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Darry, Paul & Tim in High School- Headcanons


-sports, sports and more sports

-probably v popular

-never took anybody’s shit

-does not appreciate bullying

-smart, probs on honour roll

- probably doesn’t party, prefers to stay home

- very much a gentleman

-doesn’t go from girl to girl, he’ll stick with one girl

-he’d spoil her so much

-never misses class

-teachers respect the hell out of him

- friends with everyone

-always had big dreams for his future



-pretty much opposite

-very into sports

-probably picks on the “nerds”

-Darry gets after him every time

-bad temper

- doesn’t give two shits about class

- has no respect for teachers, they don’t respect him either

-parties like it’s nobody’s business

- into his looks

-thinks he’s king shit

-but he’s really not


-probably class clown

-doesn’t do any homework

-skips class almost everyday

-probably has his own chair at the principals office

-mega flirt

- tries to get into fights with anyone and everyone

- if you go to a party, he’ll be there 1000%

- thinks he’s too dumb to pass classes, so he just gives up

-Darry ends up tutoring him

-still barely passed, but he did it

Dally: Johnny man, you look really good

Johnny: r-really? T-thanks Dal

Dally: ya, you know what you’d look even better on?

Johnny: what?

Dally: My d-

Steve: A bench in a church, thank you good lord


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birthday w/ the gang headcanons!

❃ soda demanded you celebrate your birthday at the curtis house.

❃ darry said he would bake the cake himself and spare everyone the trouble of buying one.

❃ pony and johnny woke you up on your birthday, succeeding in their goal of being the first people you saw on your birthday.

❃ two-bit sang a soulful “happy birthday” every time he saw you that day.

❃ dally called you “the birthday kid” and asked for your “age again, kid?” he grinned when you blushed.

❃ steve didn’t say much, but his actions made up for his words when he presented you with an expensive silver bracelet adorned with a few diamonds after cake when you two were alone.

❃ “I’ve been saving up for a while for that, you know.”

❃ soda called you “birthday princess” and pony insisted it was your “big day” although you tried convincing him otherwise.

❃ tim shepard arrived with curly, but they pretended they didn’t know about the party.

❃ curly went in for a hug, and tim shared a cigarette with you outside as the sun slowly set.

❃ “today’s your birthday, yeah?”

❃ “that’s what my mother tells me.”

❃ everyone danced around the curtis house to elvis, singing at the top of their lungs.

❃ the boys took turns dancing with you, spinning you around. two-bit tried to “dip” you and nearly broke his back and dropped you. said he forgot about his recent injury.

❃ dally decided that for your birthday it’d be fun to get a kiss on the cheek from each guy.

❃ staying up all night to cherish your birthday.

❃ the boys — except steve — all promised to get you a present as soon as they could afford it.

❃ they were determined, although you said it was fine if they didn’t get anything.

❃ it was the most fun you had had on your birthday in years, considering birthdays were never very fun for you.

Dating Dallas And Being Johnny's Big Sister Would Include

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- Not believing him at first when he ask you out because he’s Dallas Winston and when is he ever serious about a girl?

- Having your first kiss after he wins a round at the rodeo

- Johnny being ecstatic that you’re dating his best friend

- Running your fingers through his surprisingly soft hair

- Staying nights at Bucks when you need a break from your parents

- People suddenly either being to afraid to mess with you or always trying to mess with you

- Him constantly trying to get in your pants

- You and Dal taking care of Johnny whenever possible

- Renting a spare room at Bucks for him

- Trying to keep Dal from killing your Dad after he beats you

- Getting into fights with Sylvia when she tries to come back around

- Dal being paranoid your cheating on him because of his past with Sylvia

- Stealing his leather jacket

- The rest of the gang teasing you about your relationship constantly

- Waiting for him while he’s in jail

- Both of you going to Johnny to vent after a fight

- Dal being supportive of your decision to work and take care of Johnny 

- Feeling guilty about Johnny getting jumped

- Being fiercely overprotective of your baby brother

- Dal holding you when you cry because life gets too rough 

“My baby”

I said, holding a picture of someone older than my own parents .

Sodapop is a cannibal, he drinks himself all the time.

I’ll go home.

The Greasers as thing my brothers have said

Two-Bit: I got suspended for drinking with my friends. All my friends got put in this rehab program except for me. Why? Because I am a quote, unquote “Hopeless Case”

Dally: I’d like to start by saying Gaston did nothing wrong. He left Belle’s dad outside to get eaten by wolves! Yeah, because Belle’s dad was a little bitch!

