The Changes of The Senior Officers of Rookie Blue

Season 1: Single, lonely, attractive guy who loves being undercover. Has the hots for his rookie Andy McNally who arrested him two weeks prior to catching Anton Hill then becomes her training officer.
Season 6: Seriously in love with Andy McNally, proposes to her then marries her, after Marlo, his ex from when he and Andy first broke up, is pregnant with his baby. Andy helps Marlo deliver the baby.
Season 1: Happily married man with 3 kids. Seriously funny guy who loves food but hates pickles.
Season 6: Divorced but happily in a relationship with a witch (literally) named Celery.
Season 1: Tough, hardass training officer who secretly wants to get pregnant.
Season 6: Married to Frank Best with a baby named Olivia; promoted to Internal Affairs (IA) and investigating the bombing in 15 Division and Alonzo Santana.
Season 1: Is a detective with a partner who’s been stealing evidence.
Season 6: Involved in corruption within the police force along with Police Commissioner Alonzo Santana and the bombing in 15 division, and is later arrested after being caught by Andy. In love with Traci Nash who wants nothing to do with him after his arrest.
Season 1: Training officer, then is promoted to Staff Sergeant after Boyko’s leave; recent divorcé.
Season 5: Married to Noelle Williams, with a baby girl, is fired as Staff Sergeant after taking the blame of the Kevin Ford shooting.
Season 1: The charming homicide detective of 15 Division, known for hooking up with rookies every year; dedicated to his work, and is later in a relationship with Andy McNally.
Season 4: Ex-fiancé of Andy McNally, due to him sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Jo while they were engaged. More tough, hardcore and hardworking detective.
Season 1: Detective in 15 Division who’s in a relationship and in love with Traci; is best friends with Sam and Oliver.
Season 3: Engaged to Traci, but later dies after being stabbed by Gail’s kidnapper while trying to save her.


*Deep Breaths*


“We arrested your boyfriend.” -Andy