“What Pat added more than anything was an injection of life and happiness to those last months of Nirvana. We’d talked about getting a second guitar player, we talked about Steve Turner, we talked about Buzz Osborne, but of course we didn’t want to break up Mudhoney or the Melvins. Kurt had been in Los Angeles and walked into the SST Superstore where Pat was working, and they hit it off. One of the first rehearsals, we were trying to figure out ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ and the three of us just couldn’t do it. Pat said, “Actually, it goes like this.” I thought, ‘There’s a musician in the band now!’ Having Pat changed things dramatically. Kurt and Courtney were on that side of town and Krist and I were on this side of town, and Pat definitely bridged us back together for awhile.” - Dave Grohl.

Stone was such, and still is such a hilariously funny, sarcastic guy when he was in his full rock mode in the mid to late ‘80s. I kept thinking, I hope Stone becomes a rock star, just so I can see him being interviewed on MTV cause he’s just fucking funny.

Steve Turner- Spin 2001