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Supernatural & Marvel X-Over: The Hunter (Part 6)

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Marvel/SPN Crossover: The Hunter
Rating: Slightly Dark
Year: After CA:CW/Mid Season 12 of SPN
Pairings: Bucky/O.C.
Side: Darcy/Loki, Jane/Thor, and Steve/Sharon
Summary: After a grueling hunting trip with her hunting friends, Sage and Jen, Samantha Lewis attends her estranged older sister’s engagement party. Already, the ugly duckling of her family, she struggles to keep her hunting life at bay but when a local killing captures her attention. Now, what should she do?

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Part 6

Samantha sat at the breakfast table with Bucky next to her. He was laughing at something Sam Wilson had said.

Everyone else is the room were engrossed in a conversation with her excluded again. She pulled out her phone, glancing at the close-up of the necklace. The Latin word for death was written on it.

“That’s a cool necklace.” She jumped when she heard Bucky. Samantha shook her head with a laugh before glancing at her.

“Yeah. It’s um for work! Roman Empires and such.” She smiled as she hid her phone away. The Latin confused to no end as to why a wealthy heiress had it.

It was some type of cursed object but she needed to do more research. Yesterday, she decided to go to the library for research and the library was all the way in San Francisco.

She preferred the SF State Library over the one in her town because in a close knit place like this, everyone really knew everyone.

The small town was located between San Francisco and Modesto with SF in the north. Besides, the college library had more options to look at and professors to talk.

Samantha sighed as everyone continued to eat food and talk around her. It was awkward not to mention, it was leaving a strain on her.

But out of nowhere she felt her iPhone vibrated, quite loudly; then the conversations ended.

“Sorry.” She muttered as she quickly left the room when she noticed the caller ID. It was Dean Winchester.

“Hi Dean!” She smiled as she stood in the kitchen against the counter. She heard that lowly yet strong masculine chuckle.

“Hey Short Stuff! How are you doing?” Dean asked back on the road for a hunt with Sam. They had a small hunt in Brookings.

“Um visiting my family and there’s a case.” She said the last part carefully and quietly. Dean scoffed before saying, “Hey! Listen, I’m putting you on speaker.”

Samantha smiled when she heard the small beep and “Hey Kiddo!” from Sam Winchester.

“Hey Sam! What’s up?” Samantha laughed as she walked out of the kitchen to the back patio.

“Nothing much, small hunt in Brookings. We’re on our way there.” Sam explained as Samantha sighed.

“Short Stuff! I haven’t seen you after you left for California but I killed Hitler.” She could clearly hear the smirk in his voice.

“You killed Hitler? Ah, thank you.” Samantha awkwardly laughed.

“It’s a long story.” Sam added.

“I bet…” Samantha smirked before the tone of her voice became serious and quiet. “How’s Mary doing? What about Cas and Crowley? Did they found him.”

“Mom’s gone. She’s on the road but she’s fine. Cas and Crowley, well I hope they’re fine. Nothing on Lucifer though.” Sam explained as he noticed Dean become silent when they were asked about Mary.

“Okay, let me know when you guys find him. Besides, I have a case here with Jen and Sage. And it’s weird.” She scrunched up her nose in confusion.

“Define ‘weird?’ I thought you texted that it was a simple salt and burn.” Dean questioned as the thought of anything harming Samantha scared him.

“We thought so too but it’s something more. And there is a cursed object involved but I’m gonna do more research.” Samantha eased the Winchesters’ fear about this hunt.

“Good! Do more research okay? And try not to get hurt. Samantha-pedia.” She smiled when she heard her nerdy nickname. Samantha-pedia or Sammipedia. Fellow hunters called her that because of her intensive knowledge on lore and history.

Samantha never really considered herself to be a full-hunter. She was a part-time hunter and full time librarian/researcher.

To be honest, she knew how to fight as she was trained by her grandmother while her grandfather taught her how to use a gun.

She was good enough to pin down Dean and Sam when they trained but she preferred to sit back and observe.

Samantha provided look out and comfort for others but when the situation arose, she fought. Like in this case, someone or something was targeting her mother.
And she rather be tortured by Crowley again than to see her family in pain. Back in 2013 when Sam went through the trials and Kevin was translating the tablet, she helped Kevin with his research.

Despite the fact that she could not read the tablet, Samantha used Aramaic and lore to provide support for Kevin. She organized his research, got him food, and learned enochian.

