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It is so weird to be a millennial these days.  You grow up with history telling you Nazis were 100% horrible. Movies tell you Nazis were 100% horrible: (Thank God they got their faces melted off when they opened the ark of the covenant.) But now many of the older generation (the ones who stopped the Nazis in the first place) are like: “Eh, they’re still entitled to their opinions. Shades of grey. They have, um, valid points? Sorta.”


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Okay, so Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are now openly feuding with each other. Trump released an official white house statement condemning Bannon and basically calling him a low-level staffer at best, saying that he lost his mind. Donald Trump Jr. is tweeting that Andrew Breitbart would be ashamed of Bannon etc. It’s hilarious to watch evil soulless people fight, but I digress.

The real humor here is the absolute bedlam on the right-wing over this. r/the_donald, the Breitbart comment section - everyone just wants to know who they are supposed to support and what their narrative is supposed to be and what is going on. They have absolutely no ability to critically think about this for themselves. They are openly craving a leader to just tell them what to think. And they just sort of lost both.

Authoritarianism is a hell of a drug folks, but the withdrawal is pretty hilarious to watch.