The Changes of The Senior Officers of Rookie Blue

Season 1: Single, attractive, and lonely guy who loves being undercover. Has the hots for his rookie Andy McNally who arrested him two weeks prior to catching Anton Hill then becomes her training officer.
Season 6: Seriously in love with Andy McNally, proposes to her then marries her, after Marlo, his ex from when he and Andy first broke up, is pregnant with his baby. Andy helps Marlo deliver the baby.
Season 1: Happily married man with 3 kids. Seriously funny guy who loves food but hates pickles.
Season 6: Divorced but happily in a relationship with a witch (literally) named Celery.
Season 1: Tough, hardass training officer who secretly wants to get pregnant.
Season 6: Married to Frank Best with a baby named Olivia; promoted to Internal Affairs (IA) and investigating the bombing in 15 Division and Alonzo Santana.
Season 1: Is a detective with a partner who’s been stealing evidence.
Season 6: Involved in corruption within the police force along with Police Commissioner Alonzo Santana and the bombing in 15 division, and is later arrested after being caught by Andy. In love with Traci Nash who wants nothing to do with him after his arrest.
Season 1: Training officer, then is promoted to Staff Sergeant after Boyko’s leave; recent divorcé.
Season 5: Married to Noelle Williams, with a baby girl, is fired as Staff Sergeant after taking the blame of the Kevin Ford shooting.
Season 1: The charming homicide detective of 15 Division, known for hooking up with rookies every year; dedicated to his work, and is later in a relationship with Andy McNally.
Season 4: Ex-fiancé of Andy McNally, due to him sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Jo while they were engaged. More tough, hardcore and hardworking detective.
Season 1: Detective in 15 Division who’s in a relationship and in love with Traci; is best friends with Sam and Oliver.
Season 3: Engaged to Traci, but later dies after being stabbed by Gail’s kidnapper while trying to save her.

Fuel to Fire (5)

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f), anxiety, depression, mentions of parental negligence, swearing.

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting.

Fuel to Fire (intro) Fuel to fire (2) Fuel to Fire (3) Fuel to Fire (4)

A/N: it gets hot and steamy. And sexual. Again. Next one will be more about tattoo’s! Promise! 

When Steve wakes up, it takes him a while to take note of his surroundings. The bed shifts when Bucky climbs back under the sheets and Steve smiles drowsily, pulling his husband close, kissing the first part of exposed skin that comes close enough.

“Hey, baby.” he mumbles, nuzzling his face against Bucky’s cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Stevie.” Bucky sighs, turning his face, kissing the tip of his nose.

Steve wouldn’t be Steve if he didn’t notice the slight tremor in his husband’s voice; or the slight tension in his muscles. He’s wide awake within an instant.

“What’s wrong?”

Bucky sighs and shakes his head. “Y/N’s gone. I don’t know when she left, but when I woke up just a minute ago, she was gone.”

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Misery Needs Company

it sounded like @copperbadge was having One of Those Weekends, so i asked if he’d like some fic and he requested someone with a headache getting coddled

feel better!

“Tony!” Pepper calls and he flinches.

A headache going on day three is sitting like a pulsating rock in his frontal lobe and the pitch of her voice is enough to send a needle point of pain inward.

Pepper pauses, looks at him for five seconds, and then says, voice lowered, “When did it start?”

“On the way home from NBC?” Tony tries because he honestly isn’t sure.

Pepper stares at him. “That was two days ago.”

“Yeah,” Tony sighs.

Tony,” she says, sounding appalled.

“What?” he replies defensively. “I’ve gotten six hours of sleep the last four nights, I’ve eaten regularly, I’ve only had like four cups of coffee per day, and I haven’t gone over the recommended dose of over-the-counter painkillers even though I know you can go over that and be fine!”

“Tony, that wasn’t criticism,” Pepper says, her expression sympathetic and her hand light on his arm.

“Oh,” Tony says, and deflates. “I’m tired and I’ve been sleeping,” he whines. “How is that fair?”

“It’s not.” She nudges him forward gently and Tony moves as directed, reaching up to dig his knuckles into his forehead. If he presses hard enough, it briefly dulls the pain. “Come on. We’re done for today.”

Tony should protest. There’s still a lot to do. But it feels good to have someone take the reins and he doesn’t have it in him to fight when he wants to do what she says so badly.

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In the Arms of Justice Epilogue (Cop!Bucky x reader)

Characters: reader x Detective Barnes, Steve, Tony, Sharon, Natasha, OC Sarah and Maggie Rogers. (Most only mentioned)

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later.


Word Count: 1924

Tags at the bottom. TAG LIST IS CLOSED, I’M SO SORRY.