Obviously, Crowley learned that she was not hunting with either the Winchesters or her friends so he targeted her.

When she was finishing a local salt and burn.

Knocked out, tied to a chair, and bloodied nose; she woke up to see Crowley smirk at her. Asking her questions on how, what, where Kevin was.

She remained silent as Crowley slashed her arms and neck. Stabbed her jean-clad thigh and broke her fingers on her left hand.

But the final straw was until Crowley burned away the anti-possession sigil on her collarbone and he possessed her to read her mind, to use her.

Within moments, physically knocked out but mentally she fought him off with the exorcism chant and some hand to hand combat.

While she slept, her body jerked around and loosened the binds.

After she became unpossessed, she punched Crowley into a table, leaving him unconscious. Any demon that  came in her way, she questioned and killed.

She learned of a way out and crawled through a grave in Still Cemetery outside of Lawrence. Clad in a black lace tank-top with blue jeans and bare feet, she walked back to Lawrence.

Bruised, slashed, and bloody where she phoned Sam and Dean.

To say that The Winchesters were mad would be an understatement, Sam and Dean were pissed. They told Crowley that this was between him and them.

That Cas, Kevin, Sage, Jen, and she were not involved.

But Crowley argued that they were guilty by association. Sam and Dean told Samantha to stop helping Kevin. She did not listen.

Samantha always had that stubborn yet warm motherly quality about her so she kept helping Kevin.

Ultimately, she and Kevin got the last trial but circumstances worsen.

So obviously, Dean wanted her to stay careful.

“Samantha? You there?” She heard Sam ask.

“Yeah…I zoned out there a bit. But yeah! I hear ya.” Samantha smiled as she heard both of the boys chuckle.

“Well be careful, Short Stuff!” Dean told her as he and Sam parked at the coroner’s office. Dean turned off the speaker so he can talk to Samantha alone.

Samantha rolled her eyes as that was a common phrase in the mouths of both Winchesters after the torture incident with Crowley,

“I’m serious, Samantha Swan Lewis. You better be careful along with my girl and Jen. All three of you girls mean a lot to me and Sammy! You’re my little sister.” Samantha smiled as she acknowledged the brotherly love Dean and Sam had for her.

“Okay! I’ll be careful and whatever happened to no ‘chick flick’ moments? You getting soft on us, old man.” Sam laughed as she saw Darcy wait at the doorway.

Signally ‘5 minutes’ to her sister, she smirked when she heard Dean scoff.

“Old? I’m 37. Anyways, Sammy and I got our FED suits on so I gotta go. Be good and be careful again Kiddo. I’ll talk to you soon.” Dean smiled as he ended the call after hearing the soft goodbye from his “adopted” little sister.

Noticing Sam’s worried expression about the hunt that girls were now on. He hoped to Cas that they were okay.

Samantha smiled…

It’s been since eight years since the death of her older brother, seven since her father, and five since her grandfather.

Growing up, Samantha struggled with the idea of people dying or leaving her so she always tried to prove that she was good enough for them.

Now, she doesn’t have to.
Because both Jen and Sage loved her for who she is. A complete hot mess of awkwardness, anxiety and sarcasm.

Sam and Dean loved her for the same reasons. So did Cas, her grandfather, and grandmother.

She was part of a family were blood did not matter, skills did not matter, only love did.

She loved the Winchesters, Cas, Sage, and Jen.

They were family.

Samantha let the crisp, cool breeze of the Bay air touch her face as she heard Darcy clear her throat. “Um? Sammy? I mean Samantha, your friend Katie ( @winchesters-favorite-girl ) is here to see you.”




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Fight Song ~ Part 11 ~ Get Out!

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Warnings: Abuse, Confrontation, Language, Panic Attack, Resentment, kidnapping, animal abuse, Mentions of Rape and child abuse.

Pairings: Tony X Reader X Marie; Steve X reader X Bucky

Word Count: 1875



Reader’s POV

My body was shaking as I pulled from Pepper’s grasp to stare at the person behind her.

“Hi sweetheart,” The woman says and my eyes widen as I gulp down a breath of air.

“M-m-mom?” I stutter as I stare wide eyed at her. She simply nods at me with a soft smile on her lips. All sorts of emotions were running through my mind but the only thing that escaped my lips was rage. “Get out!” I growl at her making her face fill with a mixture of sadness and regret.

