im waterfalling the whole sea

love poetry by steve roggenbuck, thank you for watching


I was reminded of this beautiful reading of Walt Whitman by @steveroggenbuckfrom four years ago – it makes me teary every time. Steve is such a pure force for good in the world.

And the moon, sometimes you can forget about the moon but then one day when you’re walking out of a building there it is in the sky and you say, “Wow, waxing gibbous already? That’s fucked up!” and it kind of reminds you that you are on a rock in space too. And when you look at the stars, or when you image search for pictures of galaxies to photoshop cats on them, that’s something you’re part of too. This is our family photo album. We are animals on a rock in space. We are part of this gigantic, confusing, brutal and awe-inspiring world, and it’s not boring to be here, and how could it ever be boring at all.

Steve Roggenbuck, stop pretending it’s boring to be alive.

If I’m having a bad day I take a gamble and listen to this. Two things can happen as a direct result, either I will crumble and be a sobbing but weirdly gratitude filled mess for a thousand years, or I’ll feel really good.

Today I feel good, it feels good to be an animal on a rock in space.