Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (4/?)

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Summary: Today is your 19th birthday, and you also happen to be Tony Stark’s loved daughter.  What’s a better way to celebrate this special day than a party?!  All the Avengers and family friends will be there, even your secret crush Spider-Man.  You’ve always wanted to meet the famous spiderling, but little did you know you already know him.  Your party will definitely be one to remember.

Warnings: just some sexual and awkward Peter


AN: Hey guys! Hope you’re enjoying the fic! I’m trying to post everyday but with work coming up I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep that up the next two days! Ill try my best to write daily! Also I know I still have requests but I only really have time to write one thing, so I’m updating this fic bc it’s popular!  Once I get time I promise I write those requests out!! Thank you again for the notes on this story!!

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What I hate the most - Part 2

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Steve Rogers

Words: 1933

Warning: none

Tags: @vashanatasha

Request: requested by Anonymous:

“Can i pls request a steve rogers/avenger!reader where he fell out of love with reader as he currently is in love with someone else so he broke up with her? the avengers had no idea what to do, cant exactly side with one of u as ur both avengers. Upset n drunk, during one of the stark party, reader make a scene as she watch him dancing with the other girl. Left afterward, not in her right mind, one of the avengers goes after her to take care of her. Which one is up to u. Thanks.”

Notes: none

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After Tony’s party things were too awkward between you and Steve. You couldn’t even look at him in the eye and he didn’t even know how to act around you. It was uncomfortable for the team as well, who had to deal with the awkwardness every time you two happened to be in the same room.

A couple of weeks passed and you knew you just couldn’t put everyone through your break up so you decided to move out, at least for a while. No one agreed with you. You were part of the team and the team had to be together so after talking about it with Tony, he offered you a whole floor of the tower so you could live there. That way, you would have your privacy and you would still be close to the team.

You moved immediately with Bucky’s help. The Soldier had become a huge pillar in your life since the party. Every time he had some time off he would spend it with you, no matter what. If you needed something, he would move the whole Earth in order to get it for you. He made you feel much better, not happy, but you were close to it. Soon, you were inseparable. He even used to sleep over at the floor you were living in since it also had multiple bedrooms.

The truth was that you didn’t want him to leave. You had got used to the smell of pancakes every morning when you woke up, to his smile when you walked into the kitchen, to his presence, his silences and even, from time to time, his nightmares. And it was the same for Bucky.

Since the moment he met you, he fell for you. Hard. But he chose to stay away since you were Steve’s girlfriend at the time. When he heard about what Steve had done to you he just couldn’t stay away any longer. He saw you suffering, with red puffy eyes and a red nose the whole day and he couldn’t take it. He wanted to make you happy no matter what people thought.

“Bucky, can I talk to you for a moment?”

The team had just finished a meeting about the last mission they went on and everyone was walking out of the room. (Y/N) had been the first one to leave the room, eager to get away from Steve, and Bucky was about to follow her when his best friend called his name.

“Sure”, Bucky said closing the door so they were alone.

“It’s about (Y/N)”, Steve said leaning against the table of the conference room. Bucky imagined this moment would come at some point but he still didn’t know how to face it or what to tell him.

“What about her?” Bucky asked crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“How is she?” Steve asked, taking Bucky by surprise. “I’ve seen you two are hanging out a lot so…” he shrugged.

“Yeah, we have” Bucky nodded. “She’s…better”, he finally said. “Not good yet but she’s getting there” he added. Steve nodded and looked down at his shoes.

“I still feel bad you know?” He sighed looking back up. “She’s a great girl and she didn’t deserve any of this”

“Then why didn’t you break up with her the moment you stopped loving her?” Bucky snapped. “That would have been better than cheating on her, betraying her”

“I know” Steve said closing his eyes. “Do you think she will ever forgive me?”

“Are you really asking me that?” Bucky asked in disbelief. “You broke her heart and then you smashed the pieces when you brought Sharon to the party, in her face”

“Shannon” Steve corrected him.

“Whatever” Bucky sighed. “I don’t know if she will forgive you. All I know is that you don’t deserve it”, he shrugged.

Steve frowned looking at his best friend. He was aware of Bucky liking (Y/N) but lately he was starting to think that maybe it wasn’t just a crush. Of course, it was a conversation they never had but maybe it was time they did. Steve gulped and took a deep breath.

“Bucky, what do you feel for her?” He finally asked.

Bucky didn’t expect that question. Of course he should’ve seen it coming according to how Bucky had been acting lately. But he definitely didn’t expect it from Steve.

“What?” Bucky asked, trying to earn some more time.

“You heard me” Steve chuckled.

“And you know the answer” Bucky replied simply.

“No, I don’t” Steve shrugged. “I knew you had a crush on her when you met her but…that’s all?”

“I don’t know okay?” Bucky finally said. “She’s the most amazing girl I’ve ever met, she’s nice, she’s caring, loving, funny… but she’s your ex so it doesn’t really matter” Bucky sighed looking down.

“Do you love her?” Steve asked.

“Maybe” Bucky replied after a few moments of silence.

Steve sighed and walked over his friend to palm his shoulder. They both knew it was a complicated situation but Steve knew he couldn’t forbid Bucky anything, let alone if it was related to his happiness.

