Don’t Kill Me Please

No Difference

You'r Mine, Doll

I’m Here

Peter Parker

Pretty Adorable Pt 1 (light smut)

Pretty Adorable Pt 2: Losing Innocence (smut)

You Scared?  (light smut)

Imagine Having Arachnophobia and Discovering Peter is Spiderman…

Candy Shoppe (light smut)

Wade Wilson

Wade, No


Imagine Wade After Sex…

You Gotta Be Original

Ajax/Francis Freeman

What’s Your Name Again?

Know My Name Now?  (smut)

Bruce Banner

I’ll Be Gentle pt 1

I’ll Be Gentle pt 2 (smut, unprotected sex)


How CACW really happened…

Baby Avenger Part 2

Summary: What happens when the Avengers find a baby at their doorstep? They adopt them, of course!

A/N: So yeah… I always wondered what the team would be like around a baby, especially Nat since she can’t have children. Basically, this is an AU where everyone gets along, there was not Civil War, Pietro is alive and it’s MCU based. Now that that’s out of the way, I give you: Baby Avenger!

Warnings: Some language.

Part 1




Originally posted by loversareeverywhere

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Proposals (Avengers Preferences)

I’m feeling a bit wedding-y today because I’ve been watching Say Yes to the Dress on repeat


Warnings; none

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve seems like a real traditional kind of guy, but it’d actually be really simple. The past few years would have been a whole rollercoaster of ups and downs and new experiences, and he’d just want something really short and sweet. It’d probably be completely random, like laying on the sofa watching a film, and he’d just randomly produce a ring and ask you to marry him.

Tony Stark/Ironman

It’s no secret that Tony is richer than rich. He’d go all out - A whole fancy meal, fireworks, a slideshow of photos of you two. But the actual proposal wouldn’t fit in with all that - You’d reach the end of the night and he wouldn’t have done it. When you were both tired and drifting off to sleep, he’d just hold out a ring to you and ask you. 

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier 

Bucky spends more time than you realise on Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest. He got the idea from there - You all went out to your favourite theme park and got on one of the biggest rollercoasters there. You didn’t notice that Steve, Sam, Bucky and Clint all had signs in their hands. It wasn’t until the photos of you on the rollercoaster were printed out that you realised the four signs read ‘Will you marry me?’ You then turned round and he would be smiling innocently, on one knee, with a ring.

Thor Odinson 

The Asgardian proposals were slightly different to those on Earth - It generally consisted of one of the counterparts of the relationship, if opposite sex, usually the male, would simply announce that they loved the other person, and hand them a ring, letting them know that they would soon be married. This was a rather shocking experience when he ‘proposed’ to you in front of your family at Christmas. (’Y/N, it has come to my attention that I have deep feelings for you and would like to spend the rest of my time with you. So, we’re getting married!’). Luckily, you were ecstatic.

Loki Laufeyson

Unlike his brother, Loki was actually accustomed to the Earth traditions of proposing. So much so, it was even more traditional than any of the Avengers. A meal at your favourite restaurant, Loki paying for it all, and then a ring in the bottom of your ice cream sundae.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

Bruce would be really, really anxious. He’d plan a whole evening that would look like something out the film, and then realise that you both enjoyed more simple things. So, he called it off and ordered take out, and you watched the Bridget Jones Diary, finishing off the evening with him just outright asking you.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Clint would both piss you off and impress you with the proposal - You would pick up your favourite book one day, to find a huge square cut out the middle of the inner pages, and a ring. The words ‘marry me?’ would be in huge letters over the text. Your initial response would be to scream, but that urge was overtaken by the whole proposal thing. 

Sam Wilson/Falcon

Sam is generally a laidback guy, so his proposal wouldn’t be at all over the top or really cheesy. Actually, it was quite cheesy, but not in the negative way. He proposed with pizza, so yes, it was actually cheesy. You opened the pizza box, and across the top it simply said ‘marry me?’ - He didn’t buy a ring just yet, because you went out the next day and chose one together.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Pietro didn’t exactly ask you. You were getting ready for work one day, and a familiar flash of silver passed by you. You didn’t think much of it, until you looked at your finger to see a ring. He grinned at you and said ‘So?’ and you just returned the smile, nodding.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Wanda would also do it quite simple like her brother, but would actually ask you, rather than simply putting a ring on your finger and hoping for the best. It would just be a normal day of you guys going to work, except after dinner, when she would ask you. She wouldn’t want anything over the top, because she was quite humble and big proposals had always made her cringe a bit. Either way, it would be perfect for both of you.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff getting married? Her actually taking time out of work to do a huge proposal? That wasn’t happening. It was sort of a funny story - You were in Las Vegas with the rest of team, and it just to happened to be your three year anniversary on the same weekend. You were both a little bit drunk, but she still knew then that she wanted to marry you. Next thing you knew, you both woke up the next morning, without the foggiest as to what had happened the previous night. To your surprise, there was a ring on your finger. You both briefly remembered her putting it on your finger and muttering something. She was worried you were going to take the ring off and say it was a drunken mistake, but instead you smiled with content, rolled over, and fell back asleep. 

avengers rare pairings recs (boys' edition)

An Avengers rare pairings fic rec list. Rare meaning less popular than the major OTPs, and also meaning “as far as I know”. Organised by pairing, then length. A03 ratings system: Explicit/Mature/Teen/General.

b-sides and other rarities

Self Help series by masked fangirl, Bruce/Clint, 77 000 words, rated E. An epic saga of first-timeyness. In which Bruce and Clint learn to take care of each other, and themselves. I love stories about Bruce learning to deal, and this is a really thoughtful one.

like you for always by curiouslyfic, Bruce/Clint, 29 000 words, rated T. Babyfic! In which the Avengers lives are weird, and Bruce and Clint become more than teammates.

The Control of Tension by qwanderer, Bruce/Clint, 24 000 words, rated E. Another fic about Bruce and Clint’s post-Battle shell shock. But the tension makes it that much more rewarding when they finally start copimg and their lighter sides reveal themselves.

The Physicist and the Assassin by topaz, Bruce/Clint, 19 000 words, rated M. Undercover at a gay bar! Or a physics conference. Angst, spy drama, mildly kink sex, cute boys being cute and dumb. This fic has it all.

To Taste by Felicity G Silvers, Bruce/Steve, 16 000 words, rated M. Shy Steve who bakes a lot, Bruce’s Hulk management skills, cute boys hesitantly dating, power exchange kink. If those are not your things this will probably bore you really a lot? But they’re all my things and this fic is like a gift basket full.

Leave the Light On and The Future by Not Applicable, Tony/Rhodey, 22 000 words, rated E. MIT fic! Not Applicable can write a really interesting Rhodey - smart, stalwart, sexy - and this duology is a great example.

What Good is the Moonlight by circ_bamboo, Tony/Pepper/Rhodey, 7000 words, rated M. Tony and Rhodey and Pepper backstory as they struggle to manage their three-sided soul bond.

Touch the Sky by scrollgirl, Tony/Rhodey, 6500 words, rated E. Rhodey always-a-girl fic, focusing on her frendship with that skinny white kid who’s always been in love with her. Tony being slightly awed by the lady he’s in love with = one of my favourite things.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Wanks by abstractconcept, Steve/Coulson, 14 000 words, rated M. So there aren’t a lot of Coulson pairings I’m truly into, but Capsicoul hits my fame kink in just the right ways. And this fic is the perfect exploration of that, while still sweet and shippy and not just a meta exploration of fannish porn. Nice look at Coulson the fanboy, and the difference between Steve the celebrity and Steve the regular dude.

-june 28 ‘14