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Whoowee nightmaresinwintah has written a lovely trans Steve fic with Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes and they both get tattoos! I wanna rec it if no one else has! It's 'Don't Miss You Water' on AO3.

thanks for the rec!

Don’t Miss Your Water by ACometAppearsnightmaresinwintah

In a world where Steve Rogers is a tattoo artist in the twentieth century and Bucky Barnes is the Winter Soldier struggling to find his place in the future, the two of them seem less inclined to bump into each other than in the original story. But in this reality, two soulmates find each other through homeless kittens, a tattoo festival and a whole bunch of blushing and crushing. (Both romantically and literally, on Bucky’s part.)

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I wanna rec "Unchain the birds from the sky" by Sororising. It's a modern!au with trans!Steve and it's really well written

oohh, thanks for the rec!

Unchain the birds from the sky by Sororising

“Jesus. I haven’t laughed like that in - well, in a long time.”

That made Steve smile cautiously, and Bucky decided there was no way he could wait any longer. He pulled Steve to the side of the street, turned to face him, and then ducked his head down so that their lips were only a few inches from touching.

“I had such a good time tonight,” Bucky said softly. “I really want to see you again, Steve.”

Steve’s eyes were wide, but he looked determined as hell. “Me too,” he said, and then he reached up and tangled his hand in Bucky’s hair, drawing them closer and closer together until finally they were kissing, only quick kisses in-between breaths, neither of them pushing for more, and Bucky realised that he never wanted this night to end.

why do people like to use the whole “adam and eve not adam and steve” against gays like need i remind you that adam and eve had one job but they screwed that up and plunged humanity into sin like they aren’t exactly the poster couple for a healthy relationship

no offence but where’s all the steve preserum being trans fics,, where’s steve having to stop painting to yank off his binder n hatin it bc he was in the Zone and now he has to reabsorb himself,, steve being short and tryin’ real hard to make himself taller and getting annoyed when he still barely scrapes 5′5. having to make a decision between binding or caring for his health properly and only chooses the health option because bucky glares at him too much if he doesn’t,  

@totallynotcaptainamerica I just finished a study guide for my exam this evening so I’m indulging myself with trans headcanons:

  • ftm!Steve who sobs when Erskine tells him not to be a perfect soldier, but a good man, because it’s the first time someone besides Bucky acknowledged his gender. 
    • ftm!Steve constantly looking in the mirror and admiring his new body, because it’s all hard muscles instead of soft curves, and something he never dreamed he would have.
    • ftm!Steve who is angry at history books for erasing his transition and trans identity. 
  • Non binary!Clint shopping for jewelry and dresses with Natasha. 
    • Natasha being miffed that Clint’s winged eyeliner is always so on point.  
  • Vision not understanding human’s preoccupation with gender and bathrooms, and experimenting with their own gender presentation because why is an android automatically assumed to be male? 
  • Androgynous!Pepper rocking blazers and pantsuits. 
  • Non binary!Maximoff twins who will go out in matching outfits constantly. The media makes a huge deal the first time Pietro goes out in heels and a skirt, but quickly backs off because when Wanda’s eyes begin to glow a threatening red.

I need all of the trans!Avengers thoughts please and thank.

Inside the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Y’all cis ppl aren’t allowed to write trans characters until you learn there’s absolutely no circumstance under which it’s okay to deadname your character.

Full stop. Y’all aren’t allowed to write trans!Steve, because if I have to read one more “Stephanie” ever again I will burn my blog and take the Tumblr servers down with me.

anyway i have emotions about trans stevebucky so have this. Have It

  • steve came out to bucky with all the fumbling grace of a nine year old with the world’s biggest chip on his shoulder, blood still in his teeth and spitting because “i don’t need help, barnes, i aint a lady” and bucky gave him a glare and punched him in the shoulder (soft, because bucky wasn’t an asshole), says “ladies ain’t weak, and i know you aren’t one, rogers, so shut your goddamn trap ‘fore i shut it for ya”
    • steve’d lit up, eyes bright and wide, said “you mean it?” and bucky’d glared at him and threatened to punch him, and steve was gone

  • and they’re inseperable from then on, bucky giving steve the clothes he grows out of too quick, steve with the hems of buckys shirts hitting his knees, and his ma sews them up and scruffs a hand through bucky’s hair because she’s always liked that barnes boy, likes him even more now he looks out for steve, now that steve practically has a full time guard dog

  • and as the years go on and steve starts desperately trying to cover the small chest he has, all tight bandages and bucky glaring at him for it because “dyou got a death wish, dyou think your asthma’s gonna let up on you for this”, and bucky slowly, steadily, starts getting more intrigued with makeup

    • and he ain’t a dame, he knows that, doesn’t feel like a girl like steve feels like a boy, but he doesn’t feel like a boy either, which is just asking for trouble, so he keeps it quiet except for the dead of night talking with steve’s ma at their rickety kitchen table while steve reads in bed, sick again because of the cold

  • and sarah rogers’s a good lady, all warm heart and cold rage when someone crosses someone she cares about, and she says “if you want’d, james, i could help you with the lipstick. i don’t much wear it any more, because of all the work, so you’re free to it.” and bucky’d had to hide his grin in his mug of hot water and mint leaves, said “i’d like that”

    • and sarah doesn’t turn back on her word, slips lipstick into bucky’s work pack when he comes over after school, gives him some blush as payment for helping out with her boy, and every time bucky puts it on steve blushes like he’s seen god himself, and it’s - so good, and it’d be worth it for the look on steve’s face even if it weren’t

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I think for the post regarding how to draw trans folk it meant more of "you can depict trans individuals with characteristics such as trans men with hips, or trans woman with body hair, but don't get grossly sexual with it". I used to follow the artist OP mentioned, and I think they just want artists to avoid drawing like that (the artist in questions would draw trans man Steve with giant tits hanging out and outrageously large hips). So I think the main point was "don't fetishize trans people"

That makes sense. It’s difficult to make that call without examples, and even then it’s probably subjective. I don’t think drawing trans people with broad hips or shoulders or whatever is something anyone should necessarily avoid, or that drawing them as completely indistinguishable from cis people is always better, but emphasizing it to a distracting degree is just.. weird.

trans steve:

  • “move out the way i’m trans”

  • sam: ur too tall
  • steve: ur being so transphobic right now

  • stroking his fingers over his top surgery scars all the time as a comfort thing because it took so long to get here but now here he is, proof of it on his body and he loves every part of it

  • in interviews with conservative asshats about being Captain America™ he just talks about how trans he is, every question they ask him ends with “but i’m too trans to care actually”

  • bucky has a bet for how long it takes the reporter to get so red with rage; tony wins five times in a row by saying “before the interview even starts”

  • spraypainting the shield into the trans flag colours and snorting when the world Explodes about it, when people on twitter asks why he’d do that he’s just like “for me”

  • interviewer: so what’s in your pants
  • steve: justice and bucky’s juice box