NYCC: Life After The Incredible True Story

Ready for round two? 

Logic is returning to New York Comic Con this year. Logic - along with Steve Blum, the voice of True Story character Quentin Thomas - will have their own panel at the convention to discuss life after The Incredible True Story, Logic’s sophomore album and sci-fi epic. 

The panel takes place Friday, October 7 from 7:45pm-8:45pm. More information can be found here



Amon (Steve Blum) Declares Support for Korrasami

Need I say more?

Anime Voice Actor 101

Todd Haberkorn, Asian Awesomeness

Troy Baker, Video Game Icon

Steve Blum, Mister Toonami Himself

Crispin Freeman, Local Badass

Vic Mignogna, Fan Favorite, #1 Sweetheart

Travis Willingham, Dragon Ball Z Fan, The Flame Alchemist

Chris Sabat, Over 9000+ Power Level of Awesomeness

Johnny Yong Bosch, Black-belt in Voice

Aaron Dismuke, The Naturally Gifted

J Michael Tatum, Doctor Who Fan, Demon King

Sonny Strait, the American Mangaka

Yuri Lowenthal, Comic Book King

Dan Green, Voice Actor Extraordinaire

Hanging with the baddies at yesterday’s ADR session, the men you love to hate/hate to love/hate to hate: Dee Bradley Baker (Tarrlok) and Steve Blum (Amon). Steve was inducted into the Guinness World Records yesterday for “most voice over roles in video games.” Congratulations to Steve!

Dee (who it should be noted you also love to love as Naga, Pabu, Oogi, Appa, Momo, Chong, and everyone’s favorite, the Police Dispatcher) has set up a fantastic website/blog to share his advice and expertise to anyone interested in a career in voice acting. It is really insightful and a pleasure to read, and much of this sage wisdom can be applied to any career in the arts. Here’s the home page: