Favourite DC Heroes #2: Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern

The very defintion of ‘cool old guy’ (although Jay Garrick runs a very close second, pun intended?), Alan Scott is the elder statesman of the DCU, and not without merit. Heck, Superman and Batman look up to him!

I first encountered Alan in the pages of ALL-STAR SQUADRON, and what struck me was that he looked so damn cool. I wanted so badly for my mother to make me a costume based on that design (which never eventuated, le sigh), but my nascent cosplay dreams failed to diminish this particular Lantern’s light. When the JSA was revived (however briefly) in 1992, and again (for keeps) in '99, I was just happy that Alan and co. was out there on the stands every month, plus it was great to see him as a supporting character during Kyle Rayner’s tenure as the 'One, True’ Green Lantern in the interim (I also liked the new 'Sentinel’ codename and duds).

What really makes the character work for me, though, is his sheer willpower and 'never say die’ attitude. He’s endured a lot of grief in his life (what Jade and Obsidian have been put through, not to mention losing team-mates over the years), but Alan’s determination - his faith in the light - sees him though. You gotta respect that - and the vast majority of the DCU does as well.


(W) Ben McCool & Various (A) Steve Uy, Ken Haeser (CA) Tavis Maiden

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