steve harrington fluff

all night long

Summary: Make out sessions are Steve’s favorite thing in the whole wide world, and sometimes he can get just a little carried away…

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: I actually died writing this, so this is my ghost typing. Enjoy xx | masterlist

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When a fanfic gets to the smut too fast




trick or treating | steve harrington

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Word Count: 479

Warnings: kissing, kinda deep talks? and swearing.

Relationship: Steve Harrington x Female! Reader

A/N: this is not accurate to the timeline of ST2 but I hope you all enjoy it anyways! p.s it’s currently unedited and it’s also 4am. Feedback is always appreciated, my asks are always open!

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Y/N Sinclair didn’t expect to leave the house this Halloween, but here she was dressed in a sheet to accompany her younger brother and his friends Ghostbusters group costume.

She was also rather thankful that Dustin’s mom paid Steve to babysit the boys while trick or treating, she was beyond thankful that something was getting Steve out of the house for something other than school.

After visiting around thirty different both Steve and you decided to take a seat on a park bench while the boys and Max ventured through a giant haunted house across the street.

“I’m kind of surprised that you didn’t choose to go to Tina’s party” You mumbled while pulling your white sweater up over your hands.

“What’s so surprising about that? I didn’t really have a reason to go since Nancy and I broke up a few months ago, I’d much rather spend time with these kids. They genuinely make me excited for the future and to have some children of my own.”  Steve replied with a rather confused look on his face.

“Those are certainly things I never expected to hear Steve the King Harrington to say.” 

“Didn’t you hear, Billy’s the new King of Hawkins” Steve admits with a rather bad taste in his mouth.

“Honestly” you hold your breath, “I’m really glad you didn’t go to that party.” well, fuck there’s no going back now you mumble under your breath.

“Why’s that?” Steve asks rather confused.

“Billy manages to get you so riled up so easily, it’s nice to know that you are staying away from negative people and situations so that things are better for you.” You admit, hoping how much you cared for him wouldn’t make him uncomfortable.

“I didn’t think that there was a single person who cared about my wellbeing that much, hell I don’t even care about my wellbeing that much.” Steve replies, pushing his hair back.

“People care about you dumbass, a lot more than you realise. Now let’s walk over and wait for the kids.” You say while jumping up.

“God, we sound like an old married couple.” Which Steve certainly wasn’t complaining about.

While getting up of the old wooden bench Steve grabbed Y/N’s hand, in which Y/N smiled up at him. Neither of them expected any of this to finally happen tonight but they were certainly content in one another’s embrace.

“You know what Sinclair, I think you look fucking adorable dressed up as a ghost, even if you are only here because you lost a bet to your brother.” Steve giggled softly to himself.

“Oh, shut up and kiss me Farrah Fawcett” Y/N laughed into a soft, loving kiss with the brunette boy.

“WAIT! Who told you about that?!” Steve jumped, realising what you had actually said.

“Ask your newly adopted children” Y/N winked.

“You mean OUR newly adopted children, right?”

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Bump n Grind (Steve Harrington x reader)

Summary: Just another smutty HC with a song lyric for a title.

Warnings: Smut (duh), swearing. I don’t have a lot of experience writing smut, so this is probably isn’t the best.

Request: Can you write about what Steve Harrington would be like in bed? I need this in my life. and Heyo can I request some Steve Harrington smut?

Sex with Steve is an experience like none other. He at first, would go slow and loving. But the more you two were together, the faster and rougher he’d go. The moans and yelps of pleasure you released was enough motivation to make him go faster. Steve always knew what he was doing, after all he was probably the most experienced boy in Hawkins High School. His ego was big, and for good reasons too.

He’d start off with kissing, a slow build up was important to him. He’s probably the most caring person during sex. Always placing kisses up and down your body. From the area right under your chin, down past the bellybutton, and lower.

Steve’s parents were never home, so he was always trying to get in your pants. You two would be watching a movie together on his couch, and his hands would slowly find their way to you thigh. Rubbing up and down until you slapped his hand away, complaining about how distracting he is from the movie. He’d move closer, kissing your neck, slowly he’d move up to you face wear he’d try stealing a kiss.

Throwing a tape on his stereo, he’d play his favorite music, and pull you in for a dance. His dancing was far from classy or shy. Hip shaking, ass grabbing, and grinding. He loved catching your mouth with his randomly throughout the song, the kisses long and he loved when you tangle your hands in his hair.

Some nights you two would be outside by the pool, and he’d pull you into his lap on one of the lawn chairs. He’d only smoke when he had other people over. But when you two where alone after his schoolmates left the party, you could still taste the smoke on his breath. He’d wrap his arms around your waist, and throw you into the pool, then jump in after you. He’d swim over to you, pulling off any remaining clothes, and spend the rest of the night making out in the pool.


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Faking It

Summary: You try to keep your relationship a secret, but Steve reveals everything with just a single glance in your direction. 

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1,640

A/N: I will probably regret writing this instead of my 10 pg research paper later. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this! xx | masterlist

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broken glass | steve harrington

pairing: steve harrington x female reader

synopsis: y/n is having trouble moving on after being unexpectedly dumped by steve.

warnings: angst

word count: 910

The wooden picture frame stared back at her.

She paced the length of her bedroom, gazing at the photo with such anger. She had spent the last six hours cleaning out her room, ridding it of anything that sparked a memory of him.

She wanted to forget him and move on. She wanted to pretend their relationship never existed; like she hadn’t spent the past two years of her life falling deeper and deeper in love with some guy.

