Filoni: “Steve said, ‘I never get a jetpack or a lightsaber,’ and I’m like, “Yeah but you got Kallus.’”

Blum: “Boy, did I.”


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Blum: “What are we calling him now? ‘Hot Kallus?’”

Filoni: “Is that a we thing? It’s what you’re calling it.”


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Blum: “Well, hopefully [Zeb] will head to Lira San and start a family with Kallus.”


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Blum: *thanks Filoni for animating that strand of Kallus’ hair*


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Very quick, very messy drawing to honor the birthday of Zeb’s voice actor Steve Blum! Happy birthday, man, you are awesome! Have a fantastic day! Best of all Lasan, coolest of Orochimaru and even the loveable Andronikos Revel! (And so many, many more) But of all your VA Zeb struck me the most, I love him. You were there most of my childhood, youth and young adulthood! Thank you <3

Have an amazing birthday!

Reblogs are loved :)


Happy 57th Birthday Steve Blum!! Cartoon and anime voice legend. He is the voice behind all sorts of characters in Ben 10, from Zeb in Star Wars Rebels, to Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop, to Orochimaru in Naruto, to Wolverine, to Transformers, to Kyohek Kadota in Durarara and Amon from Legend of Korra. He’s done voicing for more video games then I can count. He deserves all the congratulations today! (April 28, 1960)

So! I went to Salt Lake City Comic Con && Met Steve Blum && got this recording for a friend of mine. 

It’s a birds rights activist tweet, && you guessed it, Steve Blum read it out as Starscream from Transformers: Prime