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Bucky works at a movie theatre.
One slow night, a skinny blond walks into the theater and into Bucky’s life.

Chapter 2 is up!

i see too little of ftm steve on my dash

tiny punk steve rolling all of his shirt sleeves and giving himself a crude haircut in a corner store bathroom and learning new mannerisms from the roughnecks he sometimes catches in the hospital when his ma’s on shift

fourteen and fifteen year old steve and bucky sitting in bucky’s bathroom as bucky’s dad teaches them to shave

steve puffing himself up and lifting his dad’s old weights to put on some muscle, and grinning when his shoulders start to look broader

sarah and steve counting pennies at their dining room table to see if they can afford to get steve some clothes besides bucky’s old secondhand things

steve trying to bind with some medical tape he found in his ma’s vanity and getting yelled at for ten minutes when he’s caught

sarah promptly storming over to the barnes’ apartment to see if mrs. barnes will let her have any of her old linens so she can sew him something that won’t cut off blood flow

anyway i have emotions about trans stevebucky so have this. Have It

  • steve came out to bucky with all the fumbling grace of a nine year old with the world’s biggest chip on his shoulder, blood still in his teeth and spitting because “i don’t need help, barnes, i aint a lady” and bucky gave him a glare and punched him in the shoulder (soft, because bucky wasn’t an asshole), says “ladies ain’t weak, and i know you aren’t one, rogers, so shut your goddamn trap ‘fore i shut it for ya”
    • steve’d lit up, eyes bright and wide, said “you mean it?” and bucky’d glared at him and threatened to punch him, and steve was gone

  • and they’re inseperable from then on, bucky giving steve the clothes he grows out of too quick, steve with the hems of buckys shirts hitting his knees, and his ma sews them up and scruffs a hand through bucky’s hair because she’s always liked that barnes boy, likes him even more now he looks out for steve, now that steve practically has a full time guard dog

  • and as the years go on and steve starts desperately trying to cover the small chest he has, all tight bandages and bucky glaring at him for it because “dyou got a death wish, dyou think your asthma’s gonna let up on you for this”, and bucky slowly, steadily, starts getting more intrigued with makeup

    • and he ain’t a dame, he knows that, doesn’t feel like a girl like steve feels like a boy, but he doesn’t feel like a boy either, which is just asking for trouble, so he keeps it quiet except for the dead of night talking with steve’s ma at their rickety kitchen table while steve reads in bed, sick again because of the cold

  • and sarah rogers’s a good lady, all warm heart and cold rage when someone crosses someone she cares about, and she says “if you want’d, james, i could help you with the lipstick. i don’t much wear it any more, because of all the work, so you’re free to it.” and bucky’d had to hide his grin in his mug of hot water and mint leaves, said “i’d like that”

    • and sarah doesn’t turn back on her word, slips lipstick into bucky’s work pack when he comes over after school, gives him some blush as payment for helping out with her boy, and every time bucky puts it on steve blushes like he’s seen god himself, and it’s - so good, and it’d be worth it for the look on steve’s face even if it weren’t
rcdart and trans fetishization

So, I’ve put off making this post for a while, just because i know that the artist in question has a large following. But I can’t ignore this any longer, so here goes. 

@rcdart is an agender artist attending Calarts. They have amassed somewhat of a following for their marvel art here on tumblr. This marvel art features a trans man Steve which seems, quite frankly, fetishing of trans men and the transmasculine experience.

Their comment reads: “I actually hc steve to get top surgery pretty early on, but also, IF He Didn’t, I only think he’d wear a binder like 10% of the time he’s concious bc fuck dat shit he’s in the future and buff he doesnt need to hide his tits” 

This art of a trans steve showing off his “tits” is honestly pretty fetishizing of the trans experience. I’m not the only one who’s felt a rush of inexplicable dysphoria over having this post cross my dashboard: I’ve spoken to other trans men who share my opinion of rcdart’s trans steve. 

The fact that rcdart chooses to draw him as a pinup, in poses that emphasize his breasts and hips, only seem to add insult to injury. Their assertions that they don’t think he’d wear a binder specifically to show off his breasts is fetishistic. 

I realize that rcdart is agender, but being nonbinary doesnt give you free rein to fetishize trans men. 

I don’t intend this post as a callout, but a call to action. When you post art, consider who it impacts, and how your portrayal affects them. Thank you. 

Edit: please consider this post a friend alerted me to on their nsfw blog in light of this post. I think that this verifies that their art is fetishistic. Be aware that the blog is nsfw:

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why do people like to use the whole “adam and eve not adam and steve” against gays like need i remind you that adam and eve had one job but they screwed that up and plunged humanity into sin like they aren’t exactly the poster couple for a healthy relationship

trans steve:

  • “move out the way i’m trans”

  • sam: ur too tall
  • steve: ur being so transphobic right now

  • stroking his fingers over his top surgery scars all the time as a comfort thing because it took so long to get here but now here he is, proof of it on his body and he loves every part of it

  • in interviews with conservative asshats about being Captain America™ he just talks about how trans he is, every question they ask him ends with “but i’m too trans to care actually”

  • bucky has a bet for how long it takes the reporter to get so red with rage; tony wins five times in a row by saying “before the interview even starts”

  • spraypainting the shield into the trans flag colours and snorting when the world Explodes about it, when people on twitter asks why he’d do that he’s just like “for me”

  • interviewer: so what’s in your pants
  • steve: justice and bucky’s juice box
Tales of our Scars


Request:  Red headed trans man back to thank you for the fic! I loved it and you did amazing and just your writing is fantastic. Could I possibly request a fix where Steve is asking about his top surgery scars or just discussing scars in general ?? If you need any help I’m always available to help. Also sorry for always being on anon I’ll come off once I can redo my blog.

