^click to see the entire image because one or two of them were cropped^

Mmm I can’t remember /exactly/ what some of them said but I got the general idea.

But Everett was such an adventure man.

I thought I was about to break two things: My hand, because The Spine’s handshakes are tighter than I thought they were. And my nose, because of hugging Steve. And I sorta borrowed the dragon!Steve headcanon for this whoOPS

I can’t even remember which Walter Girl said what omg, and I had very little interaction with Matt and Hatchworth so I just drew them during the show because I didn’t want to leave them out (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ Michael is so nice it’s almost unreal, no wonder The Spine was wondering why we could see him. Rabbit probably had one of the cutest reactions to me giving them the drawings, beside Paige and Carolina

-flies into the sun, later taters-


We’ll try to get you back up on your feet
just tap your toes to the beat

A Way into Your Heart - Steam Powered Giraffe