She packed all of his things into a box, labeling it “Steve.” She thought about throwing it all out, or burning it in her backyard, but she decided to just let the box sit there. Maybe one day she’d build up enough confidence to drive the box over to his house and dump it on his front porch. 

She walked over to her mirror, chuckling as she gazed at her reflection. There was mascara running down her cheeks from crying so hard and red lipstick smudged across her chin. But she wasn’t paying attention to those things, more so intrigued by the necklace hanging around her neck.

She ran her fingers over the gold-plated pendant and shook her head. The pendant was simply a letter “S”, another one of the many gifts he had given her.

The day he gave it to her was one she wouldn’t forget. February 14th; how cliché of him.

“Thanks for tonight, I had a great time.” Y/N felt her cheeks heat up as Steve spoke. This was her first real date and she knew her parents were probably watching them from the front window, making sure Steve brought her home by curfew. She had told her parents that they were going to dinner and a movie, but Steve actually parked his car a few doors down and took her virginity in the back seat. 

“Yeah, me too.” She nodded, awkwardly looking down at her shoes.

“Shit, I almost forgot.” Suddenly Steve reached into the pocket of his jacket, fishing around for something and pulling out the necklace. Y/N smiled to herself as Steve motioned for her to spin around. He latched the gold necklace around her neck and pressed a kiss right below her ear before asking her to spin back around and face him.

“I love it.” She whispered, fingers grazing over the pendant.

“I love you.” Steve blurted out of nowhere. This was the first time he was saying those three words and the smile on his face let her know he was being genuine.

“I love you, too.” She nodded, gently cupping his face and pressing a kiss to his cheek, remembering that her parents were definitely still watching.

“Forever and always, I promise.”


Steve always said that forever and always crap and she now knew he was lying. When she said I love you, she meant it. But turns out Steve wasn’t as honest because he had no problem dumping her over the phone and walking out of her life forever.

Maybe she was being over dramatic. Maybe she wasn’t. She was just hung up on the fact that Steve knew exactly what heartbreak felt like, but still decided to put her through this. She thought their relationship was going well, never expecting him to end it all so suddenly and without a reason.

Y/N grabbed a hold of the necklace, forcefully yanking it from her neck. The clasp broke and she stared down at the now destroyed necklace. She hadn’t taken it off in over a year and surprisingly felt no remorse. She walked over to the box of Steve’s things and threw the broken necklace inside.

All of the pain she once felt was slowly disappearing. Almost as if with every item she got rid of, she was healing a bruise that Steve left behind.

She took a deep breath, turning back to her nightstand and the goddamn picture frame perched on it. This was the millionth time that she was trying to get rid of the picture frame and the last memory of Steve she had left.

She paced over to the picture frame, glancing at the photo inside. She just wanted to delete the memories of that night, forget them forever.

The photo was just a photo. A simple snapshot of her and Steve on prom night. But for some reason it triggered a collection of emotions. It made her angry, sad, frustrated and confused. The people in the photo were so happy. They had the world. The smile on Steve’s face was so genuine. How could he have been so in love with her then, and so over her now.

Y/N hadn’t even noticed the hot tears that were streaming down her cheeks. She didn’t realize that her hands were shaking or that her lip was bleeding from biting down on it so hard.

And then out of nowhere, she cracked. She let out a loud high pitched scream, throwing the picture frame across the room and watching it bounce of the wall and shatter into a million pieces. She tried to catch her breath, running a hand through her hair as she calmed down. She was in a trance, and the voice coming from the doorway was the only thing that snapped her out of it.

“Y/N, what did you do?”

As she spun around she came face to face with Steve Harrington himself, staring at her and the mess of broken glass.

{christmas present}

summary: uhhhh the reader hasn’t really bought steve anything for christmas so she has a backup plan of her own ;)););;;)))))));;;)
pairing: steve harrington x reader
warning(s): UNPROTECTED SEX (cover your stump before you hump!!!)
author’s note: idrk what this is and it’s probably shitty bc i didn’t proofread but merry christmas guys!! this is my (early) present to you :)

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Steve Harrington hadn’t anticipated waking up to the affectionate kisses of his girlfriend on Christmas morning. You didn’t usually stay in bed to wait for him to wake up. Since you rose fairly early, he’d always find you in the kitchen or living room by the time he’d pull himself out of the warmth of his bed.

Being that it was Christmas morning, however, he guessed that things were a tad different. As he slid his eyes halfway open and smiled in contentment, he decided that it was a rather nice feeling, waking to his lover’s lips on his skin.

“Mmm…finally awake, I see,” you murmured, drawing back slightly to lock eyes with him. He was a little surprised at the swirling excitement within your softly coloured orbs but thought that it looked rather beautiful in the pale morning light. He raised a hand to push back a loose strand of your hair.

After the long night the two of you had before, Steve was surprised that it didn’t take longer for him to wake up, silent alarm clock or not. He dropped his head back onto his pillow and sighed, “I’m still sleepy.”

You chortled to yourself at the whine in his voice. He sounded like a five-year-old, but you still somehow found it attractive. Your fingers smoothed over his bare chest, stopping just at the region where his heart was. As you felt his pulse beneath your touch, you were suddenly filled with a startlingly strong desire to feel it beat faster.

He must have seen the change of emotion in your eyes because he raised a brow and wondered, “What?” He might’ve said more, but before he could find the words, you pushed yourself over him and captured his lips with yours.

