Safe Haven AU

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: My Safe Haven is not 100% the same as the Nicholas Sparks one. I changed a few things. I took out the dead wife as a friend because that just kinda didn’t make sense to me in this. Just a heads up.

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged.

You step into the little shop you spot Steve in the back at a desk, you make your way towards him, swallowing hard. You were feeling terrible about the way you had acted the day before, hoping he was the forgiving type. You lean against one of the shelves watching him as he writes something down.

“Hey Steve.” You fidget looking down, Steve turns looking back at you, without saying anything he turns back around. “I just wanted to say you were right and I’m sorry.” You felt awkward knowing he was mad at you.

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Pairing/Characters: Loki Laufeyson x Reader!Stark

Summary: This tale follows the quest of pirate captain Loki Laufeyson, a savvy pirate and Bucky Barnes, a resourceful blacksmith, in their search for reader, (Y/N) Stark. A feared pirate has kidnapped reader, the daughter of the governor. Little do they know, the he along with his crew has been cursed. Doomed for eternity to neither live nor die, unless a blood sacrifice is made

Warnings: Piracy, kidnapping, violence, murder, love triangle, language.

Word Count: 1024

A/N: Oooouuuuhh the drama begins.. dum dum dum. 



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Date night.

Anon asked: I recently read your Bucky x Reader with the beach thing and it was so cute I instantly fell in love with your writing style <3 I was wondering if I could request a Pre-Serum Steve x Reader where he gets ignored by the other girls Bucky tries to hook him up with a lot and so she ends up asking him out on a date instead? Thanks doll xox

A/N: Thank for you request! I must admit that all this pre-war and pre-serum Bucky & Steve are really lovely! I don’t know why but I find this adorable. Maybe because that was when they were both happy and unconcerned. I don’t know. Whatever, you can continue sending me requests and prompts from the list here!

Warnings: None. Fluffy and funny!

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“C’mon Steve!” Bucky whined as he pat his friend’s shoulder. The thin man shook his head and sighed. “Dottie is a nice girl. You’ll have fun with her!”

“Last time, Buck! I won’t date her! Remember the other girls!”

You smiled as you continued slurping your milkshake with the straw, listening to the boys. You had been friends with them since you were all kids until now, that you were all grown up people. Everybody thought you’ll finish being Bucky’s girlfriend as you two made a lovely couple, but nobody knew you just had eyes for the man by your side.

Steve Rogers was a thin boy who suffered of asthma and had a skill to get in trouble. You could remember all the times he would come to your house so you could patch him. You’d have to control yourself to not kiss him. You didn’t know how that would affect to your friendship if he reject you.

“Steve, you need a girl. To have fun. To go out there!”

“Buck…”He said, prepared to fight his best friend when you talked.

“I’ll go” Both heads turned to face you, Bucky watching you shocked and Steve frowning. “What?”

“You’ll do…what, Doll?”

“I’ll go out with you Stevie. If you want” You shrugged, finishing your milkshake and playing with the straw. “We can go to the cinema and to the diner” You began to feel uncomfortable as they both remained silent. “Sorry…I…I just said something stupid”

You began to grabbed your belongings to leave when Steve’s hand stopped you, grabing your elbow.

“I’ll pick you at 5 am” You stared at his blue eyes and shy smile and you smiled back, kissing his forehead as Bucky was grinning at his friend. You left the diner without hearing the brunet man whispering.

“Finally, man. Finally”

You moved your head back as you laughed, holding Steve’s arm. You were slightly taller than him without heels. Your skirt moved with the fresh breeze of the night. You felt a shiver down your spine and Steve turned his face to you, a worried look on his features.

“Are you cold?” Before you could answer, he took of his jacket and placed it over your shoulders. “Here” He stared at you with a satisfied smile and put his hands inside his pockets, walking by your side.

“Thank you, Stevie”

You had gone to the port where Steve had tried to get you a stuffed bear with the gun, even though he failed and mumbled that maybe Bucky could have given it to you . You had shaken your head, saying that you didn’t care about it. After that, he had insisted on paying hot dogs for you two. You had never had a better night than that and you told that to Steve, who had blushed and smiled at you.

You arrived to your door, and you felt a lump inside your throat as you didn’t know what would happen know or what would Steve think about that. The man was staring everwhere but you and you sighed, disappointed. Of course he didn’t feel the same. How could him? You had seen the girls Bucky had made him to know. They were gorgeous, stunning. You were not that worthy.

“Well. G’night, Stevie” You turned to open the door when a hand grabbed your elbow and turned your body. His blue eyes were shiny and you frowned, when you felt his soft lips against yours. You closed your eyes and felt Steve’s hands holding yours, his lips moving with yours.

“Goodnight, Y/N” He said, leaving you in your front door, blushed, with the brightests smiled you’d ever had in your life.

ok but like i hate all this waiting i want the two quartermaine twins to MEET and i want this conflict now!! i want steve to be in port charles and like watching everyone!! ahhh i literally cant focus all my dreams are about this show and storyline

theodinspire  asked:

I'm overly invested in large, hunky bartender Thor. Can we see more of him?

I admit I spent like, a day and a half going “bartender Thor what?” before I realised you meant the Thor from the restaurant AU :D 

This turned out to be more Steve/Tony than Thorcentric but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 

Title: Pairing
Rating: G
Summary: Steve comes to Mjolnir to drown his sorrows in baconost and teriyaki venison. Thor, being a good barman, tries to also be a good listener.
Notes: set in the restaurant AU from Feed The Body, Nourish The Soul

Now archived here at AO3.


Thor Odinson didn’t actually come to New York to make friends; he mostly came to New York because he wasn’t sure where else to go. Having been ejected from the family business, he had few options. He’d managed to find backing from the venture capital firm Selvig Foster Lewis, who fortunately knew a good investment when they saw one, but they’d also gently insisted he open in a specific neighborhood and Lewis had made a few minor demands when it came to the brewpub. Nothing he couldn’t do, of course; he was very good at beer. 

But he had come here to make beer and cook food, not to socialize, at least not at first. It had been a surprise, a delightful surprise, to find that the fellow in the food truck was as good as a brother and more loyal than some he could name; that the frankly strange people who cooked in the dark at SHIELD down the street were also sly and funny, and that the madmen at TOBRU appreciated gastropub fare. He’d been worried, secretly, that they’d turn up their nose at his crispy crab buttons and the things he did with herring. People could be snobs about herring. 

“Steve!” he called, at the end of a relatively quiet Sunday night, when he saw Steve walk into the pub. Steve waved, gave him a somewhat unenthusiastic smile, and settled at the corner of the bar where even the hipsters who’d seen his recent documentary wouldn’t bother him. Thor ambled over and asked, “Crab crisps or baconost crackers?” 

“Just a beer,” Steve said. “Whatever’s on tap.”

Thor raised an eyebrow. Steve was as picky about drinking as he was about eating; he could taste a lot in a single sip of beer and normally he was very specific about what he wanted. 

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The 2014 Young People’s Literature Longlist for the National Book Award was announced this morning. Congratulations to all these fine authors!

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Deborah Wiles, Revolution: The Sixties Trilogy, Book Two

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