A/N: This is it, you guys. The end. I loved the ending of Part 22 but I had a lot of fluffy thoughts about their future so here you go. :) Gimme all your thoughts about this last part if you’ve got ‘em!! I love you guys to the moon and back!! <3

<<<Part 22   Epilogue (The End)

In the Arms of Justice Series Masterlist

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Originally posted by justcuchu

18 Months Later

“Please tell me this is the last of it,” you whined, huffing and puffing while climbing the stairs with a box in your arms. “Whose idea was it to live in a three-story walk-up anyway?”

“Yours,” Bucky answered from behind you, a teasing tone in his voice while equally winded.

“Excuse me? I do recall you were there for the whole apartment selection process, so you shoulder at least part of the blame,” you fired back jokingly, shifting the box to your left hip as you opened the apartment door that was left unlocked.

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Hey Captain

steve rogers <3

Character: Steve Rogers x reader

genre: smut

warning: unprotected sex (don’t be a hog, cover your log), overstimulation, toys, kink

Originally posted by buckysoul

I can’t stop watching that..^

Steve kissed you like there was no tomorrow. Maybe because there might not be. He’s leaving for another mission, and he didn’t want to leave you without a great night together.

The movie and cuddling night went sideways, and the popcorn was long forgotten. The movie kept playing, the sound of people screaming in horror was ruining the mood, and Steve had to turn it off.

“I never liked horror movies,” he groaned while kissing you.

You chuckled. “Then why’d you watch it with me?”

“Because I know you like it.” He moved down to your neck, your jaw and left wet kisses. “You’re wearing the perfume I got you.”

“I’m glad you noticed,” You grinned. “God I’m really going to miss you Steve.”

Steve stopped and looked at you, “so will I.”

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I Gotta Tell You.

Summary: You get home from work and find Steve playing with your adorable baby cousin. In the end of the day, he confesses something to you.

Words: 1780

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Pure fluffy, there is another fic that i wrote with the same characters but this is not a sequel. The kid just has the same name, in case you want to read here is the link

THANK YOU TO @amrita31199 for beta this for me.

Credits to the gif owner

When you got home you didn’t expect to see your boyfriend dancing with your baby cousin Kate in the living room, it was the most adorable and amusing thing that you ever saw in your life.  Steve was standing in the middle of the room moving his body awkwardly, while Kate was running in circles around him and singing a few words of the song.

It takes you while for you to recognize the song that was playing, it was There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes and you never imagined that one day you would find your boyfriend listen to this song in your living room.

Eventually Kate got tired of running and starts to mimic Steve’s moves. You can’t help but laugh it was so cute seeing the two of them together. Unfortunately, your laughter gives away that you are there watching them, Kate runs into your arms saying your name excitedly while Steve gives you a peck on the lips.

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For anon…enjoy! Bless this gif

“Hey team,” you called out with a smile as you walked through the firehouse.

Your friend was a firefighter and you had decided to bring him lunch. Considering this was the usual for you, it didn’t seem out of place.

Some of the firefighters waved. A few ruffled your hair, causing you to scrunch your nose. You slowed down when you reached your friend’s best friend on the squad.

“Hey Wilson,” you greeted with a smirk.
“Hey kid,” he replied with a wide grin.
“I don’t suppose you know where Steve-o’s at, do you?”
He arched a challenging brow. “I don’t suppose you got some extra grub?”

You smirked, hand already reaching into the fast food bag.

“Pssh, you know it.”

Wilson chuckled before catching the food you tossed. He made grunts of approval as he unwrapped the burger. You smirked.

“You’ll get the curly fries when you give me my info,” you teased.
“Rogers and Romanoff were called in by the Chief. Should be out in a minute.”
“Thanks Sammy,” you drawled before handing him the fries.

You left Wilson to himself as you headed further into the station. You made your way upstairs and toward the break room. Shaking your head, you placed the bag for Steve on the counter. Despite it being a firehouse, they had a nice kitchen.

You snagged a fry and chomped. However, you stopped mid-smirk when you caught sight of a new firefighter…topless. He looked as though he had just finished working out. His brunet hair waved a little in front of his face. You couldn’t help but stare. He quickly caught sight of you.

“I don’t think you’re supposed to be here,” he told you in confusion.
“Trust me,” you mumbled, “I do not care if it’s wrong.”

The man chuckled. He licked his lips before raising his curious gaze back to you. You bit your lip slightly. Sighing, you decided to answer him.