“(Name)?” I hear Tony say from behind me and I turn my rage bubbling inside me.

“What did you do?!” I yell out as I glare at him.

“Before you get all,” He waves his hands in front of him before he continues, “Angry. You need to listen to what she has to say.”

“The hell I do!” I yell out as I turn back to my mother and say, “I told you to get out.”

“(Name), I’m sorry for what I did.” She replies her hands fidgeting with her small bag.

“You’re sorry?” I scoff as I roll my eyes. “Do you know what I’ve been through because of you?” I yell out completely unaware that I now had an audience. “I’m sorry doesn’t cut it.”

“(Name) you need to calm down.” I hear Steve say from behind me and I slowly turn toward him.

“Please tell me you didn’t know she was coming.”

“Tony called us this morning.” He replies and I grit my teeth as I slowly nod. My heart was racing in my chest; I bite my lip before I turn from him back to her. “Come on leave them alone for a bit.” He says making everyone leave the foyer and head into different parts of the house save for me, my mother, and Tony.

“Peanut-” He starts but I instantly interrupt him.

“Shut up! Just shut up! I can’t-I-I can’t breathe,” I say as I grip tightly to my chest as it tightens. My mother starts to move toward me and I instantly flinch away. “D-Don’t touch me!” I yell out and she freezes. Tony is instantly at my side pulling my face toward him.

“Listen to me (Name), it’s alright. You can do this.” He says but I shake my head as say through clenched teeth, “No I can’t.”

“Yes, you can peanut. Just think about all you’ve been through,” he says pulling my head into his chest and gently smoothing my hair down continues, “You are a beautifully strong woman who needs to face her past.”

“But I can’t!” I cry out again as tears threaten to fill my eyes.

“Yes you can, I’m here peanut; I’ve got you.” He says and the tears start to pour. He was here. He was here to help me. He wanted to help me. I grip tightly to his shirt before taking a deep breath and pulling away turn back to my mother.

“Say what you have to say, and if I don’t like it, you have to leave.” I say as I clutch tightly to Tony’s hand.

She nods slightly before she clutches tightly to her bag and says, “That day all those years ago, no matter what I was going through I should never have given you up. It has killed me every day since. After I dropped you off I found that no matter what I did I couldn’t kill the pain it left in me. I was wrong, oh so wrong, to leave you with him. I have no idea what you have been through and I know that nothing I can say will ever make up for it; but I truly am sorry. I mean that.” I look her up and down to see that she was dressed nicely in an expensive outfit and even her bag was a Prada.

“Looks like you did pretty well without me.” I say bluntly as I stare deep into her eyes trying to convey all my hate to her.

“I married a wonderful man a few years after I left you. We went back to get you together but by then you were gone and I couldn’t find you anywhere, please believe me when I say that I looked. I looked so hard I never stopped looking.”

“Then how come you didn’t find me until now?”

“Tony,” She says as she glances over at her old lover. “He found me.”

“You did?” I ask as I slowly turn to him.

“I can find anyone. I’m a genius.”

“Alright smartass,” I say as I roll my eyes.

“There are no words to describe how sorry I am (Name). I know you can never forgive me but I at least wanted to see you and tell you that I’m sorry and that I still love you.”

“You’re right I can’t forgive you.” I say as I turn from Tony to her. “I was a child and you sold me to your drug dealer.”

“Wait what?” Tony says and I turn to see a look of confusion and anger filling his eyes.

“Oh she didn’t tell you?” I ask as I look from him back to my mother. “She sold me to her drug dealer so she could get high.”

“What the hell Marie, why didn’t you come to me? I would have helped you?”

“Seriously Tony? You were a man-whore at the time. There was no way you were going to believe that I had a baby and it was yours.” She replies bluntly making me raise an eyebrow.

Well she’s not wrong.

“Still you could’ve tried to get me to listen.”

“Alright that’s enough.” I interject as I pull from Tony’s grasp and taking a deep breath continue, “Alright, you both wanna know what I went through because you both were too stupid to think?” I turn toward my mother and say, “Because of you I was almost raped at the age of eight. The only way I could survive was by putting a bullet through his head. After that I was sent from foster home to foster home where I had to constantly worry about whether or not they were gonna beat or rape me. You wanna know the worst part? The worst part is that when I shot Devlin it didn’t bother me. I liked it. I liked killing people.”

“(Name) I-” she starts but I hold my hand up to stop her.