Your action, though sudden, was most definitely not unwelcome. Steve grunted in surprise and slid his hand to the back of your head, not giving up the chance to kiss you back.

He must have been quite sleepy this morning, otherwise, it wouldn’t have taken him so long to realize how turned on you were making him in such a small amount of time. His hands slid down your figure, discovering for the first time that morning what you were wearing. He was pleasantly surprised to find your silky nightdress short and fairly low cut. How he hadn’t noticed before was beyond him.

He felt you smile against his lips, and you slowly pulled back to whisper, “I didn’t really get you anything for Christmas, so I think I might have to improvise.” Your fingers began to undo the buttons of your lavender nightdress.

Steve, not adverse to your plan, felt himself grin. “I think I like that idea.” He watched you slide your nightdress down your shoulders, admiring your bare body.

When the silly piece of cloth was hanging over the edge of the bed, Steve moved in. His hands delighted in the smoothness of your skin. His touch ran down your back and over your hips, as you straddled him. When his eyes met yours, what he saw within them made him lean up to kiss you.

You arched into him, pressing your body against his and savouring the feel of skin-to-skin contact. His tongue raced along your bottom lip, and when you opened your mouth for him, you nearly melted at the taste of him flooding your senses. Breathlessly moaning, you deepened the kiss.

His bottom half, still covered with the sheets, was in need of attention. Your fingers dawdled down his chest, pausing here and there to swirl patterns in his soft skin or press against his hip bones. When they reached the hem of his boxers, it didn’t take you long to do away with them. Soon, they were somewhere on the floor, immediately forgotten about.

He let out a low moan when he felt you curl your fingers around his length. Your needy lips scourged against his, and Steve was getting very breathless with every lingering touch you gave him.

You pulled out of the kiss and moved in to nibble his ear. A throaty groan erupted from him and his grip on your waist tightened. Smirking victoriously, you whispered, “Are you enjoying your Christmas present?”

His grip on your waist tightened even more at the alluring tone of your voice. Voice strained in obvious lust, he grunted in appreciation. Your smirk widened. You pressed a soft kiss to his neck, and then breathed, “Hmm…not as much as you will be.” When you nipped at the tender flesh, Steve nearly lost his mind.

Your body slid down his, lips kissing his hot skin as you traveled down to where his aching cock awaited. He watched as your hand made way for your mouth.

You had a talented little tongue. It ran along him with a skill he had forgotten about. One hand reached beneath to follow your tongue’s ministrations. The dual movements felt more amazing than could be described.

His fingers tightly gripped your hair, pushing you into him as he arched his back. Head tossed skyward, Steve panted. This, truly, was the best Christmas present he could ever have.

When you moaned against him, he thought he might die. The vibrations sent him into another world entirely – one that was just you. He was suddenly faced with the stinging, unfaltering need to feel your heat around him.

As though you knew exactly what he was thinking of, you smirked. A moment later, you had abandoned your place and was crawling back up his heated body, mirrored thoughts taking hold of your mind. You pressed your lips to his and he was overwhelmed by the taste of him on your tongue. Groaning against your insistent mouth, he allowed you to slowly slide onto his twitching staff and gave a muffled gasp at the immediate relief it gave him.

This time, he was able to jerk his hips as much as he liked. He used his newfound power easily, rolling you onto your back to thrust harshly into you.

Your immediate reaction made him want to go faster. His hands grasped the soft fabric of the sheets on either side of your head. He roughly pinned you to the mattress, not able to make himself be gentle. All the teasing you had forced him to go through was paying off now. As you writhed beneath him, breathless and gasping out his name, he felt a strong sense of satisfaction wash over him.

He leaned down to kiss you, and your tongues raced out to sloppily battle. With the hasty movements of your hips, it was difficult to pay any attention to anything else. Your nails ran down his back, trying desperately to meet him halfway. You did, but just barely. He was going a mile a minute, and it was hard to keep up with him.

He buried his head into your neck, abandoning the battle of your lips, and focused primarily on fucking the daylights out of you. It wasn’t a hard to thing focus on, really. His mind was bent on you, his hands gripping you tightly, his pleasure for you leaking out into every single movement.

When at last it came time to come back to earth, your release wasn’t so much as sweet as it was drawn out and rough. Steve groaned, suddenly becoming even faster in his thrusts, and watched as your back arched and his name spilled from your lips incessantly.

It was a rather nice sound, hearing you moan his name. It made him come that much faster, hurriedly trying to catch up to you as your orgasm ripped through you. Your restless gasps filled the room, stricken here and there with little whimpering moans. You were so lost in him that you didn’t really realize when it had finally ended. You remained panting on the mattress when it was over, waiting for him to come down to curl his arms around you.

He did, bringing you into his warmth of his chest as he buried his head in your sweet smelling hair. Kissing your cheek in thanks, Steve was suddenly stricken with what you had said earlier that morning. “…Did you really not get me anything for Christmas?” He wondered why it had taken so long for him to realize your words…but then didn’t blame himself. You were a damn succubus when you wanted to be.

He felt you smile against him. You lifted your head, and he saw your eyes fill with mischief. Turning around suddenly, he watched as you reached into the bedside dresser and pull out a neatly wrapped gift. He grinned wolfishly as you handed it to him.

“Merry Christmas,” you breathed, kissing his cheek. He put the present down to unwrap later. Right now, there was a beautiful, naked girl in his bed. He figured you could use a bit more attention.