“After what I’ve done, do you really think I have any say in this?” Steve asked. Bucky looked at the Captain surprised. “If you love her, go and get her, pal” Steve smiled a little. “Just…take care of her. Better than I did”

When the meeting finished you went straight to the floor Tony had let you use. You were going to go to the movies with Bucky and you wanted to take a shower before going. When you finished, Bucky wasn’t there yet so you took your time getting ready. He appeared in your bedroom when you were applying your make up.

“Hey there soldier” you smiled a little.

“You know you don’t need that” he said pointing at the make up. You chuckled and rolled your eyes. “I was talking to Steve” he said.

Just like every time someone said that name, you tensed for a moment before focusing on what you were doing.

“I know you don’t like talking about him but-“ he started but you cut him off.

“You’re right, Bucky, I don’t want to talk about him” you said simply as you looked at him through the mirror. “I know he’s your best friend but that doesn’t change how I feel about him” you added.

“I know” he sighed. “He asked me about us” he said anyway. You frowned looking at him again. “He have seen that we’ve been spending more time together now and he wanted to know how I feel about you” he explained. You gulped and turned your chair around to look at him.

Actually it was a conversation you knew you had to have with him at some point but you didn’t know if you were ready for the outcome of it. If he felt the same as you did, it could be wonderful but you didn’t know if you wanted to be in a relationship so soon. On the other hand, if he didn’t feel the same as you did, you would be left completely alone with your heart broken again when it was starting to heal.

“What did you say?” You asked scared.

“That I don’t know” he shrugged walking over you until he bended down in front of you, taking your hands. “That you’re an amazing girl who I don’t deserve” he smiled sadly.

“Why do you say that?” You frowned. “You deserve every girl you want, Bucky, and I don’t want you to say otherwise” he smiled a bit more looking up at you.

“But do I deserve you?” He asked shyly. You smiled a little and kissed his forehead before getting up.

“I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you Bucky, not the other way around” you said taking your jacket from your bed and turning to look at him. “Shall we go? We’re going to be late and I already have the Audi’s keys” you said showing him the keys.

He smiled a little and nodded, knowing it wasn’t the perfect timing to talk about it. He took the keys from your hands with a wink and walked out of your room.

The movie was amazing, the best you had seen in a lot of time. For you, Dunkirk was going to be the movie of the year. It had been a really long time since you enjoyed a movie this much. And one of the best parts of it, was seeing Bucky so mesmerized by it. He didn’t even blink during the movie, not even once, signaling he was loving it as much as you did.

“Can I drive?” You asked when you left the cinema.

“Sure” he said giving the keys back. “It was good, wasn’t it?” He asked putting his hands in his pockets as you walked down the street towards the car.

“It was amazing. Christopher Nolan never disappoints me” you smiled with your arms crossed. “The photograph was just incredible” he nodded in agreement and wrapped an arm around you since the night was a bit chilly.

“I can’t believe a movie with such a small dialogue can make you feel so much” he commented. This time it was you who nodded. “Are you tired?” He asked looking down at you.

“A bit” you admitted resting your head on his shoulder.

He smiled a little and kissed the top of your head. The two of you walked in silence, but before you reached your car, Bucky took your arm and made you stop. You looked at him confused.

“I’ve been thinking about what we talked about and…” he bite his lip not looking at you. “You do deserve me, (Y/N)” he told you. You smiled a little and looked down but he made you look up, not removing the hand from your cheek afterwards. “You really are the most wonderful girl I’ve ever known, you’re special to me and I think you know that. I also know you’re scared but I want you to know that… I love you and…” he took a deep breath. “I will wait for you as much as you need if you accept me”

You never thought those words would come out of his mouth ever. But what shocked you the most was finding out that you also loved this man and how could you not do it after everything he had done for you? Since the very first time you met him he had been there for you, even with the tinniest things. How could you have been so blind?

You smiled a little and placed a hand on his neck to pull him down, pulling your lips together into a sweet and tender kiss. Bucky wrapped his arms around you and kissed you back immediately, not believing he was actually kissing you after all this time dying to do so.

Kissing someone who wasn’t Steve was an odd experience. You were used to his kisses and you never thought you would be kissing someone else, let alone…Bucky. But the Soldier kissed were tender and passionate, even when they were slow. Finally, you two pulled away, looking at each other as a smile appeared in your faces.

“So…?” He whispered.

“Why don’t you start by sleeping with me tonight?” You bite your lip. He smiled widely and nodded wrapping his arms around you tightly. “But I’m still driving us home” you added making him laugh.

“We’ll see” he winked as he wrapped his arm around you and started walking again.

unpopular opinion: steve rogers is not lawful good aligned because COME ON when has that man EVER respected rules or laws he jumped out of a plane without a parachute, went in alone to a nazi base to save bucky, and rebelled against the entirety of shield because he knew they were corrupt my boy is chaotic good and no one can convince me otherwise

  • Steve : So, Barton and his wife are going out of town this weekend and wanted to know if we could take care of the kids.
  • Tony : Whoa, whoa, whoa, that is a big responsibility. What do we know about children?
  • Peter : I am leaving. Spider suit?
  • Tony : (hands Peter the suit) I swear you'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on. (To Steve) I don't know the first thing about taking care of a child. (To Peter) Where is your jacket? It's cold outside.
  • Peter : Forgot.
  • Tony : Here take mine. (To Steve) Kids are a lot of work.