I have an idea for a Steve angst

Where Steve and the reader are married and have three children and the youngest thinks that Steve doesn’t like him because he always seems to be away when something important happens to him. While the reader tries to tell him that it isn’t true, she hits her breaking point when Steve gets calling for a mission two days before the youngest child’s birthday. Let me know if you want to be tagged.

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Steve Rogers in Spider-Man: Homecoming : …take it from a guy whose been frozen for 60 years, the only way to be cool is to follow the rules

Steve Rogers in literally every marvel movie: *lies on his recruitment forms, hijacks a military plane, breaches country borders, sticks a metaphorical middle finger up at SHIELD/HYDRA by not telling them shit, steals his old army uniform for nostalgia, fights entire SWAT army team thingy for his vanilla-ice boyfriend, becomes a fugitive, grows a sexy, brooding beard*


Edwin Jarvis: Peggy no!

Peggy: Peggy yes!

Almost every guy ever: PEGGY NO

Peggy: Screw you! PeGGY YES!!

Steve Rogers: Peggy Yes!!!!!

Peggy: PEG-

Peggy: oh.

Peggy: Ooh I like him

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S P E N C E R  R E I D

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Your Voice

A A R O N  H O T C H N E R

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Jack’s Favorite Part Two

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Interview Banters

H A R R Y  S T Y L E S

Caught In Interview
War Is Love |||  Part Two

Steve Rogers angst fic preview

A/n get ready because this is going to be HEARTBREAKING (at least I think it is). You can expect this on Sunday.

Just as Steve pulled away and started making his way towards the team that was giving him a sympathetic look, Steve heard his youngest child’s voice. “Daddy where are you going” Timmy asked and caused Steve’s blood to go cold.

“I have to go on a little mission but I’ll try to make it back for you birthday. Can you give me a hug for good luck?” Steve placed his bag on the ground and opened his arms so his son would give him a hug. Unfortunately, Timmy shook his head no and ran towards you and asked if he could sleep with you. “Daddy loves you” Steve choked our before got his bags and made his way towards the team.

Steve looked over at you one last time and noticed you were consoling Timmy. “It’s going to be ok Steve. While y/n is annoyed about the situation, she still loves you and understands why you have to leave” Wanda reassured Steve.

“What about Timmy?” Steve asked. When Wanda didn’t respond he just shook his head before they all left for their mission.


Steve Rogers


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Steve: *sneezes*

*theres suddenly a creaking noise above Cap’s head*

Steve: what the?-

Clint: *whispers from inside the vents* God Bless America

  • Me: Spiderman is a pure soul
  • Me: Tom Holland is a pure soul
  • Me: Peter Parker is a pure soul
  • Me: I larb them all.
  • Me: I must protect them all.
  • Me: Too pure for this world.



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