By a Window - Steve Harrington

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Title: By a Window

Pairing: Steve (Harrington) x reader

Word Count:  610

Warnings: Kinda fluff, kinda angst, cursing, super cuddly Steve!!

You sat by your window, the rain pattering against the glass. It was warm in your room, cozy and comfortable. You were cuddled up into a La-Z-Boy crying softly to yourself over how mean Billy was to you. After school, he insulted you and called you names - just like he usually does - but he took it a bit to far when he started to throw a punch at you. If it weren’t for Steve catching Billy’s fist, then you were sure you would’ve had a black eye. You were too in shock to do anything, so you ran home in the rain - not caring about getting wet. Steve ran after you but found himself being thrown to the ground by Billy. You looked back at Steve, watching him throw punches at Billy, but you didn’t stop running.

Once you got home, you changed your clothes, getting into something more comfortable. Then you started to cry, the tears rolling down your face like the rain pouring outside. You pulled your knees up to your chest and bit your lip, willing yourself to stop crying over someone stupid like Billy. Now here you are, refusing to believe that you had left Steve to get beaten up by Billy fucking Hargrove. You thought that Billy was stupid, but Steve proved that someone could be even more stupid by protecting you from him. You turned your head to the side wanting nothing more than to wish the whole world away until you heard knocking at your window.

You looked to the glass and met eyes with a certain brunette who used Fabergé Organics and four puffs of Farrah Fawcett spray. He was dripping wet from the rain, his hair was drenched and raindrops dripped from the tip of his nose. His lip was busted and bleeding, his cheek blue and bruised. He’d gotten a good beating.

“Permission to enter, y/n?” He grinned at you through the window.

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i’ll show you.

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steve harrington x reader

warnings: smut, swearing and billy being a dick.

prompt: steve gets jealous over seeing you with billy, you show him he’s the only one you want.

A/N: i fucking love steve harrington. he’s a fluffy haired daddy.

the steel of the car you were perched on was cold against your legs - the short denim skirt exposing just enough skin for it to be flirty but not enough for someone to see something when you bent over. it was a win win type of outfit.

it was the end of the school day and the kids of hawkins high school were all leaving the building, all in their own conversations as they went. some boys walked past and gave you a flirty smile while the girls simply gave you the side eye and kept walking. you couldn’t lie - it made you feel powerful to have such an affect on your peers.

you swung your legs as you waited until a voice came from beside you, halting your movements, “you’re looking very tempting there, y/n.”

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Mayfield | Series - Pt. I

Summary: Max Mayfield and Billy Hargrove aren’t the only new kids to step foot into Hawkins. Meet Y/N Mayfield, Max’s big sister, who’s here to make sure no one messes with her sister. 

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Mayfield!Reader (SLOW BURN)

Characters: Y/N Mayfield, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Mike Wheeler, Susan Hargrove, Max Mayfield, Billy Hargrove

Warnings: Language, may contain sensitive topics such as substance abuse later on (I WILL GIVE A HEADS UP!) 

Word Count: 973

Tags (PLEASE message me if you want to be added to the permanent tag list for any fic/tag list for this particular series, especially if you already asked and I forgot!): @thegirlwhoisintoomanyfandoms @la-fille-en-aiguilles @jj-writes-shit @thebitterbookeater @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @richletozler  @royalwolfhard @just-smile-darling @w-ingardiumleviosa @buckysmaingirl @magic-and-timetravel  @jupiter-leo @ttrraasshh @somekryptonitewriting @dudee-what  @tmalchow @hedabucky @wallacetdog 

A/N: Back at it again with another series. I may change the summary later on to include more detail, but I could not put much down without giving everything away. As always, please share your feedback and let me know what you think.

Parts: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX | Part X (FINALE) 

Indiana was very different from California. You sped down the highway in your jet black, 1972 Dodge Challenger which you had driven all the way here. It took you a while, and it took a shit load of your money, but your car held up and didn’t let you down for a single second. 

Your mother had met up with some dude named Neill, resulting in a marriage and this move halfway across the country. You had put up a fight and despite not wanting to part with your sister, you made your own arrangements and stayed behind in California.

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still one of my actual favourite things :’)

Distance - Part One

Steve Harrington x Henderson Reader

Summary - Returning from college for winter break, Y/N is faced with the stinging pain left from her break-up with Steve Harrington. 

Word Count - 1,944

Warnings - Angst, Break-ups

A/N - I finished, and I’m really excited for this series! I plan on building the reader’s romantic relationship with Steve, but also showing her relationships with other characters important to her too! I have a few good ideas for it, so I’m not sure how long it’s going to be. For now, I’m thinking at least three parts, and then see where I am with that. Please let me know if you like it, and what ideas you have for it so I can possibly incorporate them! Enjoy :) 

To say you weren’t prepared was an understatement. It had been four months since you’d seen him. Four months since your eyes locked with his, yet here he was standing at your door-step, chocolate eyes burning into yours.

“Steve…” You speak softly, voice breaking as another sob escaped your lips. He cupped your face with his right hand, and you leaned your head into him. “I… I don’t want this.” Your breathing was broken and forced as you spoke, you felt like you were suffocating. “You know I don’t want this.” He wiped your tears with his thumb, a few of his own running down his soft cheeks. He was trying to be strong for you, but his heart was breaking at the sight of you so upset, especially since he knew he was the reason.