Sodapop: I may be the middle child but I am also the most charismatic, handsome, and popular soooooo you all can suck it.

Steve: When I was your age I got suspended. Why? Becuase I wrote a fake newspaper for the school and one of the articles’ claimed that Josh’s mom was a hermaphrodite. 

Ponyboy: Uh, can I go to the nurse? I got this pencil stuck in my hand there is a whole lot of blood coming out.

Darry: Hey! The oldest gets shotgun! The youngest gets depression and daddy issues but that’s okay you’ll love it.

Johhny: Something must’ve stunt my growth when I was younger. I bet when adults see me at my job they think, Who let this 6-year-old be in charge of making me a sandwich?

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i need more johnny stuff,,,, nothing in particular just johnny stuff pls

I’ll be posting an imagine later but here’s some headcannons!!
thank u!! hope you enjoy💘

- he has a habit of biting his nails
- he also has really soft hands and likes rubbing the back of ur hand with his thumb
- loves when u wear his clothes omg????
- sticks his tongue out of his mouth when he’s really concentrating and it’s so adorable
- Eskimo kisses ,,,
- he’s surprisingly a good kisser tbh
- constantly giving u compliment!!
- it doesn’t matter if fucking Beyoncé walked in the room he’d still be looking at you
- 100% the kind of boyfriend to paint your dominant hand or let you do his makeup
- brings u flowers all the time!!!
- nuzzles his head in ur neck when u hug and likes to slightly lift u up
- piggy back rides
- he looks so cute when he sleeps aaa,,, bedhead and squinty eyes ,,
- platonic ass showers where u play with bubbles and shampoo eachother’s hair
- also baths bc yesss
- cuddles and spoonin and he loves bein the little spoon aaaahhhh
- he’s just an angel and blushed when u do anything
- he’s the kind of fucker to slow dance in ur room and spin u around
- put glow in the dark stars on ur ceiling and loves to lay down and look at them with u and just talk
- such a good listener tbh

johnny is one of my fav boys! I love writing for him tbhhhh thanks sm for requesting! ☺️💘

Imagine Being a Girly Girl and in the Curtis Gang

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- Lets get one thing straight you are a greaser. A bad ass greaser girl who just happens to love pink.

- And glitter, and sparkle, and skirts

- Its certainly makes you stand out when you’re standing next to Dallas Winston or Steve Randle in a skirt and pink top

- It sometimes makes the guys uncomfortable being around all of that pink and glitter

- Sometimes it would be easier for them not to think of you as a girl rather than just one of the guys

- But for the most part its not a problem

- You’re still just one of the gang

- You still fight and carry a blade and can cuss a Soc up and down with the rest of ‘em

- If anything your girly side makes you more amazing as a greaser because people don’t expect a delicate, pink young woman to be a tuff girl

- It takes a while for you to get this through Ponyboy’s head and get him to stop treating you like a freaking flower or something

- If Two Bit ever flipped your skirt up (without your permission) you’d probably pull a blade on him

- Its a pink blade 

- Dally gave it to you for your birthday

Cuddling with the Outsiders

Ponyboy Curtis

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Ponyboy would be one for cuddling all the time. Wherever and whenever. He would love to show you affection and kiss your forehead.

Sodapop Curtis

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Soda calls you cute names like “sugar” and “baby girl” while holding you. He always wants to cuddle with you laying on top of him and he would play with your hair. He would also love when you fall asleep on him.

Darrel ‘Darry’ Curtis

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Darry never really has time for cuddling. Even if you two live in the same house with the boys he would come in and just fall asleep instantly in bed, but on some nights he would wrap you in his arms and tell you how much he loves you and how he appreciates all you do for the boys with being their mother figure.

Dallas ‘Dally’ Winston

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Dally a famous player would be a sucker for slinging his arm around you and pulling you in his lap and kissing you all over. “You’re my girl. Forever and always.” Then kissing you making all the guys groan with how lovey dovey the two of you get.

Johnny Cade

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Johnny’s favorite thing is to be held by you and you stroking his hair. He is so desperate for love and affection and you are more than happy to provide the boy with all the love you can give.

