You Shall Go To The Ball

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: 4,089

Word Count: She meets Steve at Tony’s annual Hallowe’en party, not knowing who he was. When she rushes off, he makes it his mission to find her and win her affections. (Set around the time of Age of Ultron)

Author’s Note: This was gonna be a drabble but it definitely has gone past a drabble. For those who don’t know me… I love Disney and this was such an indulgence! I hope you like it! Also, I’m almost at 200 followers which is crazes thank you all so much for reading! If there’s anything you’d like to see for a celebration, let me know! Tag lists, requests and asks are open! -Abby x

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For the past five years, Stark tower had been the host of Tony’s infamous Hallowe’en parties. People came from all over the country to attend, and it had become one of the most exclusive events of the year. Being Pepper’s personal assistant meant that she somehow, had managed to get an invite, and not just as an employee.

“Does this mean I have to dress up?” She asked her boss, re-reading the invitation on her phone.

“Yes, Y/N.” Pepper laughed. Her back was turned to her, handing her a file. “If it makes you feel better, this is what Tony’s making me wear.” She opened the file to reveal a frilly Alice in Wonderland dress that was so not Pepper it made her laugh. “He’s dressing as the White Rabbit.” Pepper dead panned, making her laugh even harder, until Pepper joined in and both of them were bent over the desk, tears falling from their eyes from laughing so hard.

“I hope I’m not interrupting,” Tony stood in the doorway, and the imaging of him in white ears and a fluffy tail had you giggling as Pepper snapped the folder shut and put it back in the desk, trying to keep her face straight.

“No we were just discussing the party.” Pepper said innocently and Tony beamed at her.

“Everyone’s coming Pep, it’s gonna be the party of the year- New York Times even said it’s gonna be bigger than the MET!” Tony waited for the girls to show the same enthusiasm but they simply carried on with their work. “Y/N, please tell me you’re coming?”

“I wouldn’t miss it, Mr Stark, although I’m afraid I don’t have a costume yet.” She replied, smiling kindly at him.

“Well if you need anything, drop me a text- you’ve got my number right? I’m sure I can get something ordered.”

She nodded and smiled as Pepper and Tony left together for dinner, leaving her alone in the office.  Once she was sure that they were gone, she collapsed on the sofa that sat against the wall and closed her eyes, allowing herself to feel the exhaustion that had been creeping up on her all day. She loved her job, but it took its toll on her; she had few friends and her love life was non-existent because she ended up going home most nights and without much energy to do anything other than lie in front of the TV with takeout and Star Wars.

Maybe she could go as Princess Leia to the party? She shrugged the thought away, trying to imagine herself cinnamon roll buns. She had a 70’s hippie costume that she’d bought for a party her mom had held the year before, she could just use that.

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#10 Bucky Barnes please?

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I’m too sad to write about him dying or losing someone so here you go :)

Water was everywhere. The water guns were still loaded, triggers being pulled by every member of the team. The goal was to avoid being hit, but everyone was soaked already from falling or diving. You screamed as you narrowly avoided a stream of water from Natasha’s gun. She laughed, watching as you jumped aside, barely being able to escape the shot. You turned, seeing Bucky cornered by Steve and Sam, Steve in front and Sam behind.

He was able to dodge Steve’s shot, but he didn’t know Sam was there, so he was oblivious to the incoming threat. You ran. lunging yourself in front of the water as it hit you square in the chest. 

You flopped onto the ground, miming hurt and Bucky turned, seeing you and putting the pieces together.

“My god, Y/N, are you going to make it?”

He played along, crouching down and cradling you as though you were dying.

“I don’t think so, but I always knew you would be the one I took a bullet for.”

You closed your eyes, screwing them shut and placing the back of your forehead, going limp in his arms.

He laughed, flipping you over onto his shoulder and you shrieked, laughing as he continued fighting.