“I know baby, I know…” he whispered. “But, you need this.” He thought it was best for you. You were going to New York City to attend NYU, and he was staying here in Hawkins to work for his dad. He didn’t want to hold you back. He couldn’t hold you back, he thought to himself. “You have to go without anything holding you back in Hawkins, your mind has to be in New York City with you. I can’t be your burden, Y/N.” You took his hand off your face and held it tightly in both of yours.

You spoke fiercely, annoyed by his words. “You are NOT a burden, Steve Harrington.” More tears slid down your cheeks, your eyes starting to burn from the salty tears. “I love you… I love you so-” you couldn’t finish your sentence, cut off by your own sobs. Steve pulled you into his warm chest, and you could hear him crying softly along with you. This hurt him too, you could feel it. You knew his intentions were only good, but God, was he being stupid. How could he think he would ever be a burden to you?

You stayed there for a moment, crying into each other’s arms, you much louder than him as he was trying to hold himself together. Once you calmed down a bit, he pulled away, looking at you with glossy eyes. “I love you too, Y/N. God, I love you so damn much…” You gently stroked your hands through his hair, waiting for him to continue. “That’s why… That’s why I have to leave you.” You shook your head, still not accepting what was happening. He tilted your head up and softly pressed his lips to yours. You tugged gently on his hair, and he pulled you closer by your waist. It only lasted a moment longer before he pulled away and whispered, “God, I’m gonna miss that.” He kissed you quick and soft, just before turning around and shutting your bedroom door, leaving you a crying mess.

You sucked in a breath of air, your chest burning from the painful memory seeing him had brought you. Realizing it had been quiet for uncomfortably long, you decided to speak, praying your voice wouldn’t break. “Steve… Hi” your voice was soft and gentle, just as he had remembered it. He cleared his throat, shifting uncomfortably.

“Hey, Y/N… I- uh, Dustin invited me over to watch The Terminator with him… I didn’t know you were home yet.” He spoke, stumbling over his words. You smiled softly, hoping to somewhat ease his nerves, and your own if you were being honest.

“There was a cheaper flight a few days before break started, so I left a little early.” You explained, nervously tucking your hair behind your ear. “I actually just got home a couple of hours a-” you were interrupted by Dustin yelling across the living room.

“Steve! Come on in buddy.” He said pulling Steve’s arm into the house as he approached the door, pushing you to the side. “Y/N, you can schedule your own Steve-time.” You flushed at your brother’s words, annoyed at him for making things even more awkward between you and Steve than they already were. You shared a faint smile with Steve, before making a bee-line for your room upstairs, away from Steve’s stupid, pretty face. You fell on your bed, taking a deep breath to relax. You knew you would see Steve, it was inevitable seeing as how close he was with your brother, and how small Hawkins is. You just weren’t expecting it to be so soon, and to hurt so bad. You grabbed your pillow and screamed into it, as it seemed to be the only option to release your emotions without running downstairs and telling Steve everything you’ve been holding in since that night in August.

Throwing the pillow back on your bed, you got up grabbing your walkman, a coat, and running downstairs and out the door before Dustin, or Steve could question you. Bowie flooded your ears as you made your way down the street, cold air ripping against your skin. The more steps you took, the colder your fingers got. You could barely feel your hands and thought about retreating to the warmth of your home, but you figured the pain the cold was bringing you was nothing compared to what it felt like to be breathing the same air as Steve again.

You continued down the road until something stopped you dead in your tracks.You thought you were hallucinating from the cold when you saw a very familiar redhead sitting on the side of the street with her head in her hands until you heard the very real cries coming from her shaking body. “Max?” You yelled, caused her to snap her head up, quickly wiping her tears. You ran over to her, shoving your walkman in your jacket pocket to give her your full attention. “Hey, Max… Are you okay?” You kneeled down beside her, realizing she was shaking. “Jesus, Max! Where’s your jacket?” you spoke softly, trying not to scold the already distraught girl.

“I… I left it in-” her voice was cracked, and you could tell she had been crying for a while. “In Billy’s car. I left it in Billy’s car.” She started crying again, clearly still upset. You quickly discarded your jacket, wrapping it around Max’s shaking shoulders. You helped her up and wrapped her in a hug, letting her cry it out for a few moments. You pulled away, quickly rubbing up and down her arms to attempt to warm her up even more.

“Let’s walk back to my house and warm up with some hot chocolate, yeah?” She gave you a shy smile, nodding quickly. You had been around Max quite frequently, as she had been in your brothers “party,” as they call it, for over a year now. Max was usually strong, witty, and hard-headed in a good way. She was one of your favorites of Dustin’s friends, as you saw a bit of yourself in her. You had conversations with her, but usually, it was sarcastic banter, being that it was the nature of your brother’s friend group. You’d never seen her like this, and it broke your heart.

You thanked God in your head when you finally reached the steps of your door, turns out walking without a jacket was not a good idea in December. Max had offered yours back, saying she was warm again, but you could see her shaking through her lie, kindly refusing her offer. You opened the door to see Dustin and Steve wresting on the couch for the remote, Steve yelling at Dustin that it was too loud, and Dustin doing the exact opposite. Max cleared her throat, and the boys snapped their heads towards the two of you.

“Max?” they both said, mimicking your words from earlier. You ignored them, ushering Max to the couch that was not occupied by the flustered boys. You wrapped a blanket around Max and spoke softly, “I’m gonna go make some hot chocolate, okay?” She nodded, smiling at your kind gesture. You shuffled into the kitchen, ignoring Dustin’s shout of “Make me some while you’re at it!” You rubbed your hands together quickly, attempting to warm yourself.

