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OMG I just had the cuuuuuutest headcanon: So we all know Tony knew Peggy as his Aunt Peggy but what if he grew up knowing the Howling Commandos as his uncles? I can just imagine little Tony being told stories of the war by his Uncle Dum Dum and then growing up a bit and going to college and building a robot and naming it after his favorite Uncle... I mean we've already seen his affinity for naming his mechanical babies after important people in his life *coughJarviscough*

Imagine Steve when Tony told him.

Idk maybe they were just chilling in his workshop while Tony was doing a little bit of maintenance work on Dum-E, and then Steve just asks him out of the blue, “JARVIS was a person, before he was an AI, right?”

And Tony freezes for a moment, before looking up at the ceiling and nodding his head a little. “Yeah. One of the best men I grew up with, honestly. Seemed only fair he got to… I don’t know, be remembered? And he always used to look out for me when I was a kid, so - carrying on tradition? I guess?”

“What about the others?”

Tony stopped, raising his eyebrows in silent question. Steve just gestured at Dum-E and sat back, waiting for the story.

“I… well this one,” Tony patted Dum-E fondly on the head, “he was kind of based loosely off an uncle of mine? Not by blood,” he added, when Steve’s eyebrows raised in surprise, “just… a good guy. He’d swing by with Pegs sometimes, tell me cool war-stories. And Howard was never an ass when he was around, ‘cause Uncle Dummy would just clock him on the nose.”

Steve smiled in amusement. “Uncle Dummy?  What a respectful name,”

Tony shrugged. “Pegs always called him Dougan, but it was too long for three-year old me. So he told me to call him Dum-Dum. He was… he was always fun like that-”

“Whoah whoa. Wait. Hold up,” Steve had stood up and crossed the room before the was even aware of what he was doing, taking Tony’s shoulder and clutching tightly. “You… you knew Dougan?”

Tony stared in shock for a moment. “You knew Dougan? But- but he never mentioned you! I talked about you all the time and he never…” Tony trailed off, getting sad for a moment as he thought back. “Oh. He… he always got sad when I spoke about you. After a while I just stopped asking. Was- was he a Howling Commando?” Tony asked quietly, but Steve couldn’t miss the childish little spark of excitement in his eyes.

Steve smiled fondly, and looked down to Dum-E sat patiently, as if he were listening to the entire conversation. Steve could almost see the shared traits, now he was looking. The clumsiness. The general loudness. The mood-swings.

“Yeah,” Steve replied softly. “He was… he was one of my best friends. We pretty much all lived in each other’s pockets back then, so it was hard not to be.” 

Tony looked at him, and then placed a gentle hand over Steve’s. “Want me to tell you about him? What he was like after, I mean. With me. Because he was great, honestly, I adored him-”

“Yeah,” Steve answered, smiling weakly. “That’d be… nice.”

And so they just talk. For hours. And it’s the first time Steve ever sees Tony’s face light up when he talks about his childhood. 

He leaves, six hours later, with a feeling that isn’t pain from talking about the people from his past. Just happiness.

Dum-Dum had looked out for Tony. He’d been doing Steve’s job before Steve had even known about Tony Stark.

And not that Steve likes picking favourites, but… it’s Dum-E

you know what? not only do i want fic, but i want an entire episode where steve has to do something with the navy, some sort of training thing or whatever, maybe some sort of “bring the old guys back to show the new guys how it’s done” kind of thing, OR OR OR maybe it’s a demonstration for people thinking about signing up for SEAL training and steve gets invited back because he’s, you know, a decorated former lieutenant commander who heads his own task force and takes down international criminals. the entire team decides to tag along. because they think they know SEAL!Steve. they think they know what he’s about because they’ve been working under his orders for the last six years, but they have no idea.

steve is a machine, and it leaves all of them stunned. he’s twice these cadet’s age and absolutely wiping the floor with them. it’s mesmerizing, watching him move.

they stop underestimating steve’s crazy after that. the steve they work with is downright lazy compared to the steve they see that weekend.

Fic where Sam takes Steve and Bucky to Disneyland.

Steve buys Mickey Mouse ears as soon as they enter the park and refuses to take them off the rest of the day.

Steve and Bucky are the only ones who laugh at the lame jokes on the Jungle Cruise, and Sam pretends he doesn’t know them.