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Lost and Unwanted {4}

Summary: Y/N had a beautiful vacation planned with her group of friends as well as your boyfriend. You were tired of the sun in L.A and booked a trip to Vermont in the middle of ski season. You were dreaming of some White Christmas bullshit, and as the days got closer you could practically hear Bing Crosby’s voice in your ears. But what is you meat a certain lumberjack while in the snowy state? Will you go back to L.A.? (Lumberjack AU)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I finally finished writing this story after having it drafted for like 6 months. So updates for this story will probably be more frequent! I hope you enjoy this part and if you want to be tagged send me an ask!

prologue one two three


“Guess we’ll add fishing to a list of activities” He smiled 

“Great now get of out of my kitchen” You smiled and he put his hands up

“Yell if you need anything” You smiled, maybe this trip won’t be so bad.

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Insult to Injury: Part 5 (Steve x Reader)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warnings: none

Summary: An ignored injury leaves you with more trouble than you bargained for.

A/N: This is short, sweet, and to the point. Thank you all for joining me this summer with this fic!

Series Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

You let out a shaky sigh, tears still threatening to spill. You felt terrible. You couldn’t believe he yelled at you like that. You couldn’t believe you yelled at him like that.

You closed your eyes and tried to fall asleep to get your mind off of the fight you just had with Steve, but words kept buzzing around your head from the argument. You lay in your bed restlessly. Your brain wouldn’t silence itself long enough for you to sleep. You began to feel suffocated, the heavy atmosphere of the room still not letting up. You couldn’t stay in that cramped hospital room. You needed to get some fresh air to clear your mind.

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The Secret Inside || Part 8

Fandom: MARVEL

Pairings: Steve Rogers x mutant/demon!reader

Summary: The Avengers release a mutant girl under the control of Hydra, on a particularly eventful mission. Her and her two wolves (demon wolves) are shrouded in mystery; pain and suffering paint her past.

Wordcount: 1350+

Warnings: violence, swearing, torture, child abuse, eventual fluff and smut (not this chapter) mentions of rape, death, depression, self harm, murder (prepare yourself)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters or the gifs. Google translate + other sources used to translate different languages, apologies if it is incorrect.

18+ ONLY


Notes: REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!! So I do have a lot planned for this series, but i would love if you give some ideas or suggestions of things that might happen. I might take some inspiration from the ideas and incorporate it at some point. But later on in the series as I have a plan for now x

Part 7

*i do not own any gifs, credit to creator*

Originally posted by kimiko24


Before anybody could question why, you had already marched out of the gym, the dark, soot feathers of your wings contrasting drastically to the bright decor of the tower as they swished behind you.


It had been two days since the incident in the gym and the tiny bit of progress you mad had disintegrated into dust. Stalking around the compound, head down low, constantly glaring and nobody getting anything more than a grunt in response.

You currently sat on a plush leather sofa situated in the open space of the compound. You balanced both your elbows atop your thighs and had your hands clasped together resting against your lips. A frown adorning you face as you thought about what happened.

The Black Widow made you feel weak. Unintentional though it may be, it made your blood boil. Asking you to do something that was your weakness, asking you to reveal it to them. A low grumbling came from the back of your throat as you bit back your annoyance the best you could.

Cicero wandered up beside you, lowering his muscular body onto the ground beside your feet, avoiding the ends of your wings touched the wooden floor easily.

“Sed haec hactenus.” (Enough of this) says the stern voice of Cicero booming in your head.

“What do I do Cicero?” You as quietly, combing your fingers through his cool white fur, as you look down into his piercing eyes.

“Errando discimus,” (Learn from your mistakes) he said before he softly blew out a puff of frost from his nose, and laying his head down; signalling the conversation was over.

“Huh?” You has no idea what he meant by that… Learn from your mistakes? Which mistake.

Sighing, you carefuy stood up, stretching your wings and arms as you stifled a yawn. Tiptoeing over the huge sleeping figure of Cicero, you begrudgingly stalked over to the coffee machine on the counter. Quickly picking up the pod which you have learnt to contain the most caffeine, you made a coffee for yourself.

“Another coffee?” Asked Steve, his question startlling you, causing you to almost spill your coffee.

“Tired,” you mumbled a reply as he glanced over at the table next to the sofa where you had been sat for the last 4 hours. Mugs were cluttering the top of it, at least 11.

It was true. You were exhausted. You hadn’t slept since your first night at the tower, the fear of your secret being exposed driving you to the point of exhaustion. Only Wanda knew, luckily she kept it to herself, which you were extremely thankful for.