Shit, Y/N.” You froze at the all too familiar voice. “You’re shaking like a leaf.” Steve’s voice was laced with concern. You turned around to face him, immediately turning your attention to the ground, his stare too intimidating.

“She needed it more than I did,” you said, looking up to meet his eyes. God, those damn eyes. He shook his head, turning around to walk back to the living room. On that note, you turned around and grabbed a medium pot out of the cupboard, figuring while you’re at it you might as well make Dustin some too. You poured milk into the pot and put it on the stove. After turning the dial, and hovered your hands over the stove, appreciating it’s warmth. You jumped when you felt a blanket being placed over your shoulder. You slowly turned around, coming face-to-face with Steve. He backed up nervously, realizing how close he was to you, not wanting to make you uncomfortable. When really, the distance from him was the most uncomfortable thing you had experienced in your life.

“I thought you would want a blanket.” He sheepishly explained, scratching the back of his neck. Giving him a warm smile, you tugged the blanket tight around yourself.

Thank you, Steve.” You turned around to stir the milk, preventing it from burning to the bottom of the pan.

“You know, Dustin missed you a lot,” Steve said, leaning against the counter next to you. You shook your head and gave a sarcastic laugh.

No way, he was practically walking on sunshine the day I left.” You pushed your hair behind your ear and continued to stir the warming milk.

I mean it, Henderson,” he continued. “The first few weeks you were gone he hid it pretty well, but he eventually spilled his guts to me when I caught him in your room reading your books.” You looked over at Steve shocked. You were always open with your feelings, so Dustin knew how deeply you cared for him. You knew he loved you too, but once he hit middle school he had been more embarrassed about showing it. “He would kill me if I told you this, but yeah, he’s been pretty upset without you in the house. I guess that why he’s been inviting me over so much.” He shrugged his shoulders and finished his train of thought, “Not that I mind, he’s actually pretty fun to hang out with.” you stopped stirring, and turned to Steve.

Thank you, really.” Butterflies erupted in your stomach from having a heart-to-heart with Steve, but you ignored them, continuing, “It means the world that you’ve been there for Dustin, especially when I couldn’t.” He smiled charmingly, so damn charmingly. You’d missed that smile.

“Anything for that little shit-head.” You laughed at his words and returned your attention to the now steaming milk.

“You want some?” you asked while pulling down two mugs from the shelve. He nodded his head, and you grabbed down two more.

“So, what’s up with Max?” He questioned. You pulled four hot-chocolate packets from the drawer and shook your head, sighing.

“I don’t know, but I have a bad feeling it has to do with Billy.”

You entered the living room and set a mug in front of Max, and one in front of Dustin. Steve sat down and set two more mugs on the coffee table.

“So,” you began, sitting down across from max. “Tell me what happened.”

waste of time | steve harrington smut

[gif is not mine]

pairing: steve harrington x female reader

request: Could you do a Steve Harrington smut where him and the female reader have steamy hot shower sex please? Also I love you’re writing, it’s amazing!

warning: smut - sexual content, unprotected sex

word count: 1471

a/n: i enjoyed writing this way too much lol… feedback is always appreciated:)

Your eyes fluttered open, slowly adjusting to the light shining through your bedroom window. You immediately shied away from the brightness, nestling your face in the crook of Steve’s neck.

“Good morning.” You spoke against his skin, enjoying the warmth radiating from his body. You were both snuggled beneath the sheets but somehow Steve always seemed to feel warmer than you. “What time is it?” You asked, voice still thick with sleep and eyes remaining closed.

You felt Steve move beneath you as he glanced at the clock on your nightstand.

“7:14.” He rasped, relaxing back into the mattress and wrapping his arms around you loosely.

“I need to shower.” You groaned, eyes opening as you spoke. Usually you wouldn’t have been so eager to leave the comfort of your sheets, especially when Steve was also tangled in them. However, it was a Monday, and that meant you had to go to school.

“No, stay with me.” Steve whined, placing a finger under your chin and forcing your eyes to meet his for the first time that day.

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Shit Hurts Too Bad

pairing: Steve x reader
warnings: angstttttt
characters: Dustin, Steve, the reader 
summary: the reader overhears Steve’s advice to Dustin, and knows it’s about her 
a/n: I tweaked the scene a tad bit to make it sense that the reader would overhear everything! Hope you guys enjoy:) 

Hawkins Middle School Snowball was the last place you’d expected to be on a Friday night. But, there you were, sneaking punch and pretzels here and there, chaperoning your brother and his friends. About an hour ago, you’d been asked to hold the door for the students walking in, and had been bored out of your skull ever since. 

The gym lights were flashing white and blue across the dance floor, last summer’s hits blasting through the speakers, and you caught yourself daydreaming about an ex. Steve Harrington was his name, and you were certain he was the love of your life. 

The two of you had broken up about a month ago- just when everything with Will and the Upside-Down had hit its peak- and hadn’t spoken since. You’d pass each other in the hallways and look down at the floor, or make up an excuse to bolt in the other direction. 

It was your fault that it had ended the way it did- you just couldn’t deal with all the chaos and danger of what your lives had turned into. So, you put up walls to cope. Walls of steel and stone that refused to break down no matter how hard Steve pushed, and he had pushed. Eventually everything had come crashing down, and the two of you decided the end things, even though neither of you really wanted to. 

