Why Steve Rogers is Actually a Big Dork Who Needs to be Squished in a Giant Bear Hug (because he's just that adorable): A Photographic Essay

Evidence #1:

He sings a merry tune while jumping out of a high-rise window, as you do…

Evidence #2:

He pairs boxers with cowboy boots…

Evidence #3:

He totally rocks the cute animal aprons…

Evidence #4:

He gently teaches that to assume makes an ‘ass’ out of 'u’ and 'me’ in the traditional, time-honored way, via mindf*ck…

Evidence #5:

He cracks old man jokes…

A lot…

Evidence #6:

His curiosity about the new century he finds himself in knows no bounds…

Evidence #7:

He likes to preserve his modesty, thank you very much (but as above boxer panel proves, this only extends to when he’s wearing tighty whities)…

Evidence #8:

He’s mastered the art of the facepalm, aka he can’t even…

Evidence #9:

Okay, so he’s a bit of a momma’s boy…

And lastly…

Evidence #10:

He designed the Nomad costume all on his very own (right down to picking out the all-weather fabric in somber tones)…

…The defense rests.

My ideal Mr.Right

-heart as golden as Newt Scamander
-friendly and helpful as Remus Lupin
-intelligent like  Artemis Fowl
-inventive and funny as Tony Stark
-sexy as Loki
-chivalrous as Captain America
-righteous as Doctor Strange
-loving unconditonally like Edward Scissorhands
-gothic as Morpheus (from Sandman)
-cool-headed like Sherlock
-protective and cheeky as Tom Ellis’ Lucifer (that sounded so wrong)
-adventurous and nice as the 10th Doctor
-adventurous and quirky as the 11th Doctor
-faithful and brave as Aragorn

no wonder i’m still single af

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Description: Steve Rogers picks up the pencil again and you’re curious to see the object of his latest sketch.  (fluff)

Word Count: 652

Warnings: your teeth might rot out of your head

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Contrary to popular belief, Tony Stark had his insecurities.  He talked a big game, sure.  How he was amazing and how he didn’t need validation from anyone.  But deep down you knew how inferior he felt to others.  Especially to Steve ‘Perfect Teeth’ Rogers.  

That’s why, when you noticed how quiet Tony had gotten during movie night when you and Steve basically whispered together through the whole movie, you knew that something was nagging at him. 

“What’s wrong?”

“You and Steve were getting pretty chummy.”  Tony’s comment lacked the usual sarcastic tint.  Instead he just sounded hurt. “You guys should start making friendship bracelets.”

“Tony.”  You chided, rolling your eyes and reaching up to wrap your arms tightly around his neck and tangle your hands in his hair.  “Steve and I are just friends.  You’re my boyfriend.  You’re the one that I’m in love with.”

Silent Night

On the fourth day of fanfics steves–starsandstripes gave to me…

Pairings: (Y/N) x Dad!Steve

Summary: When (Y/N) wakes up to find Steve gone, she finds him with your baby boy being super fluffy and adorable.

Warnings: Fluff that is so sweet it will give you cavities

Word Count: 410

Author’s Note: Seriously guys, this is so cute I might actually die from choking on all the fluff I just wrote omg

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You awoke from your “nap” realizing it was quite a bit more than just a nap. It was 12:03am, and you assumed that your husband Steve would be in bed beside you. Yet, when you reached over to his side of the bed, you were met with faint warmth and nothing more.

Finally opening your eyes, you saw that he indeed wasn’t there. You looked around your bedroom groggily, and saw that a little bit of light was coming from the hallway. Getting out of bed, you immediately regretted it because it was freezing in your apartment.

Shivering, you grabbed your blanket and wrapped it around yourself. You then grabbed your fuzzy boots, putting them on your icy-cold feet. Satisfied that you would be warm enough to make it down the hall, you went to investigate.

You quickly found that the light was coming from the nursery. When you walked in, a huge smile spread across your face at the sight before you; Steve was sitting in the rocking chair in the corner, cradling your baby boy, James, in his arms.

When you walked in, he looked up slightly alarmed, but relaxed when he realised who it was. He whispered a small “shh”, and you nodded. You came and stood next to Steve, careful not to disturb James, who was asleep. James snored lightly, and your heart melted in your chest. He then began sucking his thumb, and you leaned down to kiss his soft little head. Steve looked up at you with a huge grin on his face, admiring your love for your baby boy.

Staying as quiet as possible, you asked Steve what he was doing with James so late.

“I didn’t want him to be alone when his first Christmas started,” Steve began, holding James a little closer to him, “I know it doesn’t make much sense, since he won’t remember, but I just thou-”. He was interrupted when you grabbed his warm cheeks gently, pulling him into a small kiss.

“It’s not silly, it’s actually one of the most adorable things I’ve ever heard,” you assured him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders from behind in a reverse-hug.

And that’s how the three of you stayed. You stood there with your small family, welcoming in Christmas together for the first time as a trio. You loved your boys more than anything in the entire world, and you wouldn’t want to finish off the year with anyone else.


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Tears welled up in his eyes when the small pitter patter of your baby’s heartbeat came through the small stereo.  You had heard it before, on various doctors visits.  But this was Steve’s first time actually hearing it.  It finally felt real; that you were about to have a child together.  Something that he had been looking forward to for years was finally about to happen.  He was starting a family with you.


Sebastian Stan + kids

I am literally the one who’s clutching their head and screaming


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The baby must have felt your nerves, as it had been much more active the past hour than it had been all week.  Steve could also feel your nerves, and he reached out to grasp your hand loosely as the elevator doors slid open.  All of the Avengers were spread around the living room, watching TV and hanging out.

“Guys.”  Steve called to gather everyones attention.  “This is Y/N.”

Tony was the first one to stand up and walk over to you, taking your hand and kissing the back of it.  “About time we met Miss America.  Cap here refuses to shut up about you.”