• what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:While I think it's wonderful that Nancy and Steve ultimately decided to give their relationship another chance at the end of season 1, I don't think that that in any way lessens the chemistry and romantic potential of Nancy and Jonathan's bond, one that was clearly and carefully established by the writers. At the moment that bond has expressed itself in the form of a deep friendship and, while I appreciate that the writers did not ruin that with a forced romance, I definitely see in their dynamic the foundations of a future, beautiful romantic relationship built on the solid understanding and friendship they already share. I do not see what happens at the end of season 1 as the death knell of a possible future relationship between Jonathan and Nancy. In fact, precisely because nothing explicitly romantic has happened between them, the show has set itself up for a beautiful slow-burn romance that is all the more likely to flourish and be genuinely beautiful and healthy because it is NOT predicated on the failure of Nancy's relationship with Steve.(Whose arc and growth is one of my favorites in the series.) While the show cleverly avoids falling into the trap of setting up a love triangle that sends the message that Nancy should reject the "bad guy" (who actually wants to change) for the "good guy" (whose only purpose is to show her the meaning of life), and thus reducing each character to a stereotype, neither is the show using Nancy x Steve x Jonathan as a way to deconstruct the false "good guy" trope. Nancy and Jonathan's connection would not have been explored as deeply as it was or be as moving and genuinely innocent as it is if it were only intended as a kind of subversion of usual romantic tropes or a clever way to dupe the audience's instinct and expectation. While I will (probably) happily accept whatever direction the show wants to take Nancy's love life (as long as it is truthfully and delicately handled), I don't think I'm "missing the point of the story" by shipping her with Jonathan. Both romantic relationships have potential and appeal, just as both boys (and Nancy) have faults and failings that need to be overcome. Personally, I really value the innocent chemistry and instinctive understanding that form the backbone of Nancy and Jonathan's relationship and at some point I would love to see that develop into a real romance, though I am also able to admit that it is great to see the way Steve owns up to his mistakes and does his best to change for her.
Stubborn Love: Part 9 - Steve x Bucky x Reader

Plot: What happens when fall in love with two different people, for different reasons, but they just so happen to be each other’s best friend? 
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes
Words: 1079
Warnings: Angst at the end, fighting

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These days, Steve and Bucky spend more time trying to avoid each other than anything else.

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The first time Steve sees Tony, he actually can’t look away and it takes Natasha tapping on his cheek for him to remember where he is and that it’s not polite to stare. 

“Who’s the gorgeous man in the tailored suit?”

“That would be Tony Stark, your new teammate.”

“I get to work with him? I’m gonna be honest, Natasha, I won’t be able to concentrate with that fine ass distracting me.”

“Then don’t look.”

“But then there’s the rest of him!”

In which Steve isn’t subtle. 

  • Tony:Every action has its equal, opposite reactions. Thanks to Rogers, our super-team's fractured into factions. Try not to crack under the stress, we're breaking down like fractions. We smack each other in the field, and we don't print retractions. I get no satisfaction witnessing his fits of passion—the way he primps and preens and dresses like the pits of fashion!

“This image is something Michael and I talked about and we developed on the day. It was kind of like the idea of speaking through the computer, seemed like an obvious thing to do. Michael wanted to lie down for a moment, seeking variation in there.” – Danny Boyle

“Michael Fassbender said on this particular day ‘Aaron, I’m going to take off my shoes and wash my feet in the toilet’ and I said ‘Why, why are you asking me’ and I didn’t understand what he was talking about and he said 'Because it’s a thing that Steve did.’” – Aaron Sorkin

“Everything he does with the flowers was all Michael on the day, it may have been in rehearsal. But it was all Michael, he just started having fun with the flowers.” – Aaron Sorkin

“There’s actually a scene in act three and in the middle of the scene he starts doing a little bit of yoga. And that was not scripted at all. He just decided to be extremely experimental that day. He came in the morning and was like 'I’m going to try a bunch of stuff’” – Kate Winslet

imagine Steve and Bucky doing like renovation work around their neighbourhood bc they want to get to know people, and they’re working for a senior citizen but then they discover it’s someone they knew back in the day. Like maybe it’s little suzie who was 8 years old lived down the street and had the biggest crush on 17 year old Steve Rogers and always said hello to him when he passed her house in the morning and Bucky used to tease him about his little not so secret admirer. And then she’d tell him all about the life she had and her family and the things her kids went on to do and when they leave Steve notices Bucky looking kinda sad and he asks him about it and he tries to brush it off as nothing, but then he’s like “you ever think about what if Stevie? like what if things had worked out differently and we’d gone home and had families and grown old together?” and Steve’s quiet and then he goes “We could still have that Buck. A family. If you want to, we could do it all, buy a house, get a yard, adopt 2 little kids. Boy and girl, boy first so our little girl always has someone looking out for her, put up a treehouse and teach them how to play baseball. The whole 9 yards Buck, we can have that. And we already grew old together…but I’m not going anywhere if you ain’t”