However it was taking its toll, dark bags were present under your eyes and you were no longer completely aware of your surroundings.

“I’ve noticed,” Steve said, looking back at you, taking in your tired experience. “Multiple coffees a day, exhausted features and I know for a fact that you aren’t sleeping.” You open your mouth to object but he continues. “I’m worried about you doll.”

Pink tinges your cheeks and you look down, strands of your y/h/c hair covering your face. The only person who you had continued to be alright around, was Steve.

“You need to sleep. Please try to sleep.” He said, stepping closer to you, “please, try to sleep, for me…” He finished with a whisper, head looking down at you, as you felt your heels hit the counter, meaning he had cornered you. Without realising, his muscular chest was just inches from you, heat radiating off his body he was so close.

Slowely, he reached up his hand, your eyes locked on it the entire way, and pushed your hair behind your ear. Heavily breathing out, you realised something. You weren’t scared around him, weren’t scared he would hit you, would try and hurt you.

A small smile graced your lips and you shakily clutches his hand to your face, his palm warming up your chilly cheek.

Shock spread over the super soldiers handsome features, you trusted him enough to touch him, to not flinch away from his movements.

“I need a lock, on my door. That only I can open from the inside.” You said strongly, looking up at him, eyelashes tickling over his fingers as you did so.

“I’ll talk to Stark,” he replied grinning.

Without a second for him to say something else, you quickly dropped his hand and strided over to the balcony. Just as Bucky, Sam and Natasha entered the room.

Eyeing the skyline, you whipped your head around.

“I’m going for a fly!” You announces sternly.

“I thought you weren’t aloud to leave the compound?” Questioned Bucky.

“Let her go for a fly Mr Robot, must be boring being cooped up here,” said Sam cooly as he flopped onto the stool at the kitchen island.

“See.” You said as you leaped onto the railings a fell backwards grinning to yourself at the expressions of the avengers.

The wind rushed by you, pushing your hair out in front of you as you continued to fall, gazing at he sky as you went. Just before you neared the ground, you spin round and opened your strong wings fully, flapping them once to propel you into the air.

On your way back up you flew past the balcony you just jumped off, enjoying the looks of awe on the avengers faces, even Natasha looked slightly impressed. As you flew higher, you heard the unimpressed voice of the Falcon.

“How come yall don’t look at me like that!”


You had been flying for a couple of hours, swooping and gliding up through the fluffy clouds and spinning rapidly down to earth, the thrill running through your veins, pushing out the feeling of exhaustion.

A sharp pain shoots through your neck, jolting you suddenly. Causing you to lose all focus, just clawing at the back of your neck as you plummet to the ground. Faster and faster. The pain stops as soon as it started. You eyes fly open and you open your wings aggressively, as you spot a large tree in your pathway. The speed at which you had been falling had made it difficult to stop. So you flying into the top of the tree before you could fully stop.

“Ugh…” You grunted. Things snapped around you as you clung to the branch you were on. Legs dangling. Hauling yourself up, you dusted off the dirt from your arms and legs, not caring about the new scrapes here and there.

All you could think about was that pain. Tenderly swiping your finger over the top of your neck, you realised what it was. The mind controller; that had been shot off by Clint; was not fully removed. Scraps of metal, were still imbedded in the holes in your neck as well as the wires that interfere with the electrical current being sent to your brain.

“Banner…” You muttered aloud, knowing he could help you with your problem.


Landing back on the balcony you, the sound of bullets raining down filled the large room. You ran forward, frantically looking round. Sprinting to the stairway you see a sliver over dozens of armoured agents. Hydra agents. You face hardens and your wings tense.

Doors to the left of you at the end of a corridor burst open and a sea of agents flood in. Guns in hand. Swiftly closing your ings around your body you back up to the kitchen.

Out of know where, the entire team bursts in from multiple different doors. Steve punching multiple agents, Wanda using her powers to block the oncoming siege of bullets. Everybody doing their part. Tony lands next to you in his iron man gear. His mask lifts off his face.

“They are here for me.” You state bluntly.

“I know kid,” he replies.