So, now it was painful to look at him, painful to see him in the hallways, painful even to get a whiff of that god damn Fabergé Organics he used religiously. It was painful because everything reminded you of what you’d given up, because you couldn’t quite let yourself be vulnerable in front of him. 

To his credit, he’d tried his god damn hardest to make things work. But, in the end, you’d started to shut him, and everyone else, out entirely. 

So there you were, wandering the halls of Hawkins Middle School trying to get a break from chaperone duty, when you suddenly stopped short, “Your hair looks good, stop messing with it!” You heard Steve’s voice just around the corner, “Seriously, man, stop!” 

You honestly thought you were dreaming it for a second, it was the first time you’d heard him speak in weeks. With the way the two of you had left things, you were pretty sure he hated you now. It was the uncertainty that was killing you…. if you just knew how he felt, your tired mind could finally be put at ease. Be it he despised your existence or not, you just wanted to know. 

“Ah, okay, okay,” You poked your head out quickly to see Dustin run a hand through his hair, teased up in a fashion almost identical to Steve’s, “Like a tiger.” 

“Yeah, sure, dude, like a tiger.” Steve put a hand on his shoulder, “Now listen, all you gotta do is go in there and act like you don’t care- girls eat that shit up.” 

“Is that how you got (Y/N) to like you?” Dustin asked, and you felt your heart stop beating for a second. 

What was he going to say? 

Ducking behind a row of lockers, you decided to listen in, hands clammy with anticipation. You watched Steve, from your slightly skewed window of him and Dustin, falter for a second. He scratched his jaw in hesitation, clearly weighing whatever he was about to say, before whispering, “Okay, (Y/N)’s different, alright? She’s…. she’s not some random chick. She’s the one, she’s special, dude. Wait-” 

He cut himself off, “You’re not falling in love with this girl are you??” 

Dustin quickly shook his head back and forth, and you actually saw Steve’s shoulders loosen up a bit, “Good. Good,” He breathed, “Because she’s just gonna break your heart, and you’re too young for that. Shit hurts too bad….” His voice trailed off and you could have sworn you saw tears beginning to prick his eyes- that was when you couldn’t bear to look anymore. 

Instead, you tore your gaze away and felt your heart actually stop beating this time. From the tone in his voice alone….. you knew he was referring to you.  

As if spending weeks being eaten up by regret wasn’t enough, but now you hear Steve saying this. He’d called you the one, said he was still in love with you, even after everything you’d done. You felt your hands start to shake, and you finally understood the gravity of the mistake you’d made in shutting him out all those weeks ago. This boy would never stop making your heart stop dead. 

Tags under the cut! If you like what you read, leave a comment! Or send me an ask HERE :) 

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treat you better

Summary: Steve just can’t help himself when it comes to you. 

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1,147

A/N: Finally! My first Steve fic! I hope I did my baby justice, and let me know what you guys think! | masterlist

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anonymous asked:

If you're taking requests I'd like to request one where the reader is a really shy nerd and has some classes with steve harrington. She secretly likes him but doesn't think the most popular guy in school would ever notice her. At first they only make awkward eye contact but then steve asks her to help him with homework just as an excuse to hang out and it goes from there. That would make my life. Thank you!

Distracted - Steve Harrington x Reader

Originally posted by drogonstone

A/N: Thank you anon for this request! I’m sorry it took me a while to finally get to writing this!! I hope you like it xx

Title: Distracted

Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader

Word Count: 645

Warnings: nuthin’ but a lil’ bit of fluff

“L/n, is it? Y/n l/n?” Mr. Delvin asked the student who walked in late.

“Uh, y-yeah. T-That’s me.” Y/n said as she nervously fidgeted with the corner of her notebook.

Mr. Delvin nodded and smiled at y/n, “It’s nice to meet you y/n. Welcome to Hawkins! I’m Mr. Delvin - not ‘the Devil’ - although most of my students call me that.” He chuckled.

“Class, this is y/n l/n. She’s new to the school so we’ll all be friendly, yeah?”

As the girl in the bright yellow jacket went to take a seat, Steve Harrington took this time to notice that y/n’s outfit closely resembled Jubilee’s from his favorite comic book “The X-Men”. Y/n sat down and took out her books and pencils. She was nervous and decided to take in and remember her surroundings - she was going to be in that class for god knows how long. To her left was a wall with posters about books and clubs that she tilted her head at. In front of her was a tall, broad boy that she could barely see past - it was like trying to look over a 7-foot wall. Behind her was a girl who had fallen asleep and was drooling on her notebook and didn’t really interest y/n. Then to her right, Steve Harrington played with his pencil, rolling it in between his index and his middle finger, bringing it between his teeth to lightly chew at the top. Steve was paying attention to Mr. Delvin, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the words that the teacher was saying. A strand of Steve’s perfect hair fell on his face and he tried to blow it away only making things worse and earning a small giggle from the girl sitting on his left. Y/n couldn’t help but stare at the boy sitting next to her until Steve met eyes with her. He smirked at y/n, chuckling softly, then winked at her.

“Mr. Harrington?” Mr. Delvin asked.

“Yes, sir?” Steve said.

“Can you answer my question, or are you being a little too friendly with Miss y/n?” Mr. Delvin quirked his silver eyebrow.

Steve shook his head smiling, “Sorry sir, I got distracted.”

“Then I suggest you pay attention, Mr. Harrington.”

“Will do, sir.”

As the bell rang, y/n and the other students got ready to get to their next class. Y/n was ready to make a beeline for the door but Steve got in the way and stopped her.

