steve talks to cas

Is nobody gonna talk about a Supernatural/Avengers crossover?

- Dean fanboying over Steve Rogers
- Sam, Tony, and Bruce all talking intellect
- Cas being weary of Thor and likewise
- Dean challenging Natasha to a shoot-off and getting his ass kicked
- Sam and Steve both being good friends because they lost someone close to them
- Cas being very fascinated by Vision, but also confused cause ‘how is this possible?!’
- Dean hitting on Natasha and Wanda
- Sam being flirted with by Wanda and Natasha to piss off Dean
- Sam and Dean showing the Avengers what TFW does for a living
- Castiel shocking everyone by being able to wield Mjolnir
- The Avengers and Team Free Will fighting against demons, almost a full out war
- Sam W. and Sam Wilson both bonding over same interests and, funnily enough, same initials
- TFW all being so interested in Bucky
- But Bucky doesn’t understand the infatuation
- And Dean soon realizes just how alike him and Bucky are
- And they both start to bond
- everyone’s just like 'wtf how?!’
- and they’re both crybaby friends
- someone give me this crossover
- please

Chris Evans' running commentary on Sebastian Stan's answers (+1)
  • Question: Can you speak a little more as to where he’s at when we pick up with him? Is he a loner sort of drifting?
  • Chris Evans: Risky!
  • Sebastian Stan: I’ll say this. Whatever notions you had about that post-credits scene where you see him in the museum and obviously he’s staring at himself, whatever ideas you got from that scene, keep thinking about those and go with your own thoughts on that.
  • [Laughs]
  • Question: When we met Winter Soldier, he was geared up, he was wrecking shit. Does he get a lot of good action in this film?
  • Sebastian Stan: Yes.
  • Chris Evans: Nailed it. That’s what it has to be.
  • [Laughs]
  • Question: This is a really big cast. Is there anyone in particular you were looking forward to playing off of, or is there a character you were hoping you’d get to interact with.
  • Sebastian Stan: Vision. I really have a soft spot for Vision. I haven’t seen him on set. I have to say, Paul Rudd was pretty difficult for me to work off of.
  • Chris Evans: Did you just get in trouble?
  • Sebastian Stan: Oh, I don’t know. Did I? That could be just me walking by at the craft table.
  • Question: Do you feel like this movie wraps up a trilogy for the Cap movies?
  • Chris Evans: Probably not. Just given what’s gonna happen in The Avengers films. You can’t really put a stamp on it and then dive into what they’re planning on diving into.
  • Sebastian Stan: I’m so glad you know what’s going on.
  • Chris Evans: [Laughs]
  • Sebastian Stan: Maybe we should talk a little bit more.

Can we talk about the fact that in Winter Soldier the reason Sam ended up getting so aggravated by “on your left” is because Steve has been lapping him for several hours. 

Like the first time we see Steve lap Sam, the sun is just barely up and Sam is probably barely awake, running on muscle memory more than anything, as evidenced by the totally unconcerned almost mumbled “uh-huh” as Steve passes him. 

Then Steve passes him again and the light is at a different angle, the scene more brightly lit as the sun is most definitely up now, And Sam is more alert when he says “on my left, got it.” Clearly this is after several repetitions. 

The light changes again and this time it has clearly been an aggravating amount of repetitions because now Sam is actively working to avoid being passed again, speeding up and saying “don’t you say it!” as Steve once again passes him with an “on your left”

Finally, we see Sam slump down under a tree and judging by the light it’s at least ten or eleven in the morning. Then Steve just casually wanders up like the smug little shit he is  and at this point Sam has just given up all hope of beating this guy at running and so he teases Steve instead, invites him to be friends because now that he’s settled a bit he realizes that he recognizes what Steve was doing. After all, Steve wasn’t the only one trying to outrun bad memories in the early morning.

something i really love in CA:CW is where Steve is talking to Tony and about to agree to the Accords and Tony lets it slip that he is keeping Wanda confined to the compound and the word Steve uses to describe it is internment which is a word that means a lot coming from him. 

see Steve comes from a time where the world was afraid of people: the Germans were afraid of the Jews and the US was afraid of the Japanese. And both of their responses to fear were to lock those they were afraid of away. both those things would have pissed Steve off, after all he doesn’t like bullies no matter where they come from. I’m sure he doesn’t want to see internment of minorities ever again. Steve knows people are scared of Wanda and he sees the same things playing out over and over again - this time with enhanced people, with immigrants. 

and that is why Steve is so pissed. 

because the world never changes.