Warnings: none really

Originally posted by tohososhi

     Steve’s fingers traced over your scars gently, as though you were made of porcelain and the slightest touch would cause you to break. 

    The scars were still flaming red from your surgery only a few months ago, before you had ever gotten together with Steve. To be honest you had thought he would hate you but it turns out after that little dinner party he actually had some rather strong feelings for you, just as you did for him. He had no problem with you, much unlike you had originally thought. It all seemed somewhat surreal, to have this actual adorable patriotic god like-love you, a small, little technician that had previously thought they went unnoticed. 

     “Did it hurt?” Steve suddenly asks, his fingers stopping the little patterns that he’d been doing along your scar. His question had caught you off guard, pulling you away from your rather pleasant thoughts about him. 

    “Did what hurt?” You ask, your face no doubt contorting with confusion. 

    “This surgery you had,” Steve mumbles sleepily, his eyes closed as he once again resumes in his tracing. You glanced over to your bedside clock, the time reading 3:42, much later than the two of you were used to. No wonder the poor thing was so tired. 

    “My top surgery?” You ask, reaching out to brush some of the hair away from his eyes. Steve gives an affirmative little nod and a small whimper as you run your fingers through his hair, the man absolutely loved having his hair played with. “Well, I guess I was a little sore for a awhile but nothing too drastic,” 

    “The scars are still really red,” Steve notes, his words half slurred due to his lack of sleep. 

    “You can’t even see them you weirdo, you’re eyes are closed,” You smile fondly, your eyes twinkling in pure adoration for the man beside you. Steve smiles as he cracks one eye open, glaring up at your face before looking down to your chest. After having thoroughly inspected it he closed his eye once again, huffing as he settled back against you. 

     “I just saw them, they’re angry and red,” You go back to stroking his hair, every once in awhile stopping to press a kiss or two to his head. 

    “They were a little sensitive afterwards, sometimes they still are but other than that they’re fine,” Steve nods against you, his lips gently graze your skin as he speaks, sending little jolts of warmth and pleasure through your veins. 

    “Are you ever self-conscious about them?” 

   “Not really, I’m actually rather proud of them, it just shows how hard I worked to get here,” You can feel Steve’s smile against your skin and within a moment he’s pressing a sleepy kiss to one of your scars, soft and fluttering, barely even there. 

    “I’m proud of you too,” Steve whispers, this time even quieter and slower than before, as though he were drifting to sleep as the two of you spoke. 

    “Stevie,” You whisper tenderly, “Go to sleep, you wake up in 3 hours to train,” 

    “But I-” Steve yawns, only furthering your little point. “I like talking about your scars, it’s interesting,” 

    “Go to sleep and when you wake up we can talk about this more, okay?” Steve grumbles something  unintelligible, his lips turning to a pout at your words. 

    “Fine,” He eventually grumbles, huffing slightly as he does so. “But just remember you told me we could talk about this more in the morning,” 

    “I will,” You smile as Steve presses one final kiss to your chest, his lips lingering there for longer than intended. You were just about to shoo him away when you realized his breathing had evened out against you, a steady in and out; Steve had fallen asleep with his lips pressed to your skin. You nearly coo as you take in the sight, your heart damn near melting at the messy haired, open mouthed soldier. 

    You didn’t know what you did to ever deserve this beautiful man, to deserve this moment of happiness and all the others with him but you did know one thing, you loved this man with all your heart and soul and for once in your life someone loved you back, and just as much too. 

Why do people act like this rcdart bullshit is simply about people not wanting people to draw trans erotica??? As if anyone said that at all during this entire debacle????

That is not the point, you assholes. This artist literally calls their trans man Steve a “slut” when drawing more erotic art of him, chooses to draw him with or without breasts depending on if it’s NSFW or not, and flat out ignores all complaints and pleas from actual trans men and women who are harmed and triggered by their fanart.

How the fuck do people manage to reduce all that nastiness to some near-sighted “Trans people should never be depicted in adult art ever” nonsense?

You can draw erotic trans art, just don’t be a creepy piece of shit about it.

trans steve rogers who not only had to deal with asthma and anemia and multiple other illnesses, but also had awful, terrible periods

trans steve rogers who thought he was dying when he started menstruating

trans steve rogers who painkillers rarely help, even if they could afford them

trans steve rogers who aches, and misses more school than ever because of cramps

trans steve rogers who wakes up in the future and almost cries when he finds out that there are ways to regulate periods now