And have a piece of Bucky waking up over here…


“Seb!” Hands on him, arms cradling him; he tensed, but he knew that voice. Saying the wrong name, and wobbling with fear, but he knew it. “Sebastian? Oh god—Seb—no, no, you can’t be, you aren’t—help, someone help us, please—”

Bucky opened his eyes and said, “Steve?” because Steve sounded heartbroken, terrified, confused, and that couldn’t be right. “Steve, you okay?”

Steve—” Crying splintered off, astonished. Steve stared at him. “Seb, I—do you know who I am? This isn’t funny…”

Carpet under him. More accurately, a body under him: strong arms cradling him. Steve didn’t look right. Not because of the fear, either. Bucky shoved himself upright, heart hammering in his throat. Blank amazed hotel walls watched them, silently memorizing the tale for themselves.

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mixie-the-pan-trashcan  asked:

HOLY CRAP I'VE BEEN THINKING OF FUBAR AND BUCK MORE AND HEAR ME OUT: Bucky, Steve, and Fubar are eating in the kitchen. Because Steve and Buck are super soldiers and Fubar is a gigantic boofer, they're all eating a SHIT TON of food, like all the food. And when someone else goes into the kitchen they are met by an empty fridge and pantry, a note saying "We know, we're out shopping right now! -Steve, Bucky, and Fubar" on the counter.

This is the hell that Sam and Nat suffer on a near daily basis TBH XD

(Actually my headcanon is that Buck and FUBAR live by themselves and the rest of the quartet visits a lot but FOR THIS SPECIFIC SCENARIO let’s say they all live together and they have two fridges – one for Steve and Bucky that they need to refill like every day and one for Sam and Nat that gets restocked at A NORMAL PERSON RATE AND NO SUPERSOLDIERS ARE ALLOWED IN IT)

And then of course for FUBAR there’s a sketch in my tag somewhere of Bucky carrying like 300 lbs of pupper food which is prolly like a 2 week supply


capmeme: eight quotes [2/8]

↳ "Is this a test?" 

and you call yourself a spy Natasha