Before he could continue, Ignis rams through a doorway his eyes gleaming blood red and his fangs on fire. Howling loudly. He plunged into the throng of body’s, protecting you from the never ending onslaught.

“How did they get in?” You continue shielding your body with your wing. You hear the familiar howling of Cicero as you hear him join in.

“We don’t know,” he replies, sounding annoyed they were able to get in.

“Fine.” Is the last thing you say to him, before you open up your wings and death glare every hydra agent. Yanking out a feather from your left wing, you connect to it, sharpening every strand on it until it’s lethal. Then you jump into the chaos, ingnoring the yelling from Stark.



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would you be okay with writing buck's n stevies reaction to their s/o telling them she's pregnant?

 A/N: I really hope this is what you wanted hahah this was literally my first time writing Steve haha 

I wrote this after I came back from hiking and was tired af, so excuse any mistakes. This was also a change for me because I’m so used to writing angst now haha



I sat on my bed reading the word in disbelieve. “This can’t be.” I covered my mouth to muffle the soft cries coming from my mouth. Bucky’s in the living room, watching TV. I had no clue on how to tell him the news I just found out. We didn’t plan this, yes we we’re married, but kids were in no discussion. Bucky has made it clear to me that he’s scared to have kids and that he wants to wait until he’s ready. I have to tell him, he obviously deserves to know.

My legs could barely carried me to our living room from how weak my knees were. With the test in my sweating hand, almost slipping out, I made my way to the couch Bucky was sitting on.

“Buck? We need to talk.” I sat next to him and placed the test next to my leg on the couch. I shifted nervously and forgot how to speak proper sentences. I wasn’t sure how to tell him. What if he leaves me? He told me once before that he’s not ready yet to have kids and now I’m probably pushing him away from me. I don’t want him to break up with me and I don’t want to be a single mother.

I got pulled out of my thought as Bucky brushed his hand through my hair. “What’s wrong, doll.” I looked into his eyes, worrying I would never see them again.

“Please promise me you won’t leave, please.” He looked at me with concern written over his face.

“I promise, but can you please tell me what’s wrong?” He placed his hand on my thigh, gripping it firmly, giving it a quick squeeze.

I hesitated before letting the words leave my lips. “I’m pregnant.”

I was too scared to look at his face to see his reaction, but I knew he was surprised since he didn’t say anything. I slowly took the test and laid it on his lap. I took a quick glance at his face, his mouth hanging open he took the test and read the word. He took an awful amount of time to react to what I had just told him.

“But- how did this happen?” His voice broke and I was able to see a tear falling and hitting his leg. Shocked and scared I whipped my head around to look at him. He had tears rolling down his face.

He wrapped his arms around my neck, pulling me close to him. I was taken aback by this action and it took me a minute to wrap my arms around him too. He pulled back a bit and cupped my cheeks and kissed me soft and slow.

“I’m- I don’t know what to say. I’m happy, I’m shocked and surprised, but I’m happy.” He looked into my eyes and I saw honesty.

“But I thought you weren’t ready, that you were scared to have a kid.”

“Yeah I am, but now that I see the test- I don’t know. I’m still scared of what might happen. What if I turn into the winter soldier again and hurt you. What if-“ His voice broke again and I kissed his cheek to try to comfort him with my touch. “What if they’re scared of me and the Arm.?”

I cupped his cheek to wipe away the wet traces of tears that ran down. “No, don’t think that. They will love you as who you are, I promise.”


I picked up the pregnancy test with shaky hands and turned it around.


I read the word over and over again, but the word never changed. How could it? I also took about twenty others to confirm my speculation, so there’s no way I’m not pregnant.

I nervously paced around the room and waited for Steve to come back from a meeting he had with Tony about some changes to the gear. I couldn’t wait to tell him the news, but I also didn’t want to call him, I wanted to tell him in person and see his face. Steve and I have been trying to have a baby for a year now, so this is a big deal.

I heard the front door open and ran with the pregnancy test in my hand right into Steve’s arms. He took a step back from the impact and wrapped his arms around me.

“Woah, someone’s exited to see me.” I looked up and kissed him slowly. I wrapped one arm with the test in my hand to try to hide it, around his neck and tangled my fingers in his hair with my other hand.

