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Steve Wanta’s Guide To Travel in DARK RYE’s Wander Issue

This guy’s been everywhere. Listen up. >>>

Bogged down by a career in a cubicle with a dead plant that, like an epiphany, served as a metaphor for his life, Steve Wanta longed for a deeper connection to purpose. Now as he hops from Texas to Nicaragua to Kenya to Burundi to Rwanda and back again in just 14 days. Wanta wanders the globe in service, remaining grounded only through forming connections between the vastly different locations of his calling.


Pages of a World: Steve Wanta’s Favourite Travel Destinations from DARK RYE’s Wander Issue

The beauty and biodiversity of Costa Rica have made it a major tourist destination, but the neighboring countries are just as beautiful and less crowded. If you want great surf, skip Tamarindo in Costa Rica, and head to Nicaragua’s Pacific coast.

If it is the peace and serenity of the beach that you are after, the best place is Honduras’s Bay Islands. Not only will you have access to great coral reefs just a snorkeling distance from the beach, Roatan is considered the cheapest place in the world to get your SCUBA certification.

But wait! If you are looking for hiking and biodiversity, head to Guatemala, where you can climb 37 volcanoes and, if you are really adventurous, attempt to climb one of the four active volcanoes…


Four Life Lessons For Aspiring Global Do-Gooders from DARK RYE’s Wander Issue

So you want to be a global crusader for good, maybe the next Bono or the dude that founded Toms? Read on to learn about four people who are dedicating their lives to helping others in faraway lands. The roadmap is as complicated as it is easy.

A classroom or a book can’t tell you which path is best for you, but as these stories show, the journey can start anywhere…