Bucky throws up on the teacups and Steve laughs for seven minutes straight and finally pulls it together enough to gasp that this is payback for the cyclone at Coney Island.

Steve buys Bucky Captain Jack Sparrow dreads after they go on Pirates of the Caribbean, and the two of them spend the next two hours singing yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me and Sam wants to kill them.

Steve and Bucky somehow squeeze into one buggy on Haunted Mansion and at one point the ride stops and their buggy is sort of turned toward Sam’s, and Sam starts to ask what they think of it, but then he actually looks at them and they’re full on making out, and even though he looks anywhere else it is literally ALL HE CAN SEE for the next five minutes the ride is stopped and it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences of his entire life.

Steve insists on taking pictures with and getting autographs from every single princess and character they see, even though he barely knows who half them are.

Steve and Bucky love Indiana Jones, and Sam is horrified when he finds out they’ve never seen an Indiana Jones movie.

Sam makes the mistake of taking them to Innoventions, which causes Steve and Bucky to get into a fight about Howard Stark, and then they get so wrapped up in a video game that Sam only gets them to leave by finally grabbing a controller and kicking both their asses.

Steve and Bucky cannot for the life of them figure out how to drive the shitty Autopia cars, and keep running into the middle track. ‘ON YOUR RIGHT!’ Sam screams as he zooms smoothly past them, giving them the finger. 'There are children here!’ yells Steve. A few feet behind him Bucky shouts, 'FUCK THESE SHITTY CARS!’ and jumps out of his, picks it up, and beats Sam on foot. When Steve jerkily makes it to the end ten minutes later, Bucky and Sam are still assuring an employee that they are so sorry and it will never happen again (although Bucky doesn’t actually look that sorry).

Sam is the only one who gets wet on Splash Mountain. Steve and Bucky think this is hilarious, and won’t shut up about it the rest of the day. Steve buys the ride photo, and then Bucky takes a picture of it with his phone and texts it to all the Avengers.

Steve loves It’s A Small World and makes them go on it over and over again until the fifteenth time Sam can’t take it anymore and just THROWS HIMSELF OUT OF THE BOAT and then claims Steve pushed him and gets them banned from the ride.

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single parents au: im on the bus and my 2-year-old won’t stop crying, except you just smiled at them and they did / you asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks im married with a baby / you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married

Steve is pleading with Bucky to stop crying because he hasn’t stopped since he woke up this morning at four. It’s not constant but it breaks Steve’s heart to see his eyes filled with those fat tears and how his lip wobbles. And Steve being as tired as he is is not helping.

Only suddenly Bucky stops. He’s sniffling and staring very intently at the man who dropped down into the seat next to Steve. 

“What’cha lookin’ at little man?” For good measure Tony Stark sticks his tongue out at Bucky who reaches for him with a chubby fits. Stark just smirks and holds out a hand and lets the kid do what he wants with it. 

Bucky grabs fingers and gums at Tony’s hand seemingly content like that.

Steve is staring like a slack jawed idiot because he’s honestly beside himself. To be fair he needs sleep and it’s not every day billionaire businessmen take the bus. Let alone get anywhere near crying toddlers.

“Looked like you needed a hand.” Tony says like that makes perfect sense.

“Uuun. Uuun.” Bucky is trying to wiggle out of Steve’s arm to Tony. Small hand reaching for what Steve would guess is Tony’s sunglasses.

Tony just looks amused and takes them off, leaning over to get closer to Bucky. “What’s your name huh?” He doesn’t get an answer but is unphased. Even when Bucky starts grabbing at Tony’s goatee and hair. Tony takes it all with an air of someone amused rather than bothered. 

“Bucky.” Steve finds himself blurting out.


“His name.” Steve wishes he could do that again without the foot in his mouth. “Well James is his name but his mother always called him Bucky.”

“James huh? Good name.” Tony lets his head loll when Bucky gives his hair a good tug. “Easy Buckaroo that’s all attached.”

Steve finds the entire thing ridiculous but Tony is patient it turns out and explains to Steve he’s got a grabby one back home. Somehow Steve was not expecting to be shown a photo of a mechanical arm.

But Bucky has stopped crying and Steve has Tony’s phone number in case of baby emergencies. 

Not the worst night of sleep he ever lost.