Steve Randle

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Steve wouldn’t be keen on cuddling, but he would always play fight you and grab you in big bear hugs to suffice for the lack of cuddling.

Keith ‘Two-Bit’ Matthews

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Two-Bit would love to show off that you were his girl and always be affectionate in front of everyone. He would take every chance to snuggle and give you back massages and everything in between.

The Gang All Grown Up Headcanons


-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeee 37. 

-found himself a really nice girl and settled down

-he had 5 children

-yES i said that correctly, 5

-4 girls and 1 boy

-Jade, Emily, Cameron, Regina, and Alexander

-And he is just so much happier and is always smiling

-He has a steady job as an accountant

-And is married to a middle-class, brown lady, who neither classifies as a soc nor greaser


-gets drafted and dies doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeeeeee 25

-he still works at the DX, but in a higher position

-has a fiancée

-she is also a middle-class girl

-when asking her to marry him, he told her that she would be marrying Steve in a way also but that’s okay because one day’s Steve will have his own girl and they will all be a happy, messed up family

-he still has a good relationship with his two brothers

-he and his girl babysit for Darry a lot

-still the same giddy boy he was when he was 16


-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeeeeeeeee 21

-isn’t dating anyone at the moment

-goes out drinking a lot but doesn’t abuse it

-he is in community college and saving up money to transition to real one

-he is so dang close and just giddy with excitement

-he tutors kids and works at camps 

-has his own little apartment and it is very comfy and cozy in there

-he still reads a ton

-he always loves to hang out with the gang and still remains close with them

-has met up a few times with Cherry, but it was totally platonic

-although Cherry has a little crush on Ponyboy now, she would never admit it



-dead doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-one day a very old man sees him get beat up by socs

-turns out, that very old man knows karate, so he teaches him to fight for himself 

-it starts out slow, but then he sees what he needs to do in order to be a real karate kid

-ends up winning money at competitions and gets a scholarship to college for his supreme karate skills

-finds a really nice, talkative, and quirky girl at college just basically think of Jessica day from new girl

-falls in love with her

-it is the happiest time of his life


-dead doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeeeeeee 26

-stays at Ponyboy’s apartment sometimes, Johnny’s sometimes, Sodapop’s sometimes, he is just moving from place to place

-becomes more content with his life

-isn’t even bothering with girls anymore tbh

-the last time he saw his dad he punched him hard in the face 

-works as a bartender and is currently saving up money so he can buy his own apartment

-honestly, has had one night stands with both boys and girls

-eats more ice cream, exercise, and laughs a little more these days

-whenever he passes a police car he screams out of his car window, “FUCK YOU, PIGS!”

-I mean, he’s still Dallas Winston


-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeeee 23

-is still living at home because he needs to help his mom look over his baby sister

-really wants to be a comedian one day 

-spoiler alert: he becomes one

-but now he is working at the town’s local diner

-a lot of sleepless nights

-and a lot of crying

-but things get so much better, I promise

-his name is going to be known for hundreds of people and he would be throwing sold out comedy shows

-he is getting more opinionated for human rights now more then ever these days


-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeee 25

-does not work at the DX anymore

-just got out of college with loads of student debt

-but let’s be honest, still has a really sick car

-he is a  junior high teacher

-the kid’s favorite of course

-he just really seems to get along with children

-and he treats all of them fairly, no matter their background

-is still inseparable with Sodapop

-he is really content with his life

-oh and yeah,,, he still loves cars don’t even try to fight me on that

steve randle headcannons

warnings: cussing / one brief mention of sex
hope you enjoy please request!!
I STG if the spacing is messed up again I’ll cry