“I am a seriously fucked up person who has hallucinations that feel so real I have a hard time believing they’re not. So you say you’re sorry, well I’m sorry but that’s just not good enough.” I walk past her toward the front door and reaching for the doorknob I pause and turning back to them say, “I also almost died last night. I’m so fucked up that I wanted to die, to be free of all the pain and memories.” Tony’s eyes widen as he realizes that he almost lost his daughter and my mother just stares at me in shock. “Oh and I made out with Cap and Bucky,” I walk out the door slamming it behind me. I pause on the porch my chest heaving before I make a beeline for the woods. I needed to be anywhere other than there.

Pushing past the tree line I just keep walking not even bothering to look back. My head was full of voices arguing with each other making my heart race uncontrollably in my chest. What had they been thinking bringing my mother here? How had they even found her and what politician was she married too? My mind races suddenly making me fall to my knees as I try to slow my uncontrollable breathing. I hear a noise from beside me and I turn toward it to see Baldr creeping toward me his ears pinned back in anger as he growls at something on the other side of me.

I quickly turn from him to the other side of me and see a man in what looked like a failed attempt at my father’s Ironman suit. Instead of the usual hot rod red and gold colors it was chrome and blood red. The eyes were rounder and the instead of the slit mouth his suit looked like it barely had one at all. “What the hell are you supposed to be?” I ask as I slowly crawl away from him and over to Baldr.

“Aw, I’m upset you don’t recognize me (Name).” He says and for some reason his voice sounds familiar.

“Who the hell are you?” I ask not taking my eyes off of him. I feel Baldr kneel down to get in between me and the wannabe ironman and I feel my breathing start to return to normal. I watch eyes narrowed as his faceplate opens up to reveal a man about my age with dark raven hair and icy blue eyes. He seemed familiar, who was he?

“Come on (Name), MIT senior year? Also the year your father killed mine.” He says and my eyes widen in sudden realization.


“In the flesh,” He says using his arms to motion down the rest of his body from his chest to his feet. “Well in the armor, if you want to get technical.”

“How did you get a hold of my father’s tech?” I ask as I force myself to stand up straight.

“What like its hard?” He says chuckling making me grit my teeth and narrow my eyes angrily.

“You don’t have the right to wear that armor.” I say sternly as I clench my fists and Baldr growls angrily.

“Don’t I though?” He says tilting his head sarcastically. “After all it is the same technology that murdered my father.”

“Obadiah was a madman Zeke; you know that better than anyone else.”

“DO NOT SPEAK ABOUT MY FATHER!” He yells out angrily making me jump in surprise. “Your father murdered him in cold blood!”

“Are you fucking kidding me!” I yell back at him my eyes wild with rage. “Your ‘Father’ tried to have mine assassinated in that desert just so he could have some shitty company. If anything he got what he deserved!” Suddenly he surges toward me his hand wrapping tightly around my throat and lifting me up into the air. I kick and thrash to try and get free when I suddenly hear a yelp and look down to see Baldr lying on the ground a few feet away not moving. “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I cry out as I punch and kick at the metal suit.

“He was in my way.” Zeke chuckles and I feel rage surge through my body. Taking a deep breath I let out a blood curdling scream to somehow alert someone that I was in danger; but before I am able to see if anyone comes black spots fill my eyes and then as the world goes black I hear Zeke chuckle triumphantly.

Tony’s POV

“Did you hear that?” Tony says as he holds his hands up to quiet everyone. “Something’s wrong.” Tony instantly runs from the house and out the door where he instantly climbs into his Mach 90 and say, “FRIDAY I need you to locate (Name).”

“Right away sir,” She replies and Tony can feel his heart start to race. Something was wrong and he could feel it. Call it parent intuition or whatever but he just felt deep down in his gut that (Name) was in trouble.

“Tony what’s going on?” He hears a familiar voice ask and turns to see Steve standing a few feet away with the rest of the team walking up behind him.

“Something’s wrong, I can feel it.”

“What, is it (Name)?” Steve asks his eyes filling with concern.

“Yeah, I’m having FRIDAY run a scan for her.”

“Sir I’ve found her.” FRIDAY’s female voice chimes out and he nods as he replies, “Good where is she?”

“It seems she is being held captive by a man in an suit much like yours sir.”

“That’s not possible,” Tony says as he narrows his eyes.

“I’m sorry sir but my calculations are not wrong.”

