Shower HCs - Mass Effect Men edition
  • Kaidan brings his own oddly shaped bottles that are missing their labels to the showers - he takes the good-natured teasing about being vain silently, letting the assumption he’s using expensive products slide, until it’s noticed noticed he showers with his eyes closed, or in the dark if he has the showers to himself  - one of the few concessions to his migraines.
  • Garrus avoids the communal shower - says it’s ‘embarrassing’… which is odd considering his prior military service.  It’s the scratching  under the fringe that gives it away.  He’s allergic to the Alliance issue soap.  Who knew Garrus Vakarian has sensitive skin?
  • Wrex hoses himself off in the cargo bay, chanting Krogan war songs as the cold water washes over him.  Shepard adopts the “800 pound Krogan” philosophy and leaves it be.
  • Joker has a chair, and a special extendable shower head - and anyone who gives him shit for it is going to get soaked just as he’s dry dressed and ready to head out.  Jeff Moereau is a marksman when it comes to water hoses.
  • Jacob uses some system of ‘3 minutes hot, 2 cold, repeat’ - “helps the circulation after a work out,” Kasumi explained.  She swears she only knows about it because she read an extranet page over his shoulder once when she definitely was not cloaked, and Shep believes her.
  • Thane avoids the showers - too humid.  His sponge baths in Life Support are vastly improved by the anonymous gift of a Hanar heating stone, found one evening wrapped in plain paper affixed with a single scratch and sniff sticker of a rose.
  • Garrus teases Grunt about deigning to use to the crew showers, needling him about Wrex’s habits ‘back in the day.’ Grunt glares at him for a moment before shoving the turian out of the way so he can use both shower heads at once.  Garrus decides to adopt the '800 pound Krogan’ philosophy on the spot.
  • Legion reminds EDI that “The Geth do not ascribe to organic, specifically human, sex and gender assignments.  But we will take the matter of removing the remnants of collectors from our mobile platform under advisement.”
  • Zaeed always smell of cigars and spilled liquor mixed with old-school weapon oil, but he’s always downright civil if you cross paths in ’ the head’.
  • Vega is as boisterous in the showers as he is anywhere, but he’s never flicked a towel, and the observant will notice he gets a bit more boisterous, a little more exhibitionist, drawing a bit more attention to the far end of the stalls whenever one of the shyer guys happens to join them.
  • Cortez hums - scales mostly, half-murmered lists of things he has to do, making it musical so he’ll remember later, he explains. But sometimes, it’s a a few bars of music he shrugs off when asked what it is.  After one of his trips to the Citadel, he actually sings the words, just the once.  But after, the scales are much more melodic.
  • Javik hoses himself off in the cargo bay - he does not wish to 'commune with the primitives in such a manner.’  Garrus almost gets biotically flipped head over feet when he startles the prothean by sneaking up and starts chanting Krogan war songs.  Garrus lands on his bony ass as he simultaneously extends the '800 pound krogan philosophy’ to fifty-thousand year old protheans.