“I have some news.” I got a little nervous to see his reaction, I want him to be happy.

“What news?” He knitted his eyebrows together in confusion and suspicion.

I unwrapped my arm from his neck and held the test up to his face for him to see the little letters. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped, his eyes flicking between the test and me.

“Is- is this real?” Is expression softened and a smile appeared before suddenly wrapping his arms around my body and lifting me up. He spun me around a few times and I couldn’t hold back laughing at his excitement. He set me back on my feet and took the pregnancy test out of my hand. “I can’t believe it. Thank you.”

I giggled lightly “you don’t have to thank me, Steve.” I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead.

He kneeled down, lifted my shirt up and kissed my stomach. “I’m going to do everything it takes to protect you-“ he got up to place his hands on my cheeks “and your mother.”

I wrapped my arms around his torso pulling him close to me. “I love you, Steve.”

He kissed the top of my head and whispered softly. “I love you too, y/n.”

Prompt List

Please, request, you can use these prompts - or come up with your own ones XD. Just say your preferred character and whether you want the character or Y/N to say it! Thanks!

1. “Just hold my hand for a bit”

2. “It’s not like that I swear”

3. “You smell nice”

4. “You always do this”

5. “You look even better in the daylight”

6. “My clothes look better on you than they do on me”

7. “Someone’s coming. Is that -other person-?”

8. “Do you think we’re lost?”

9. “I’m not going to leave you”

10. “Just breathe”

11. “Hear my heartbeat? Just focus on that”

12. “Stop lying to me”

13. “Please don’t cry”

14. “Are you bleeding?”

15. “I’m just trying to help you”

16. “Are you even listening to me?”

17. “What more do you want?”

18. “It’s dark”

19. “Bite me!”

20. “Shh - No, no, don’t panic, love. You’re safe now”

21. “You’d be a great father”

22. “Are you… Jealous?”

23. “Hey, don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself”

24.”I like the way your hand fits in mine”

25. “You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head”

26. “You’re fucking mine. And nobody, nobody, lays a goddamn finger on you.”

27. “Give it back!”

28. “Shit I’m sorry I didn’t mean to - I um should’ve knocked. Um, I-I’ll just go.”

29. “Do you regret it?”

30. “I’ll just stay right here”

31. “Do you want to talk about it?”

32. “You always do this”

33. “Are you blushing?”

34. “I love your bedhead”

35. “I’m sore in such weird places”

36. *Someone tries to sneak out half dressed*

37. “This is going to sound controversial, but I think that went well”

38. “Shut up and kiss me”

39. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

40. “Lets share my coat, since you’re so cold”

41.”I would’ve made breakfast already, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you”

42. “Is it cold outside, or are you just blushing?”

43. “How long has it been since you slept?”

44. “I heard you scream. Nightmares again?”

45. “It’s midnight! Where the hell have you been?!”

46. “It’s too cold! Come back!”

47. “C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working”

48. “No no - it’s alright, come here”

49. “If I could, I would kiss away all the scars”

50. “Mmm, you’re so warm”

Sunburst - S.R (2/10)

Originally posted by everydaylouie

Summary: After years of solitude, you sought out the color of life – you just didn’t think it would end up like this. (Enhanced!Reader/Steve Rogers).

Prompt: “I think I just asked out on a date.”


A/N: This is for @captain-ariel-barnes writing challenge. not the best chapter, but we are getting there! 

Feedback is always appreciated.

Part 1 

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mcu boys react to you saying your ass is too fat

Steve: *blushes and laughs nervously* Y/N…. your ass is beautiful the way it is…

Tony: *slaps it so hard it jiggles for 5 straight minutes* damn

Bucky: *spreads your bootycheeks in murderous adoration*

Sam: but can you throw it back tho?

T’Challa: It’s almost as fat as mine, Y/N. Let’s celebrate.

Erik: tch…. not fat enough

Thor: It sure is, Y/N! Now turn around and let me eat your fat ass!

Loki: *magically turns your ass into ballons and watches you fly away*

Peter P: *blushes in shock as Ned says Peter wants you to make it clap on his face*

Hulk: LORD KNOWS I’D SMASH Y/N!!!!!!!!!!