steve randle headcannons

- honestly a huge nerd
- when he first saw you (and every other time) he stared and checked you out so fucking hard
- honestly instant boner
- asked you out with a stupid pick up line
- “are you trash?”
- “what?”
- “because I wanna pick you up and take you out, are you free tonight at 8?”
- always looking at your ass
- Lowkey loves shopping with you
- insists you make his lunch and bring it to him at the DX
- just so he can brag to soda about his hot girlfriend
- though Sodapop knows your super cool bc you bring him lunch too
- double dates with soda and his girl (who hopefully fucking treats him right can I get an amen?)
- cuddling 25/8
- y'all are attached at the hip
- will try and fight anyone who even breathes in your direction
- butt slapping
- chocolate cake every night
- honestly a great boyfriend when you are on your period
- prolly has it marked on his calendar
- wants to walk you to your classes
- kisses are never short
- heated make out sessions
- falls asleep with his head in the crook of your neck with your legs tangled together
- loves to hold you close
- hugs from behind
- grease is always everywhere
- “steve why the fuck is there grease on the fucking milk carton?!?”
- “sorry babe.”
- he’s fucking drunk on your smell
- loves picking out perfumes and shampoos and stuff
- really loves fruity stuff, specifically strawberry
- brags about you nonstop to the gang
- Sodapop loves you and thinks you and Steve are real good together
- ponyboy didn’t like you at first since steve is always hard on him, that was until you made steve be nicer and always babied ponyboy
- he loves you now and probably sees you as kind of a mother figure seein as you and Steve practically live at the Curtis house
- you were the first to say I love you
- it was at night walking back from the curtis house
- “steve, I really enjoy hanging out with you and the gang.”
- “I enjoy having my girl there!”
- “I love you Steve”
- to which he got really flustered but said he loved you too really excitedly
- you guys are the annoying couple that are lovey dovey and high on PDA
- js u guys prolly have sex all the time
- he’s easily jealous
- needs all the attention
- but loves you and is a good ass pure boyfriend

Being A Single Mom In The Curtis Gang Would Include

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-Darry and you become very close since you both have parent rolls now

-Ponyboy and Johnny painting the nursery

-Ponyboy painting a sunset mural on the wall

-Darry helping you apartment hunt 

-Dally beating up your baby daddy

-Soda, Steve, Two all trying to convince you to name the baby after them

-”Come on Y/N, picture it! A little Steve Jr!”

-”Dallas my stomach is not a shelf! Stop putting your beer cans on me!”

-A small impromptu baby shower thrown by Evie and Sandy that leaves you in tears

-Going into labor at the DX and the guys rushing you to the hospital

-All the guys standing up when the doctor comes in and ask who the father is

-Sodapop and Steve are your go to babysitters. Sodapop loves babies and of course he’s going to drag Steve along

-Two Bit constantly trying to make the baby laugh.

-People in town who already weren’t that nice to you really aren’t that nice now

-The gang has your back though

-Calling Two Bit’s mom when you have questions

-Holidays becoming a much bigger deal now that you guys are trying to make memories for your baby

-Your baby may not have a biological dad in the picture but they will always have a team of loving and supportive uncles that are always there

Steve randle headcannons

-his favorite color is green
-other than cars, Steve has a fascination with naturalism
-sometimes when he is alone, he will teach himself origami
-Steve is actually VERY emotional and he hides his emotions just like Johnny.
-Steve says a lot of stuff he doesn’t mean just to hold a reputation
-deep down he is nothing but a sweet heart
-Once a guy was hitting on Evie and Steve and him ended up fighting and Steve was arrested for a month… After that month, he went to evies house and found her cheating on him with ths guy who was flirting with her
-He literally cried in sodas arms (I love you Steve)
-even though he does get annoying, Steve doesn’t hate pony
-Steve was really close to Dallas, like more than anyone else thought
-hates guns, absolutely hates them
-sometimes he and two will have competitions to see who makes the funniest jokes
-Steve knows he will lose, he just thinks it fun
-Sometimes in school, if someone messed with Johnny he would pretend to be his brother or something and threaten to kick their asses
-Steve actually really respects Darry and wants to be closer friends but he doesn’t know how to approach him

Relationship head cannons:
-IN public you were the couple that were like best friend
-Your happiness became his number one priority
-Steve is very playful with you and loves to wrestle around
-He never would pressure you into sex but if you were in the mood, well you know the rest 😏😏😏
-He loves to hold you 24/7
-Steve would fight for you whenever he felt as if someone was gonna hurt you
-He let you come to the rumble with him once and cried wjen you came home, you had gotten beat worse than him and he felt awful
-He isn’t just your boyfriend, he is your bodyguard, reason to smile, and stress reliever all in one
-Once you stayed at his house and his old man tried to hit you.
-Steve got pissed
-Steve stayed at your house for a month after that
-Always makes sure to kiss you every morning when you wake up and every night before you fall asleep
-He loves it when you grab his hand
-is glad to have you and shows you off like crazy
-“You see that doll over there?”
-“Yea, she’s really hot”
-“I know, MY girlfriend is really hot”
-is just the best fucking boyfriend a girl could ever have