There are people who tell me I’ve helped him. Mental health experts who say that the simple act of being someone’s friend can change his brain chemistry,improve his functioning in the world. I can’t speak for Mr.Ayers in that regard. Maybe our friendship has helped him. But maybe not. I can,however,speak for myself. I can tell you that by witnessing Mr.Ayers’s courage,his humility,his faith in the power of his art, I’ve learned the dignity of being loyal to something you believe in. Of holding onto it, above all else. Of believing,without question,that it will carry you home.


Justin Buccholz vs. Steve Lopez at the first Superior Cage Combat (SCC) Event, back in 2011. Buccholz executes a perfect front kick. Lopez tried defending both an inside leg kick and a headkick, you can see him make an attempt to check the kick and also brace his head and arms for impact. But he didn’t expect a front kick! Buccholz did however leave himself pretty exposed during the kick. Look at his hands, lol.