Peter: *Quill*

Thanos: *slaps your juicy fat ass so hard it pops*



Characters: Bucky x reader

Summary: After you spend the night at Bucky’s for the first time, you drop a nickname that turns the ex Winter Soldier into a blushing and stuttering mess.

Warnings: Fluff to a shameless extent, blushy!bucky, implied smut but nothing major

Words: 904 (short but sweet bc writers block is a biotch)

A/N: I’m getting a toothache from all of the sweetness. I’ve always pictured Bucky using petnames so often with his SO that when they call him one back he gets all cute and shy about it because he’s not used to it.

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the four times steve rogers almost kisses you and the first time he does

summary: steve rogers has been smitten with you ever since you joined the avengers. it’s only a matter of time until he kisses you.

pairings: steve rogers x fem!reader

warnings: swearing, blood, near death experiences

a/n: i told you i’d be back! do you like it better when i write in second person or third? do you want to see an au!bucky barnes x reader series, an au!steverogers x reader series, or an au!the avengers x reader series with a dash of au!steve rogers x reader on the side? this is for @prettyyoungtragedy‘s 2k writing challenge! congrats on 2k sweet pea <3

word count: 4300ish

the four times steve rogers almost asks you on a date and the time he does

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

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None of My Fears are as Dear to Me

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: After you get injured on a mission, Steve teaches you a lesson.

Warnings: violence, SMUT, rough sex, dirty talk, Post-Accords Steve being dark and feral 

Notes: I was V inspired by this post to write a post-Civil War Steve where he’s a lot more rough around the edges but, still has that sweet quality to him. I’ve also come to discover that i love wounded readers and sexually-driven showers/baths. Not sure what that says about me but, whatever. 

Please Comment/Reblog because your feedback gives me life!!

Originally posted by amandamaesweetheart

The gash in your side is hanging open in a gore-ridden, lopsided grin. You’re scurrying backwards, hands sticky with blood. The pain is unbearable - radiating and pulsating like a feverish bite and making you dizzy. You pray to every God you know that your innards aren’t trailing out of you right now. 

The Hand sentry who’s responsible for your current predicament is striding towards you - the shadows distorting his figure. His eyes are glowing red, his twin Sais dripping in your blood. 


You missed Hydra agents and their lack of mystical abilities. 

Just as he goes in for the second hit, he’s flung backwards, his back smashing into the wall with a sickening crack.

Steve is in front of you, shoulders wide and figure hulking. He glances back at you and then at your wounded torso. His expression transforms from irritation to horror at your current state. 

“I told you not to leave the group,” Steve hisses at you. His tone is sharp enough to sting and it makes you flinch.

“My bad,” you slur before your head falls back against the floor, the pain in your side nearly driving you to darkness.

Steve curses.

“Stay the fuck awake,” he demands before he blocks an incoming hit from the Hand sentry.

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Sex ed ❌

Tumblr smut ✔

Morning Heat

Originally posted by mcavoys


Characters: Thor x reader

Summary: You and Thor have hardly managed to have any “quality” time together as of late, but as the rain falls down on the morning of a day you both have off things start heating the hell up.

Warnings: SMUT 18+ ONLY, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, come play? (like pretty mild), unprotected penetrative sex - the lot, some fluff because iTS THOR

Words: 2489

A/N: SORRY NOT SORRY FOR THAT GIF. Also this is basically just straight up porn soooo yikes.

When your body was awakened by the gentle sound of rain on top of the roof of your home, you knew it was going to be a good day.

You’d always liked the rain. Calm and cooling and soft, it pattered outside and with your eyes still closed, you smiled. Rain had a habit of bringing the cozy sweatered tea drinker out of everyone, including the god of thunder.

Soft light from the overcast sky outside of your window filtered through your lashes when you opened them for the first time. You were on your side, a strong arm firmly wrapped around your middle and a firm chest against your back. You weren’t sure if Thor was awake or not, but upon hearing a small snore you had your answer.

Weaving your fingers through his around your middle, you brought them up to your mouth to kiss his knuckles with a smile on your lips.

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