“Okay then let’s go,” Tony says and right as he is about to launch himself into the sky Steve grabs his arms and says, “Tony what’s going on?”

“Peanut’s in trouble.” Without another word Tony launches himself into the sky and quickly makes his way after the now retreating mysterious suit.

“Don’t worry Tony; we’ve got your back.” Natasha says into his comms and Tony clenches his jaw.

His stomach was in knots. Who had his tech? Why would they be after (Name)? Were they using her to get to him? If so they’d regret it dearly. He had missed out on so much in her life. He had been unable to protect her from the trials of her childhood but there was no way he was going to fail to protect her now. No matter what this mysterious people wanted he would given ten times that just to get her back. She was his child, his peanut. He loved her, even if she didn’t feel the same about him, he still loved her. No one was going to stand in between him and his daughter.

“Hang on peanut, daddy’s coming.”

Will Continue In - Angry Girl’s Cause The Most Damage 

SPN/Marvel X-OVER: The Hunter (Part 5)

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Marvel/SPN Crossover: The Hunter

Rating: Slightly Dark (references to hunting, mental health, and death.


Year: After CA:CW/Mid Season 12 of SPN

Pairings: Bucky/O.C.

Side: Darcy/Loki 

Summary: After a grueling hunting trip with her hunting friends, Sage and Jen, Samantha Lewis attends her estranged older sister’s engagement party. Already, the ugly duckling of her family, she struggles to keep her hunting life at bay when a local killing captures her attention. Now, what should she do?

TAGS: @winchesters-favorite-girl @scarlettsoldier

Part 5

The voice send a chill down her spine as she comprehended the sense of someone behind her.  Samantha spun around to see a young woman standing there.

Help me.” The young woman with ghastly pale skin and dark hair gazed at her with clear, empty eyes.

“What?” She questioned as she watched the apparition disappear before turning back to the portrait of Francine.

With a gasp, Samantha fell back when she noticed that the apparition was, in fact, Francine Evans.

“SAGE! JEN!” She roared as she made her way around the ballroom when she heard strong footfalls unlike the gentle, careful ones of her friends.

They were not alone.

Quickly running into a closet, holding her breath, she heard them stop.

A strong yet familiar masculine voice spoke, “I thought I heard someone.”  Samantha rested her back against the door.

“Shut it ya pipsqueak! Boss said that the Lewis Engagement Benefit would be a great time to award them the award for upstanding family.” A high pitched voice exclaimed.

“Them Lewis though! Great bunch! Attractive mom and kids.” The strong voice laughed.

“Except for that loony girl! What’s yer name! Samantha, right? I heard she’s back. And word on the street is that she’s pretty hot now. The boys have seen her walking with her sister the other day. The legs on her! WOOHOO!” The high pitched voice laughed as Samantha scowled.


This is why she hated her small-knit, self-righteous, kooky town….Your business was everybody’s business.

Now, some asshole is ranting on about her legs which he saw while she was wearing jeans. 

“Boss said he wants to divorce the missus so he can get Mama Bear Lewis’ hand after the award ceremony. If you ask me he should go after Samantha or The one marrying the killer alien that caused New York.” The two men croaked out their laughter while hidden in the closet, Samantha rolled her eyes.

She was not missing much when she left.

Texas, Missouri, and Kansas became her home.

They walked off down the stairs to the main exit while Samantha carefully came out of the closet. She recognized those voices as boys she went to school with.

Evan Wood Evans, a bully and heir of the Evans’ fortune; and, Oliver Flint, Darcy’s ex-boyfriend who had a crush on her.

They were dicks to say the least.

Who was Boss? Why her mother? What the hell is going on in this town?
Samantha sighed softly as she once again found another portrait of Francine.

The necklace kept grasping for her attention.

Carefully pulling out her phone she took a picture of the necklace. It looked familiar. Maybe it was related to some kind of hoo doo or magic.

“Help me…” She heard again from behind her and cautiously, she turned around to see Francine. “With what?” Samantha asked reaching behind for her salt hand gun.

“Betrayed…” Francine exclaimed as she grasped Samantha’s arm, burning her.
She felt her body temperature rise as a pained groan was let out when Sage bursted in shooting Francine with salt pelts.

Jen ran toward Samantha as she fell back.

The pain was as if she had been set ablaze. Samantha groaned again as she sat up in the backseat of Sage’s truck.