“I’m friends with Rogers. Brought him lunch,” you paused, “I thought I knew everyone in this unit.”
The man grinned. “Transfer from Brooklyn, actually.”
You arched a playful brow. “Am I supposed to call you that?”
He chuckled again. “You’re real funny, you know that?”
“I try,” you shrugged.
“James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky.”
“Bucky, huh?” you asked, “Well, it’s real nice to meet you.”
“Y/N? Did I see Wilson with a burger and fries?”

You turned with a smile. Steve was heading your way. You snatched the bag and held it up for him.

“Probably, Steve-o. But, no worries, he only has the decoy.”

Steve chuckled before taking the bag. He went to sit down when he caught sight of the transfer. He beamed.

“You two have met,” he commented, “That’s great!”
You arched a brow. “Why’s that? No offense, Buck.”
“Non taken.”

It was Steve’s turn to shoot Bucky a questioning glance. The transfer just shrugged. motioning to you slightly.

“Bucky and I go way back,” Steve explained, “He usually only lets people he’s known a while to call him Bucky.”
“Is that so?” you asked with a smirk.
“Hey, you were checking me out,” he countered.

You chuckled. You gave Steve a peck on the cheek. Bucky averted his gaze.

“Enjoy lunch,” you told him, turning to leave, “Oh, and give Buck-o my number for me?”

You smirked as you watched his surprised reaction. It swiftly turned into a sly grin. He whipped his shirt off his neck as he turned. Steve just chuckled before biting into his sandwich. Just before you were out of range, you decided to call back.

“And tell him I’m free most Fridays!”
“I got it,” Steve called back, “You owe me, Buck.”
“Yeah I do.”

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25. “I will always love you.”
Requested by anon.

Bucky x Reader

Bucky watched you and Steve giggling like two little school kids. He watched the way your eyes lit up every time Steve smiled at you.

You two were obviously so lost in each other, you didn’t notice the hurt in Bucky’s eyes.

“I’ll get us some drinks.” Steve smirked. “Want anything Buck?”

Bucky shook his head, a soft smile playing on his lips. “No thanks.”

Steve pecked your lips quickly before escaping into the crowded floor. Leaving you two alone.

“Isn’t he just amazing?” You said with admiration in your voice.

And suddenly, being alone with you was somehow unbearable.

“I better go.” Bucky muttered, turning his back to you.

You cocked your brow and went for him.

“Where you going? The night just started!” You said with a smile.

“I-I can’t do this.” He whispered.

You were now filled with curiosity, inching toward your boyfriends best friend.

“Can’t do what?”

Bucky motioned between the two of you, his eyes glossy from the drinks. “This.” He stated. “I can’t just stand here and watch you and Steve. I can’t just be your friend anymore.”

“W-what? Why?” You were beginning to grow worried. Wondering what you did to make him so angry.

And just like that, all the built up tension and emotion he kept to himself was now coming out. “Because I’m in love with you!” He exclaimed. “I have loved you since the day we met and I will always love you.”

Your throat thickened, making it hard to breathe. You were locked in your stance, scared to make a single move.

“There you two are!” Steve yelled. He made his way over with the drinks in his hands. “I was looking for you guys.”

Bucky let out a long breath, and forced a smirk. “Well you found us.” He said. “But hey, I should leave. Need to get up early tomorrow.”

Before Steve could say a word, Bucky took one last glance at you and left.

“Is everything okay?” Steve nudged your side, snapping you out of your daze.

“Y-Yeah. E-Everything is fine.” You lied.

Pet Names [Stucky Ficlet].

As much as Steve liked to pretend he didn’t need help or affection, he loved it when Bucky called him sweet things like, ‘baby’ and ‘sweetheart’. But what really made his heart swell and turned his insides to jelly, was hearing Bucky say, 'baby doll’, because back before the war, Steve used to hear his best friend calling all the pretty women that, while he silently wished he was the one on the receiving end. But no one would look at him back then, not like Bucky would look at the dames he’d take out on dates (or at least, that’s what Steve thought, Bucky really only had eyes for him). Even though things were different now, Steve wasn’t frail or sickly; he still was a bit self conscious.

So, the first time Bucky called him that, they’re in the communal kitchens, making lunch for the rest of the team, when, “pass us the butter, would'ya baby doll?”

It just fell from Bucky’s lips effortlessly, naturally, and Steve turned to him wide eyed, pink in the face, looking at Bucky like he’d just told him they’d fixed world poverty.

“What? What did I do -?”

But Steve had already dropped what he was doing and tucked himself into Bucky’s arms, melting against the brunette.

“Stevie?” Bucky asked concerned, wrapping his arms, both flesh and metal around his baby, “what’s wrong?”

Bucky was at a loss, not knowing what to do. Steve clung onto him for dear life, and whimpered into his neck like something awful had happened. He was never like this not when the others could easily walk in and see. But Steve just didn’t care.