“Y/n! Hi! It is y/n, right?” He asked walking with her out of the class.
Y/n nodded.

“Did you take notes from today’s class?” Y/n nodded again.

“Wow, you don’t talk much for a girl who stares,” Steve chuckled.

“I-I wasn’t sta-” Y/n’s sentence was cut short when Steve laughed at her.

He smiled down at y/n, “I was only joking y/n. It’s okay if you stare at me, I know I’m irresistible.“ 

Y/n giggled softly, “I don’t even know you.”

“Well, how ‘bout we get to know each other?” He proposed, extending his hand out to y/n, “I’m Steve. Steve Harrington. And you are the lovely y/n who will let me copy notes off of her and do homework with because quite frankly, you distracted me.”

“In my defense, you distracted me first, Steve Harrington.”

"So is that a yes?” Steve asked tilting his head like a puppy.

“Sure, why not? I need friends anyway.” Y/n shrugged.

“Yes!” Steve beamed in triumph, “I’ll find you after school and drive you to your house?”

Y/n nodded and Steve’s smile only got wider, “This is the start of a beautiful friendship y/n. I can feel it. You won’t regret ever becoming friends with me, I promise.”

“Promise?” Y/n said as she lifted her pinky finger up to Steve.

Steve grinned at her childishness, hooked his pinky finger with hers and nodded, “Promise.”


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Steve Harrington x Reader Fluff

Request: Hey, I just had to break things off with my toxic partner and I’m feeling really angry and upset. Can I please have a good Steve fic to comfort me about this?

First of all, I just want to commend you for breaking away from that kind of relationship. I don’t know your circumstances, but I have been in toxic relationships as well. I had to do a lot of mental and physical adjusting after my last one. They’re never easy to end or move on from, but it does get better. I hope you enjoy this.

Steve! No!” Y/N shouted desperately at Steve as he turned the dial away from Africa by Toto.

“What?” Steve shouted over Heart and Soul by Huey Lewis & the News, “I can’t hear you!” He had a huge shit-eating grin on his face with a lit cigarette hanging on his lips, while he held the wheel with one hand and batted both of Y/N’s away from the radio with the other. Y/N managed to turn the dial back to where it had originally been, but the second she thought she was victorious, Steve turned it right back to Huey Lewis.

“Steve! You know I love that song!”

“This song? Me too. I love Huey Lewis,” Steve let his sunglasses slide down his nose as he turned to look at Y/N and wiggled his eyebrows and bobbed his head at her just to get her riled up even more than she already was. Y/N’s hair flew in all directions due to the fact that all of Steve’s windows were rolled down as they drove along back roads. She kept trying to get to the radio while also trying to keep her vision clear of her hair. After a good four to five times of changing it back and forth, Y/N sat back in her seat with a huff, arms crossed, glaring at Steve.

“Alright, let’s make a deal. I can’t handle that look anymore,” Steve smirked jokingly. “I’ll turn it back to Toto…if I get a kiss,”

“A kiss?” She raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“A big ol’ smooch. Right here,” He pointed to his pursed lips. Y/N sighed as if he just asked her to climb a mountain.

“Fine,” Y/N leaned over the middle console, plucked the cigarette out of his mouth, tossed it out of the window, then gave Steve the kiss of his life. When she pulled away, lips pulled in wide grin.

“Now keep your eyes on the road, Evel Knievel,” She snatched Steve’s sunglasses, quickly putting them on herself, then turned the radio back to her station. 

Y/N squealed in giddiness that the song was still on, her body moving to the song on instinct.

I seek to cure what’s deep inside, frightened of this thing that I’ve become!” Y/N sang obnoxiously along with the song, completely breaking the harmonies of the singers.

“This song is so cheesy!” Steve shouted over the music, laughing nonetheless at how much Y/N was enjoying herself. Y/N drummed on the dashboard, making Steve laugh even harder. She reached an arm out of the window, basking in the fresh air and warm sun.

“But it makes me so happy!” Y/N laughed over the chorus, then sang the tail of it just to annoy Steve. Every time this song came on the radio, she made him listen to it.

I bless the rains down in Aaaaafrica
Gonna take some time to do the things we never haaaaaaaad ooh oooooh

As the instrumental took over, Y/N turned to Steve. The pure look of adoration and love that washed over his face made Y/N’s heart pound.

Y/N grabbed Steve’s hand and gave the top an affectionate kiss, then held it on her thigh, rubbing her thumb over the top of his hand.

Hurry boy, she’s waiting there for you

that god forsaken song makes me so happy even if i am in the worst mood of my life. i hope this, too, gave you some kind of joy.

bubbleeteas  asked:

"Here's a hint: I'm not telling you" or "Alright im gonna go cry" (or combined bc that has comedic potential) with Steve-O ❤❤❤

 prompt: also asked by anon:  “Alright, I’m gonna go cry” w/ Steve

pairing: steve harrington x reader

rated: t for teen

warnings: cursing here and there

word count: 2647

read it on ao3

Winter time. Winter brought three–no, four good things: holiday season, new years celebration, cold weather, and, of course, your and Steve’s anniversary.

It had only been a year (god, it felt so much longer), since the two of you had begun as an actual thing; since you had become a real couple. The start had been…confusing at first, but after the first date, things had gone smoothly for you both.

As you baked his favorite type of cake from scratch, stirring the mix together as you dropped blue  and red food coloring into the bowl, you reminisced on how you’d both gotten to the point that you were at, now–with him driving down from his university an hour away to visit you.

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