“What the hell was that?” Sage angrily questioned. “You think having a casual conversation with Casper the Pyromanic Ghost was a good idea!” She ranted on.

The sensation of her body cooling down was brought on by all the open windows and loss of her shirt, she was clad only in her bra and jeans.

Samantha glanced at the burnt mark on her arm.

It was a handprint…

“Guys, I think I learned something about Francine. She wasn’t trying to kill me. She wanted my help. She said the word ‘betrayed’” Samantha explained as Jen sighed and Sage roll her eyes.

“Samantha, she burned you! AS IN SHE TRIED TO KILL YOU!” Sage exclaimed. Sanjana or Sage Karin rolled her eyes as she exclaimed at her best friend. Samantha was always emotional when it came to hunts…She wanted everyone to get a happy ending.  

For Sage, the scariest thing she ever saw was Samantha withering on the cave floor, bleeding out after she shielded the Boys’ Scout Troop.

It was then she and Jen decided to keep Samantha out of bigger hunts, the slayings.

Samantha was a bookworm so they let her study lore in-depth, she learned latin, greek, and other ancient languages to understand history behind their hunts. She spent time with older, retired hunters learning and gathering information for her hunting journal.

She learned how to make medicine with the usage of the natural elements and herbal supplies which made Jen’s work easier. It was Bobby Singer who taught her that.

Their hunting files were organized in formation of Z to A in Latin and every document had a fake name to ward off wandering eyes.

Samantha was the one who did research most of the time and she enjoyed it.

But now, Samantha Swan Lewis was on her home turf.

This time she is ready for a hunt with Jen and Sage by her side.

But let’s be honest, she’ll still do the research…

Samantha gathered her weapons bag before she shrugged her top and jacket on as the familiar roadway of her childhood house appeared.

It was seven am so they had been out since three in the morning…

She got up at 2am as she went to bed at 10pm. Total 5 hours of sleep. Samantha yawned as she made her way to the familiar balcony.

Tossing her bag over first, Samantha climbed the walled railings and within a few minutes she was in her old room.

Quickly removing her boots, she decided hide her weapons bag and salt guns in the secret compartment.

Samantha slumped down the wall with a sheet around her waist when the door slammed open.

“SAMMY!!!!!” She heard Darcy yell into the room.

She stood up quickly as her sister ranted on about breakfast and other stuff she did not care about.

“Sam? What are you wearing?” Darcy raised her eyebrows at the flannel.

“Flannel?” Samantha raised her eyebrows as well.

“Ew! Anyways, breakfast at 8 so come down.” Darcy laughed as she made her way out of the room.

Samantha glanced at her flannel and gently touched the corner of the collar. Her sister indirectly insulted the hunters’ life culture.

In the ensuite bathroom, Samantha brushed her teeth and quickly applied eyeliner. She stared at herself in the mirror.

It was awkward…She hated it.

Grabbing a hair-tie, she styled her hair in a ponytail as she was about to leave the room.

At the door handle, she grabbed her favorite olive green utility jacket.

She wore her jacket as she made her way down the stairs when she noticed everyone fully awake.

“Morning?” Samantha awkwardly muttered as she locked eyes with Bucky who offered her friendly smile which caused her to blush.

Samantha stared back at James Buchanan Barnes or Bucky as he liked to be called. He was handsome and smart and polite. And his blue eyes she could totally get lost in them and no one would interrupt her except  “You’re late!”


Ruksar scowled at her wayward daughter.

“What? Darcy said breakfast was at 8 so…” Samantha scoffed as she send a glare at her whistling older sister.

Ruksar rolled her eyes before stating, “It is at 7:30 and you’re washing the dishes.”

Samantha stood jaw-dropped at her retreating mother before she looked at her sister.

“It was a joke!” Darcy laughed as Samantha glared at her. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner looked uncomfortable as well as the others.

As Darcy stopped laughing. “Come on Sammy! It was a joke!”

“Oh for the love of cheese! Stop it! I’m not Sammy! You don’t get to call me that!!! Or hell anyone else. It’s Samantha!” Samantha glared.

Darcy laughed before repeating, “Sammy!”

“It’s Samantha! Sammy is a chubby twelve year old kid! It’s Samantha.” Samantha rolled her eyes.

“BREAKFAST TIME!!!” Thor yelled as he smelt the delicious food the Lewis Matriarch made.


Phone call with a Winchester…

Samantha’s bond with Sam and Dean.


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