“Say it again,” Steve mumbled, lips parted against Bucky’s pulse, and then pleaded, “please.”

“Pass the butter?” Bucky asked incredulously, rubbing Steve’s back with his flesh hand, while the metal held onto his hip, keeping him close.

Steve snorted, laughing into Bucky’s neck, “no, not that, jerk.”

And then…oh. Oh. Bucky got it.

“Baby doll?” he smiled, his heart swelling in his chest, because fuck, he loved Steve so much, tentatively kissing his temple, “I love you, baby doll.”

Steve let out a soft broken noise, and burrowed in closer, “you do?”

Bucky held on tighter and mentally cursed all the people who had ever made Steve doubt himself, “'course I do, sweetheart. You know that. Tell you every day, don’t I?”

Steve nodded, and Bucky was sure he could feel tears, “you called me, baby doll.”

“Oh, Stevie,” Bucky cooed, drawing back only slightly to cup Steve’s face, wiping away the tears on his cheeks, “you like that, don’t ya?”

Steve blushed, biting his bottom lip and nodded, “you used to call your dates that…wanted you to call me that…like being yours. Makes me feel…I dunno safe, warm.”

Bucky growled and smashed his lips against Steve’s, murmuring between kisses, “mine(kiss), my baby doll (kiss, kiss, kiss), okay? Always have been (kiss), wanted to call you that for years.”

Steve smiled bashfully and tucked himself against Bucky again. Smiling, the brunette held his boy close and when he heard a snort behind him, followed by an incredulous – “baby doll?” – Bucky squared his shoulders and growled.

“Five seconds Barton and I’m chuckin’ this goddamn plate at your head.”

Clint was gone before Bucky could even start counting.

Steve chuckled and pecked his boyfriend’s neck, “didn’t have to do that.”

Bucky grinned, “wanted to, baby.”

And God, Steve melted just like that.

Cookie Time

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader (kinda…you’ll see)

Requested by: Anon - please let me know what you think hope you don’t mind me changing it a bit!

Hi~ could you please make a story where a member of the avengers share a secret stash of rare/limited edition midnight snacks with reader and one day they are caught in the act by the whole team cause they think there is something fishy going on.

A/n: REQUESTS ARE OPEN!  Please support your local Girl Scouts, they are a wonderful organization that teaches young girls to be independent and entrepreneurs.  

You had no idea how T’Challa had managed it. He had managed to get Girl Scout cookies sent to Wakanda for you.  After looking at him in disbelief and demanding to know where he got them, you ran into his arms giving him a big hug.

“It was nothing. I knew you missed home so I thought I could bring a bit of home to you.”  T’Challa had been hiding and protecting you and the rest of Team Cap since all the unpleasantness with Tony.

T’Challa had quickly become on your closest friends, you knew he made a point to look out for you and the others.   You had been in Wakanda almost a year and there was tons of progress on Bucky’s mind.  So much so, he decided to leave cyro.  However this didn’t change things with the government and you and the others were still unable to go home.

You took your stash of cookies and hid them in the cleaning closet in the far hallway leading to the bedrooms.   Only leaving out one box of Trefoils, you head to the living room where you knew Steve and Bucky would be.  You remembered Steve and Bucky talking about tasting the cookies back in the day and both seemed that they were dying to try the cookies once again.

Walking into the living room you find them each on either end of the couch.  Plopping into the space between them you give them both smiles.   Pulling out a cookie for each you handed one to each of them.  You watched as the two super soldiers on either side of you took a bite before letting out twin moans of delight.

Not twenty minutes later the cookies were gone.  The guys beg you for more but you refused to tell them where they were.  “But I am your boyfriend you have to tell me.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at the expression on Steve’s face.  Getting up to head to bed you laugh as Steve stands to wrap his arms around you and give you a breathtaking kiss, when he finally pulled away you melted into him.

Kissing up your neck and whispering in your ear, you let out a laugh when Steve said “Please tell me where the cookies are”

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AN: I have no earthly idea where the hell this is going.

“Y/N you have to be my girlfriend this weekend!” Steve screams as he spots you seated in front of the library with a book in hand. You roll your eyes before closing the book. “Aren’t you already in a real relationship?”

“Yes but we aren’t in the ‘bring them home to meet the family’ stage yet and i’m honestly not sure we ever will be.”

“And why would I be doing this?”

“Because I’m your best friend and you love me and you don’t want to see a 24 year old 6’ foot tall man on his knees crying.” You did kind of wanna see a 6’ foot tall man on his knees crying that sounded amazing.

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