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Pairing: Jubilation Lee/Steve Rogers
Length: 237 words
Prompt:  Coma; Pining (Six Sentence Angst)
Tags:  High School AU
Warnings:  None

“Steve?”  Jubilee leaned forward, closing her hand around his.  “I hope you can hear me…”  

She glanced at the door.  Ms. Rogers had gone to get a cup of coffee.  To give them privacy.  To give her privacy.

Steve looked so pale and helpless.  But he was breathing on his own.  No ventilator.  That was good, right? She hadn’t really asked specifics.   

She took a deep breath and started again.  “Steve.  I love you.  I dunno why I never told you that before now…I’m sorry.  But I love you.”  

She leaned down to press a kiss to the back of his hand, only to look up to see him looking at her, a wry smile on his face.  “Took a car accident to get you to say that?”    

Jubilee bolted upright.  “Oh my god, Steve!  You’re awake?  Do you want me to get your mom, or–”  

“I saw her earlier,” he said flippantly.  

She frowned.  “Aren’t you in a coma or something?”  

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06/15 || Sacramento CA || The Red Museum Sacramento
06/16 || Visalia CA || Cellar Door
06/17 || Santa Cruz CA || The Crepe Place
06/18 || Leggett CA || Hickey Fest
06/19 || San Luis Obispo CA || SLO Brew
06/22 || San Diego CA || Blonde *
06/23 || San Francisco CA || The Independent *
06/24 || Pomona CA || The Glass House Concert Hall *

* - w/ Mystic Braves


(photo by Steve Lee for OBEY Clothing)